Shenandoah University 2017 Children’s Literature Conference

Hey have you heard about this conference
the Shenandoah University children’s lit conference it’s a thing it’s a real
thing it’s the best thing you’ll ever go to you might have heard about this
person Karen Huff who’s part of it watch out for her that’s all I’m saying
welcome to the 32nd annual Shenandoah University Children’s Literature
Conference we started the conference in 1986 with three authors Katherine
Paterson Steve Kellogg and Nancy Larrick this year in total we have 19
authors fourteen keynote guest authors and illustrators I hope everyone enjoys
their week and we’ll see you next year I’ve already received enough inspiration
to be totally cliche and um I guess knowledge and insight to be a more
effective teacher but not even teacher just someone that will help students I know
as an educator myself I just love hearing some of the authors I wish I
could almost bring my kids in and have them sit in it’s been an absolute joy to be at
the Shenandoah University children’s literature conference it’s the best
conference I’ve ever been to and I gotta say this to you do you like books if you
like books you got to be here I have a chance every lunch dinner
breakfast to sit down with other educators and hear what they have gotten out of the
conference it is amazing going to a conference like this is really amazing
because we’re meeting the people who read our books who will place these books
into kids’ hands and will make these books come alive Shenandoah University children’s literature
conference best thing in the world

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