Shazam’s Jack Dylan Grazer Goes Comic Book Shopping and Talks Batman, Joker & Umbrella Academy

oh whoa! would you look at that hi I’m Coy Jandreau here for Comic Book
Shopping! We’re at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose and I’m here with Jack Dylan
Grazer, star of Shazam! and Freddy Freeman himself – Captain Marvel Jr. It’s magic in this place People will be like, “oh dude that’s a sick comic, oh good for you!” it’s hard to believe really that I’m actually doing this I’m all those things
I’m a jack of all trades (literally) puns! Wanna do some comic shopping?
let’s do it so you’re in the world of comic books
and in the movie you play someone that knows all about comic books how much did
you know growing up growing up i was just obsessed with batman i think from
when i was like 4 until now actually currently I love that many more than
anything I wanted to know everything there was to know and then I guess this
project came along and I was like this is the perfect opportunity for me to get
this research and like you need to have this research I mean that was in
preparation for Freddy but also just cuz I wanted to do I use the excuse of work
to read comics all the time that’s the move you did the right choice yeah and
the thing is about Freddy it’s not just I have to know some about Shazam I have
to know everything there is to know about the whole DC Universe in general, so
I did a lot of stuff from like the Fawcett comics to Detective Comics was
like 30s and 40s I did some deep dives so we’re at our first draft picks Oh
conveniently whoa what is this what is happening so the first one I’m gonna
recommend a little bias here so Jeff Jones riding it it was kind of your boss
yeah Jim Lee also teaming up to work on Shazam which is pretty cool and you’re
in this which is I am in this so I think this comic in particular it’s only an
issue for is a great way to introduce people to Shazam but like this world is
nuts and you’re part of that world So I’m gonna recommend the world
and you Shazam #4, and also while we’re here one of my favorite
things about Freddy Freeman is he’s unique in the Shazam family when he was
Captain Marvel jr. he stayed a teenager yeah he was a kid for a while which is
awesome but then I don’t get to wear the suit no oh yeah of course I do there’s
sequels yeah yeah so in that you were actually part of the Young Justice team
which was one of my favorite teams in comic books and they just brought this
back Brian Michael Bendis one of the hottest writers of all time is bringing
back Young Justice and this is the book that you were once a part of the team of
Brian Michael Bendis is writing it so this is practically a frame from Shazam
the basic you were in yeah what’s it like to know that you can walk in here
it’s so surreal because as a kid or as an actor in general you dream about
being in movies like this and being part of like a franchise where it’s like I
don’t know like it’s a dream come true literally it’s hard to believe really
that I’m actually doing this so – so far so you’ve grown up in a time where
comics were already popular yeah like when I was a nice glad to hide that
Spiderman tree what’s it been like in the zeitgeist like growing up with
comics being the mainstream I feel like I wouldn’t have to be ashamed like be
like oh do that this a comic oh good for you right so that kind of feels good
this is like so I know and I could just bring this to school hey guys look I got
Ike Leggitt Loch Ness – I don’t know it’s just it’s so crazy think the thing
that I’ve idolized my whole life like DCE like because I grew up with DC
rather than Marvel sorry any other funds now that I’m a part of it it’s just so
unreal now your character is this awesome gee-whiz sidekick yeah he’s very
like shucks and back and head and I think a spider-man personally I know
you’re a DC yeah chuckling yeah so my next recommendation for you is
this just started up and this allowed actually kidding oh yeah Warner Brothers
this is marvel at post Nik Spencer who is an incredible writer
he just took over spider-man Ryan Otley has this really clean almost
Silver Age style like beautifully so and it all looks like it’s in motion I like
that it feels like it’s flowing and I think that comics happened between the
panel’s if there was a team-up between any Marvel and any DC character who
would you pair together maybe Thor and Shazam just cuz they got with the the
lightning thing that’s the reoccurring theme you’re like a sommelier of comic
book I try to be really are they just really pops it’s got a lot of color
flows very nice just the motion that’s yeah that’s that’s a tough thing to do I
love that sure let’s do it yeah so I’m always curious about what people
want to do next and you’re at this great spot you’re covering the genre market
great man like it pushes a more – or the biggest rounder films of all time like
what else do you want like what do you wanna do a play you want to do it indeed
I would loved I think I want to explore the indie realm a lot more that’s so
because that’s just really fun that’s really like family oriented it’s really
small like it’s like a you know it’s kinda like this it’s just like everyone
knows each other’s name I mean I would love to play Batman one of these days
yeah now before playing Batman is there any
interest in a Robin is there like who would your Robin that’s degrading I’m
gonna play Robin okay so Mason maybe Timothy sha’lame and
I play Batman how would that oh yeah now do you have any interest in following
that path and doing like stand-up comedy going into dramas that yeah din of
comedy I would love to do that I feel it could be really hard I love performing
like in front of crowds I feel like really confident and liberated and
everything ker I’d rather just be comedic on another camera safety there’s
a precaution there so we’re gonna live in the Batman world since I know
Batman’s your guy we just happens now Detective Comics 1000 just came out now
this is only the second comic ever hit a thumps because action comics in a
thousand last year which is Superman now bats has joined that crazy party this
has all of these variant covers this is Frank Miller now Frank Miller is oh yeah
that’s very soon city looking and he’s also what I think they inspired the ben
affleck batman is that like yeah yeah that flavor but this art i think really
gets the grittiness of batman it really gets the tone of gotham it really it’s
Ocean City this is gonna be Scott Snyder writing who did the court of owls which
is one of the best recent Batman run and then the inside art is Greg Capullo who
also teamed up with tonight er then and this is your next recommendation and
well would you look at that about going you’re already a part of it I know the
comics now every Wednesday new comics come out
so Wednesday is my Friday well I didn’t know that
vital so this is this week’s giant onslaught Beauty books knowing you’re a
Batman guy are never gonna grab this bad boy Tom King is arguably my favorite
Batman writer of all time yeah yeah he’s the current Batman writer he just got
back on his bat book with leaves his bat book
so Tom King plus Lee weeks I think it’s a great jumping on Batman and I think
this artist does animate like almost animated series style oh okay oh wait
another plug look why not blog and then our boy we talked about before
Scott Snyder this is the Batman who laughs the grim
Knight so it’s a spin-off of a spin-off oh
that’s freaky that’s so meta I love that so instead of his parents getting killed
and him doing nothing about it he grabs the gun from the killer and mows the guy
down and becomes basically the Batman Punisher James so a very dark alternate
timeline a very disturbing message for the kids
stark llenan I love it well thank you know we were talking about like added me
before mm-hmm so umbrella Academy started as a comic
by Gerard Way Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance did this amazing indie run so
the Umbrella Academy was a comic for years and then the show got made after
lots of pre-production they almost made it a movie now it’s a show so with the
success of that umbrella Academy is back to promote the glory that is it is
Gerard Way and Gabriel Bob they’ve done every run of this comic so if you pick
up anything it’s the same team which is hard to actually yeah awesome thank you
yeah oh he’s amazing I would like for you to show me the way of your sommelier
hood whoa this Green Lantern is Kyle Rayner who’s actually my favorite Green
Lantern he’s super 90s witches Mike Green Lantern needs creativity to shape
the Green Lantern items so how has the willpower but he has the creativity so
they kind of butt heads is how they shape the Green Lantern hood and how
actually becomes parallax so Kyle Rayner becomes kind of the new established good so his stuff is all more zany and out
there because he’s you know comic artists so we’ve talked some of the
greatest hits of Batman we’ve talked Frank Miller we talked Jim Lee we talked
Scott Snyder this is an all-star Batman and Robin yeah we got Frank Miller on
words Jim Lee on pencils this is some of the best Batman art I’ve ever seen this
is the book that started on the god damn man yeah so grizzled and he says goddamn
Batman all the time so this is a great jumping on point because the mythology
starts here and Superman shows up I mean look at the page so we’re gonna keep to
Batman but I also recommend this to a guy you might know exactly oh I think
I’ve heard of him Brian Azzarello did a hundred bullets
which is a great indie book about basically you get a hundred bullets and
you got 24 hours ago so he jumped on and this is a Joker centric story Batman
barely shows up his style of art is so different it looks like an inker just
went crazy on it this is the most perfect depiction of Joker I think you
know why because it’s just so it makes me feel sick and I think that’s the best
part that’s how I feel like if the Joker were a real person that’s how we made
would make me want to feel and he is right there look how uncomfortable is
this experience I loved it how come for uncomfortable this is all right so we
did all-star Batman all-star Superman uh-huh this is Grant
Morrison who’s Frank quietly who did new x-men and really changed a style of art
and this book is a definitive take on a reinterpretation of Superman I know
Superman’s your guy in the movie yeah oh vascular so I know Freddie Freeman would
like this book Jack would like this book yeah so from Superman to you does like
this book and Jack does like this book I am the suit guy let’s go we got a crazy
ha let’s go check out you ready yeah I have to dude after know what this is
chimichangas are the spice of life and then Deadpool guy made me so happy yeah great thank you all the way to
Molly boss so much so this has been another great episode
of comic book shopping yeah how you feel about that haul oh I’m so happy and like
chimichanga and my and my my beautiful comics that you have been yea so
generous to give me so yeah I’m very happy and I will read all of these in an
hour so Batman will be versed in his brain very soon I’m excited to hear
about it And hopefully I’ll be a sommelier just like you pretty soon!

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