Shankar Jaikishan – Biography

When this great music
director came into the.. industry they
changed the meaning.. ..of film music. Name, Shankar Jaikishan. "I have never thought
that such a day would come." "Water will catch fire." "Even the rocks will melt." "Look." "Who is better than you?" Shankar's full name was
Shankar Singh Raghuvanshi. Born on 15th October,
1922 in Hyderabad. Jaikishen's name was
Jaikishen Dayabhai Panchal. Born on 4th November,
1929 in Bansda, Gujarat. Shankar used to play
the Tabla (Indian drums) And he took formal training
from Baba Nasir Khan Sahib. And he was also Khwaja
Khurshid Anwar's disciple. "Have you ever seen
someone's life leaving?" "Look, my life is leaving
me since she is angry with me." "Look, my life is leaving
me since she is angry with me." Shankar started with a theater group. It was run by
Satyanarayan and Hemvati. And after that Shankar
became a part of Prithvi Theater. On the other hand Jaikishen
from Bansda, Gujarat.. ..was a harmonium player. He got trained from
music maestro Vadilal. And later from Prem Shankar Naik. And later he became
Vinayak Tambe's disciple.. ..and came to Mumbai. "You called and I came." "With my heart in my hand." "You called and I came." The anecdote of how Shankar
Jaikishen met is unique. There was a Guajarati
director Chandravadan Bhatt. And Shankar would often
frequent his office. To land a break as a music director. In the same office he would
see another youth sitting.. ..who was Jaikishen. And one day Shankar started speaking. And found out that Jaikishen
is a harmonium player. And after that Jaikishen
took Shankar to.. ..Mr. Prithviraj Kapoor. And made Jaikishen a
part of Prithvi Theaters too. "My heart is crazy about you,
darling." "My heart is crazy about you,
darling." "You know that I won't say anything." "You know that I won't say anything." "Swear on love." "Swear on love." They became such great friends that.. ..people used to address
them as Ram and Lakshman. Shankar Jaikishen used
to work as musicians.. Prithvi Theater. And during that time
they befriended Raj Kapoor. Oh yes. Though when Raj Kapoor
made his first film 'Aag'.. ..released in 1948,
its music director was Ram Ganguly. And Shankar Jaikishen
would work as assistants. Raaj Kapoor had some
disputes with Ram Ganguly. And in his next film 'Barsaat',
Shankar Jaikishen.. ..was given break as
music directors by Raj Kapoor. And then there was
such a shower of music.. ..that even the great music
minds of the film industry.. ..started to think of doing
new compared to Shankar Jaikishen. "Come darling." "If we meet in nice moonlight.. ..then even the ruins
will become lighted." "The sky will started dancing." Raj Kapoor's team
had Lata Mangeshkar.. ..Mukesh and Manna Dey
and also 2 great lyricists. Shailendra and Hasrat
Jaipuri came to.. with Shankar Jaikishen. "This night is wet." "The fun breeze." "And the lovely moon rose slowly." In the beginning they
worked a lot with Raj Kapoor. And then Dev Anand,
Shammi Kapoor, Sunil Dutt. Shankar Jaikishen's
music got associated.. ..with every great hero. My heart starts
beating with your name. At that time there
were guesses that maybe.. ..Jaikishen would work
more with Hasrat Jaipuri. And Shankar would
work with Shailendra. And then there were instances when.. ..Jaikishen worked with Shailendra. And Shankar worked
with Hasrat Jaipuri. "My anklet bells cling." "My anklet bells cling." Shankar Jaikishen composed
all kinds of music. Like folk music or modern. "Whom should I love?" "How do I love?" "Whom should I love?" "How do I love?" The duo Shankar Jaikishen
became so famous.. ..that when Kalyanji Anandji
started composing music.. ..everyone suggested that
this duo should be named.. ..Kalyanji Anandji because
before it was known as.. ..Kalyanji Virji Shah and party. Great music composer
duo Laxmikant Pyarelal.. ..was also impressed
by Shankar Jaikishen. Laxmikant Pyarelal
had told several times.. ..that they were very
much impressed with.. ..Shankar Jaikishen's style. And the influence was
also seen in their songs.. a great extent. "I might die in your love." There is a famous anecdote
that Jaikishen and lyricist.. ..Hasrat Jaipuri were
watching a dance show abroad. There they saw a
woman who was wearing.. And that cloth had some
sparkling things stuck to it. Seeing this Jaikishen
had asked Hasrat Jaipuri.. ..that let me know if you
can write something on this. And then the verse came. With stars wrapped around the body. And Jaikishen also
made the tune at once. It was also seen that
Shankar and Jaikishen.. ..would work in their
own respective styles. They would compose separate songs. But when their assistants
Dattaram and Sebastian.. ..came then the songs
would have a different effect. And it was hard to say
if that song was composed.. Shankar or Jaikishen. "I love you so much." "Ask your own heart." "You are the one whom
I have given my heart." "My life is yours." There was a time when their
friendship developed a strain. This happened when
Shankar used to encourage.. ..a new singer Sharda a lot. But the 2 always worked
under the label Shankar Jaikishen. At that time many people
had seen big producers.. ..queuing up for Shankar Jaikishen. And soon the two
attained a height which.. other musician was able to. Shankar Jaikishen became
the most costliest music directors. On one hand they used
Lata and Rafi's voice. On the other hand they
also used the magic.. ..of Mukesh and Manna Dey's voice. Even Asha Bhosle sang
a few nice songs for them. "Goes to her sweetheart's home." "The girl bushes in her veil." "May this string of love remain tied." "Don't forget us." "Don't forget us." They were the first
music director duo who had.. ..hit a hat trick of Filmfare
awards for best music award. On one hand this duo
saw a lot of success. And on the other they were
also engulfed by tragedies. Raj Kapoor's group
broke when he was making.. 'Mera Naam Joker'. Lyricist Shailendra passed away.. ..during the shooting of the film. And by the time 'Mera
Naam Joker' was made.. ..even Jaikishen of the
Shankar Jaikishen label died. The date was 12th September, 1971. At the young age of 41 he died. It takes time for man
and destiny to be made. It doesn't take time
for it to get spoiled. Even 'Mera Naam Joker'
meet its expectations. And then Raj Kapoor made film 'Bobby'. And here Laxmikant
Pyarelal was appointed… music director and
Anand Bakshi as the lyricists. Shankar still continued
to work in films. But he never forgot his friend. And he always went under
the label Shankar Jaikishen. But after 'Mera Naam Joker'.. ..he didn't get associated
with Raj Kapoor's films. This was also the time
when his close friend.. ..Shammi Kapoor was also
drifting away from films. There was a gap for some time. But Shankar continued
to compose music for films. It is also well known that
the table in a restaurant.. ..where Jaikishen
used to often frequent.. ..was not allowed
to be used by others.. ..for a month after his death. A candle used to
be lit on that table.. ..with the writing, reserved for Mr.
Jaikishen. And then even Shankar passed away. ..on 24th April, 1987. Without a doubt it
is impossible to attain.. ..the heights Shankar
Jaikishen had achieved. In Indian history Shankar
Jaikishen's name.. ..will be always taken with pride. "In this color changing world." "Human doesn't have good intentions." "Don't come out all decked up." "Men do not have good intentions." To know about the skills
of great geniuses.. ..subscribe to People and History.

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  1. Can anybody shed light on which movies did Shankar give music for and for which Jaikishan did? It is known that they in later years they did not make music together.

  2. Very good. A treat for all SJ fans. However, I would like to point out that you have shown photograph of great lyricist S H Bihari in place of music composer Ram Ganguli.

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