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Hey guys! I'm Shay Mitchell. I'm an actress, entrepreneur, beauty junkie, and frequent flyer. I've been juggling work and travel for quite sometime and along the way I've picked up some secrets in this series, I open up my little black book to share some of the people and practices that help make my life a little bit easier. I'm so excited to take you behind the scenes and bring you guys, into my world. Subscribe to the Bazaar channel so you don't miss an episode. Skincare. I am a skincare junkie. I've been playing with makeup since I was 4 years old and actually started my youtube channel about 4 years ago. So with makeup and all the different trends you also have to really take care of your skin since that is the foundation that sort of sets the tone for everything else. Along the way, from constantly working and traveling, your skin goes through a lot of ups and downs. And so for me the most important things are finding good products that work really well for your skin. And also people that can help you maintain that great skin journey. So first up would be Shani Darden. Shani, not only is one of my favorite people She's like an older sister to me and gives me such great advice all the time. She is honestly the skin goddess. I mean she herself has such beautiful skin. I'll never forget opening the door and her answering it and I'm just like- Like that's what she looked like. I was like, "Skin like you, whatever you're doing do it to me please!" My skin went through a phase. It was really really bad. It didn't matter how much makeup you applied to it you could see it very obviously so Shani knew my concerns and honestly transformed my skin from what it was before. I'm actually headed to Shani's office today just to get me ready for my quick trip to Paris. I love to see Shani either before I go on a trip or after, just to catch up and also sneak in a quick facial. I like just being in a SUV 'cause people don't really f** with you 'cause I'm like, "You go or I go buddy, but you're not gonna mess up my car." I love the Youtube community and I feel like it was just something I was super interested in when I you know did a little bit more research. People get a really good glimpse of who I am because I believe that I really put a lot of myelf out there in my personality on social media and I'm doing that because I really did want people to get to know who I really am. So we are just pulling up to Shani's. We just pulled up. Today I got a new little friend right here So this is actually perfect timing. Come on! This is Shani Darden. She is a celebrity facialist, and moves the whole universe She is the best of the best And today she is going to help me get ready because I leave for Paris in two days. I got you. I know you do, we're going to the back. Today, we are going to get Shay ready for Paris Fashion week. And just for life in general. And life in general, right. So we are going to do a nice cleanse first and get her all clean. It's really important that Shay comes and gets facials every three weeks. Because of all the makeup I wear. Right and because you have products that you love that you use at home. So we just want to make sure that she's clean and beautiful. Right now I'm going to use do vibration therapy and so I basically just put a little bit of something that it will glide. So vibratrion therapy, what this does is tone, tighten, and lift. It's what we all want. Yeah, and it feels really good Usually when I see Shani, I go into a meditative state. That's not true. No that's not true, we're usually talking the whole time. The peel that we are using is actually my own peel. So it's got a few different acids in it so she is going to get nice and red and it doesn't feel awesome and I'm going to give her a fan, or I'm going to fan her so that she does not yell at me. And you guys will see, you'll think I'm just being a baby but when you see what it does to the color of my skin It truly feels like there are fire ants all over. Don't worry, the fans coming, the fans coming. See how you go in your happy place here? You're there, you're good. You're okay! Now it's good. Shani's favorite part is my worst part. How the heck did you get started? When were you like, "Oh my god I'm the best at transforming people skin." Maybe even 8, I became obsessed with skincare. Like I was making masks and putting them on all my friends. and I made my mom take me to a dermatologist and I'm from a really small town, Plattsburgh, NY. And there's nobody there, there's like ten people. And we didn't have a dermatologist there. We might still not have a dermatologist there. We had to go to Burlington, Vermont. Which is an hour away. You had to take a ferry to get there just so I could see a dermatologist. And then when I finally became an esthetician 12 years ago. All my friends back home were like, "How did you not know that this was what you were supposed to do?" Like, "What's wrong with you?" Like, I think its that we all have a gift- or maybe several, and it was just what I was supposed to do. See doesn't that feel good? It's all over, yeah. You did really really good. Thank you. Okay, here's the fun part. Would would you say are like maybe three things that everyone should do aside from like the usual drink water, get sleep, yada yada. Exfoliate. But don't over exfoliate. okay. You want to really make sure you're washing your face, cleaning all your makeup off. And stay out of the sun. Okay this is a serious one. Go to your happy place. Oh that was great. Oh my god. This video isn't gonna be on one of those pimple shows. Who wants to line up and get a f***ing facial? There literally should be grips on the side of your bed that I can squeeze. Maybe I can get those little balls that you hold on to. Stress balls. Yes! So smart. You can brand them. Oh my god. Put your little face on them. Has anyone ever bit your hand when you've done this? No, but I have a couple clients that growl at me. That's true. So now we are going to use a little bit of oxygen. I have put in an aloe serum that which is to calm her skin. To get rid of all the redness. The oxygen will give her a nice glow and it will also help to push the product into her skin. Is this oxygen from like the alps of like- I wish it was. What are the essential pieces of equipment that you guess everyone should have at home? LED light. Okay. Which you never use yours. I do. Okay. Do you really? Not as frequently as I should but That I think is so important. I also love micro current to do at home. micro current is basically like exercise for your muscles so it tones, tightens, and lifts especially for you because youre always on the go like you need that, you can't come in and get facials all the time so. I wish I could, I wish I could go through what I just went through all the time. I wish that you would just move in and I'll just give you facials and eat with you. That would be the life. Like that would be our lives. So I'm going to put a collagen mask on you first it also has a little aloe and vaseline in it, both will calm the skin. And then I'm going to use a micro current over it, which its gonna help so that I can glide it over her skin. So what we are doing here is just kind of is just lifting and lifting the cheek bones. This is like taking your face to the gym. Yes, I like that. I'm getting like a bicep work out right now. So now, I'm gonna use an ultrasound and Shay doesn't like the sound but this uses sound waves and it helps to push the product into the skin So now I'm going to make you an amazing mask. This mask is going to be so good and fluffy. This is a really good one I just mixed up. It's called the Cloud. It's calming, it's natural. It will really help the redness of any kind of a breakout and to calm the skin. So now that we have the mask on we are going to use another ultrasound to kind of push the product into the skin and also to calm. So this is pretty much my life, so between Shani doing my face mask and when I can talk then I'm running lines because I have two auditions today and got the side for them yesterday so this is pretty much the only time that I can run them. So what we are going to do is put you under the red and blue light for 20 minutes and this is gonna speed up healing promotes collagen in the skin and give you a glow. Okay, you're all done. Did you take a little nap? I sure did. I'm gonna use a little hyaluronic acid. Love that. Just to give you some hydration and also a nice glow and then what's the last step? Sunscreen. Of course. Oh my god look at you. Glowing! Just got the Shani Darden touch Okay, so that is the Shani Darden facial. And like I said, it honestly gets better day two. It's like a good work out. You're gonna look amazing. You already do. Thank you so much. What would I do without you? What would I do with you? Guys, number 1 in my little black book right here. Okay? You can't get that number, sorry!

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  1. She uses her hands to extract the dirt from Shay's pores. Every capable dermatologist knows that this damages the skin. They use special tools to do that and there is research to back everything up. She literally just uses expensive devices that have no scientific studies to back up their efficacy to make a shit ton of money. Guys, believe what you want to believe but I'm not buying this quackery bullshit.

  2. I miss my Indian days.the facial was so cheap in India.may be $ 10 . I went every month for need to give tip also. It was so good

  3. In this video she reminds me so much of "peach" (the role she is playing in "YOU") The attitude and expression.

  4. Im thinking what happened to biore? Clearly all of it was false advertising. I love shani and she does wonders for people but i wish this video was based on a routine. Not one product was even mentioned in the video.

  5. My guide to skin care: oxy 3 in 1 maximum strength morning and night and cerave moisturizer. If you wanna get fancy and use a real cleanser the Neutrogena oil free acne wash (the cvs brand of oil free body wash which is orange like the Neutrogena oil free cleanser is not only a bigger bottle that contains the same ingredients but it’s cheaper) and dickinsons witch hazel work great.

  6. hmm. wut? is this even her skincare guide? this is more her stories about how her friend did facial for her..

  7. Not really a skincare routine but a very satisfying video to make me realize I ain't got money for this lol still love u shay

  8. Oh and if you go to a dermatologist it s bot that much probably. I went to one who cleared my skin (got rid of blackheads,pimples etc.) and it wasn’t that expensive

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