Shammi Kapoor – Biography

Sometimes he was known as
'Janwar' and sometimes 'Junglee'.. ..but when they saw his style, everyone said,
there's no one like you, Shammi Kapoor. "O people, beware!" "I am the prince." "It is my rule everywhere.. ..I am the prince." He was born on 21st October, 1931. Shammi Kapoor was born
in such a family.. ..where theater and cinema
were their business.. ..and they only spoke about it. 'Today's drama can
become reality tomorrow.' 'You'll do what you learn today.' Shammi Kapoor spent
his childhood in Peshawar. His father, Prithvi Raj Kapoor.. ..came to Calcutta
with a theater company. Shammi Kapoor did his schooling here. 'Exam? I have passed all the exams,
Metric, FA, BA, all.' This was the time when Prithvi Raj
Kapoor was working for New Theater. He would always call
Shammi Kapoor in the plays.. ..where he would need children. 'Do something, but I want Rajkumar.' After doing a play at night, his eyes would
turn red in the school, next morning. He would feel sleepy. Seeing this school authorities
told him to get his father.. this is not done.
You can't do a play at night.. ..and not concentrate on studies. 'You are very lucky.' 'Open house from top and bottom.' 'No restrictions on
coming inside or going out.' Shammi Kapoor's father,
Prithvi Raj Kapoor was very busy.. his elder brother Raj Kapoor went
to the school to talk to the authorities. School authorities started to badmouth
about cinema without thinking. Raj Kapoor said, the school
that doesn't respect theater.. ..and doesn't respect our livelihood,
Shammi need not study there. He asked Shammi to take his bag
and took him away from the school. 'It was difficult
for me to come here.. ..but it would be more
difficult to go from here.' He was admitted to other school.. ..but it was proved that Kapoor
family gave importance to art. "Dear, my heart is crazy for you." "Dear, my heart is crazy for you." "You know, I won't say anything." "You know, I won't say anything." "I swear by love.
– I swear by love." After Calcutta, they reached Mumbai. He studied in
St. Joseph Convent, Wadala. Then he was sent to Don Bosco School. He passed matriculation
from New Era school. 'I had not even thought about it,
you leave me, I'll think about it.' Shammi Kapoor didn't
want to become an actor. He wanted to become
an aeronautical engineer. But gradually he understood that
he can't do aeronautical engineering. He is born only to do theater. Then he worked in Prithvi Theater. 'The things for our drama are ready.
– Very good.' Gradually he did movies. Starting was very strange. Everyone said he copies Raj Kapoor. Shammi Kapoor said.. .."the characters that
Raj played in Prithvi theaters.. ..were played by Shammi Kapoor too,
when Raj joined movies." "It is possible that
I may be inspired by Raj." 'What I want is..
– I got it.' 'I am giving you what you want.
I'm giving you my name.' Heroines were famous
in Shammi's first movies. 'Rail Ka Dibba' or 'Naqab'.. ..then a time came when
Shammi changed his style. He shaved his moustache, cut his hair
in different style, wore modern clothes.. ..and acted in movie
'Tumsa Nahi Dekha.' After which Shammi Kapoor
never looked back. Film, 'Tumsa Nahi Dekha'
was a big hit. 'The police station may be far.. ..but your death is near, Ganpath.' Geeta Bali entered Shammi's life. 'My darling.' 'The truth is that
your eyes have wounded me.' 'Your style has made me crazy.. ..and your love has made me insane.' Shammi fell in love with Geeta Bali.. ..and always said
that he wanted to marry.. ..but Geeta Bali refused. Then the time came, it was midnight.. ..and Shammi again proposed
to Geeta Bali for marriage. Geeta Bali accepted his proposal and
said she would marry him right away. If not, she won't marry him. It was midnight. No temple was open.. they waited till 4:00 am.. get married in
the temple when it opens. They both married,
but he didn't have vermillion.. ..then Geeta Bali took out
a lipstick from her purse.. ..and Shammi applied the
same lipstick on Geeta's forehead. They began their
wedding life this way. "In this changing world.. ..intentions of human being
is not good." "You don't come out decked up." "Everyone has bad intentions." They have two children with this marriage.
Daughter Kanchan and son Aditya. Shammi Kapoor's dancing
style was becoming famous.. other actor could
perform crazy moves like he did.' So, Shammi Kapoor
became a unique star. "My heart beats when
it hears your name." "I feel I am done for." Many new heroines started
their career with Shammi. Whether it is Sharmila Tagore
or Saira Banu. He did movies with new
heroine Asha Pareikh and Rajshree. Shammi believed that it
is easy to work with new heroines. 'Excuse me.' 'The guest that comes to our house.. ..can't leave from here
without eating anything. – Is it?' 'Yes. It is the rule of Sheesh Mahal.' Shammi Kapoor's career had reached
it's peak. Everyone spoke about him. An incident took place in
his life that shattered his life. His wife, Geeta Bali died because
of small pox in the year 1965. Shammi Kapoor was drowned in sadness. In 1969,
Shammi Kapoor married Nila Devi. He remarried Nila Devi. He got a companion in life. "You called me and
I am at your service." "I have brought my heart for you." Shammi Kapoor had
fractures while shooting. While he was singing the song.. .."Hum hai yahan ke Rajkumar"
for the movie 'Rajkumar'.. ..he was sitting on an elephant
and his legs were near elephants neck. The elephant turned its head and
people could hear his knee caps break. Because of constant fractures, Shammi
Kapoor had to stay away from shooting. Because of this,
he started gaining weight. A time came when he felt that
he should stay away from movies. He started serving his parents. 'You brought money and didn't
keep anything for yourself.' 'Father, I don't have any expenses.' 'My life is going on smoothly.' 'You just bless me.
I'll get money daily.' His elder brother,
Raj kapoor had become busy. Film 'Mera Naam Joker'
had given him a big shock. He was directing 'Bobby'. Younger brother Shashi Kapoor
was busy in shooting. This was the time when Shammi Kapoor
decided to give time for his parents. 'Mother, the food is ready.
Are you ready? What say, father?' After his parents death, Shammi Kapoor
took some time to direct a movie. No one can forget the movies
'Bundalbaaz' and 'Manoranjan'. After direction, he decided to act. He continued to work
in films as character artist. 'Guru!
– Sinner.' 'You badmouth about me?' 'Guru, I made a mistake. Forgive me.' 'How many sins do you
want forgiveness for?' Shammi always said that "Mohammed Rafi
is my voice and he'll always remain". Rafi has sung hit songs for him. "Darling, don't torment me." Shammi Kapoor was quite
inspired by Baba Heda Khan.. ..and this brought
a new light in his life. Shammi was a great man
until his last breath. If it about interviews
with the media.. ..or attending the public functions.. ..he would somehow reach there. Though he had to go for
dialysis twice in a week. Shammi never felt sad about it. On 14th August, 2011,
Shammi Kapoor breathe his last. He was awarded many times
for his wonderful acting. Best actor for 'Brahmachari'.. supporting
actor for 'Vidhaata'. Shammi was really an actor.. ..who has seen theater,
black and white cinema.. ..colored cinema super stardom,
power of character artist. 'Very good. I'm impressed.' 'Look what you were
and what you've become now.' In the history of Indian cinema.. ..Shammi Kapoor's name
will be taken with respect. "The entire world is praising me.. ..I am the prince." "It's my rule everywhere.. ..I am the prince." "O people!"

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