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[MUSIC] Hi, kids. Today we’re gonna be reading Sheep Dog and
Sheep Sheep by Eric Barclay. Let’s start reading. This is Sheep. She loves to dance. She knows all kinds of fancy dances, like the wildflower dance,
the mud puddle dance, the get the spider off me dance,
and of course the pee pee dance. Dancing makes her very happy, and
when she’s happy, she closes her eyes. And when she closes her eyes,
she bumps into things. Usually trees. But one day she bumped into something
that wasn’t a tree, it was a someone. A very hairy someone. Holy begonia, she said. Who are you? I’m the sheep dog, the someone replied. I watch the sheep. Well, I’m a sheep sheep,
I watch sheep, too. Everyone knows I’m an expert
at watching sheep. I don’t see how you can be much of a sheep
watcher with all that hair in your eyes. But I can fix that for you. Be right back. She skipped off toward the farmhouse. Just then,
Sheep Dog spotted an eagle overhead. It was looking at sheep like
a mouse looks at cheese. The eagle dived, WSSH! But Sheep Dog told him to vamoose. Sheep found Sheep Dog waiting for
her outside the farmhouse and she tied his hair into a pretty bow. Now you’ll be able to see the sheep,
she said. Except you’re still missing
something very important. Be right back. Sheep Dog looked around. It was true. He could see a little better
with his hair pulled up. There was the shed, and
the apple tree, and the coyote. Coyote?! Sheep Dog told him to skedaddle. Sheep returned with some binoculars. Here you go, she said. Now you’ll be able to keep a sharp
eye out for eagles and coyotes. Now, I don’t suppose you have
a map under all this hair, do you? Sheep Dog shook his head no. Well, you’re going to need a map so
you won’t get lost. Be right back. She danced her way toward
the old truck to retrieve a map. The dance made her very happy. She closed her eyes. And because her eyes were closed,
she couldn’t see that… But Sheep Dog did. Sheep kept on dancing. She had some extra fancy moves. Like most of Sheep’s dances,
this one ended with a bump on the head. But she had meant to do that, really. Sheep fished the map out of the glove
box and handed it to Sheep Dog. You’re all set! You’ve got a hair bow so you can see,
binoculars to keep an eye out for danger, and a map so you won’t get lost. Sheep thought for a moment. Now all we need are the sheep. She looked around. Not a sheep in sight. She borrowed Sheep Dog’s binoculars. Still no sheep. She unfolded the map, yep. They were definitely in sheep country. Where are all the sheep, she asked. Did you lose them? You’re the only sheep, Sheep Dog said. Sheep Dog sat down and thought about
being only a sheep and not a sheep sheep. And when she thought, she got very still. And when she got still,
she got very quiet. Thinking could do that. Finally, Sheep Dog spoke. Maybe you’re not a sheep sheep,
maybe you’re a dog sheep? And your job is to watch the dog. After a moment, Sheep replied,
well, of course. I’m a dog sheep. Everyone knows I’m
an expert at watching dogs. That was Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep. Thanks for watching. See you next time for more story time.

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