Shattered: Authors Share The Story Behind Hillary Clinton's Loss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

45 thoughts on “Shattered: Authors Share The Story Behind Hillary Clinton's Loss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. If you don't know what the country needs, you shouldn't be running for president. She didn't know what the country needed after 30 years in government. Let's face it, she didn't have the leadership skills, the intellect, the vision, the communication skills, the energy or the instincts. She has become a product of being in our Give-me-some-money-and-tell-me-what-you-want-me-to-be government.

  2. Fake MSNBC just like Hillary nobody cares what either one of you think anymore we know you are Liars Trump 20/20

  3. While I am no fan of Donald Trump, it seems Brian Williams' question should include an opponent who spoke to a large part of the electorate as one of the reasons for Hillary's defeat.

  4. I'll tell you why she lost, she was a crappy candidate who ran an even crappier campaign. During the entire campaign, her only message was how much she despised Donald Trump. Here's a hint for the Democrat party; next time one of your candidates steals the nomination by rigging it, you probably have the wrong horse in the race.

  5. I now realize how difficult these reporters jobs are and the talent it must take to hide any hint of sarcasm or keep from busting out laughing …I sure couldn't.

  6. As if Hillary Clinton gives a rat’s a$$ about Obama and his legacy
    I just rolled my eyes so far back they did a complete 360

  7. She had no message; it was simply 'vote for me, it's my prerogative now, I'm entitled." Is that a message that wins a presidency?

  8. She did trump a huge favour by running against him, let's see if she's dumb enough to help trump again in 2020.

  9. PSA: Republican viewers have a hard time seeing it as well as the dem sheep.
    I mean, how is the sadistic hag is still not in jail for her crimes against humanity??!
    She nor any American is above the law!

  10. In my opinion the truth is very simple: she has been the complete wrong person to run for President !
    And the leaders of the Democrats knew that and wanted to kick her out of any political race cause they hated her too!

  11. Is it true that Hillary started a riot in MOSCOW during Putin's re election? Yes . Research this article at POLITICO.COM Putin was only returning the favor by helping to take her down. No collusion needed.

  12. America Might JUST have a chance to survive/thrive?,Now…. 🙂 – Talk about dodging a bullet….. 🙂 Billy-boy & her have Ordered peoples murders before Today!!… 🙁

  13. That annoying valley- girlspeak of amie parnes puts me off right away, no way I can listen to this. What do I care anyway? KILLARY lost. That's all that counts.

  14. Hillary had no tectile feel because she's a tectile liar she's just no good she was a f**** b** this is why I want it has no business being in politics a firehouse a police car or on the battlefield.

  15. …..meanwhile, a custom-made $100,000 Inauguration pantsuit hangs undisturbed, alone in the dark, never to be worn…..

  16. 2016 Election results from the State of Arkansas where Hillary Clinton was First Lady of the State for 12 years = 60% Trump, 30% Clinton. No Russians Needed

  17. "She let the country down"… losing? No, she did it a favor by assuming she would win and doing as little campaigning as she could get away with. Plus her abominable track record of incompetency, lying and corruption added to her disdain for most Americans and being so obviously out of touch with them, is what brought about her downfall….thank god. Did it have anything to do with her being a woman….or the Russians? Don't make me laugh.

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