Shinedown- How Did You Love – Lyrics

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  1. I served in Iraq in 2003 and while on patrol a little Iraqi girl ran up to me crying ,she was scared ,I gave her a hug told her as best I could it would be ok thats how I want to be remembered . I hope she’s ok I think about her a lot.

  2. Music is the only thing keeping me alive right now u can’t replicate or duplicate u gotta find you’re own way

  3. When YouTube starts playing Shinedown, it doesn't stop playing Shinedown.

    YouTube is a Shinedown fan.

  4. For so long I tried to stop love from entering my heart, because I was hurt too many times in the past. Then one day, it came back with a vengeance. You can't run from love, it will find you, no matter what, and when you least expect it. So now, instead of fighting love, I ask myself one question everyday: "How did you love?" Try it. It'll change your life.

  5. This song was played at my dads funeral tuesday.. He fought cancer till the end…this song means alot to me

  6. Everyone too full of themselves needs to hear the first part: castles crumble, kingdomes fall and turn into sand…

  7. Its Not What You Believe;
    Those Prayers Will Make You Bleed
    But While You're On Your Knees
    How Did You Love? How Did You Love?


  8. I've been listening to the song and never stopped singing along or thinming about it.. All that has happened to me without anyone knowing was bad. I didnt speak up… But this song cheers me up

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