Shameik Moore Interview – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

How old are you? I’m fourteen. Yeah, okay, so you’ll watch that
and you’ll relate. (laughter) This is the first animated
feature-length Spider-Man. Can we expect any unique features
in the story? Yeah, there’s a lot of firsts. Very unique film, I’ll say that. I don’t want to spoil the movie
but I think the audience will definitely fall in love with
Miles, they learn a lot about Miles, and then they also learn about
some of the other spider-people. We’ve got Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen,
Spider-Noir, it’s a big deal. Miles is really rebellious. What would you say
his greatest strength is? I think that inner confidence,
that inner question, the will to be outside of the box,
to live outside of the box, to accept what’s coming his way. Everybody wouldn’t respond the same
way if they got bitten by a spider and now had to save the universe
in two days. It sounds like you get
really animated in the booth when you’re doing the voices,
so what bit have you enjoyed performing the most in the movie? My scenes with Gwen in the movie
I think are really sweet. I think a lot of young-,
how old are you? I’m fourteen. Yeah, okay, so you’ll watch that
and you’ll relate. – (laughter)
– Yeah. You have to make Miles’s voice
really believable, I can tell, so how did you perfect Miles’s voice
when you were preparing for it? I was trying to talk like I was
thirteen, so I went in there like, ‘Hey, I’m Miles Morales,’ and they
were like, ‘Nope, nope, nope.’ ‘We like your voice, Shameik,
bring it back, be yourself.’ Really, it’s just-, Miles has a loving family,
mom, dad, uncle. That’s not something Peter had. Miles is a creative soul,
I’m a creative soul. I like to express myself creatively. Miles got bitten by this spider and there are thousands of people
that live in Brooklyn, there are thousands of people
that auditioned for this role and they chose me,
so when I’m in this booth, I try to draw these parallels. It’s like, yo, I am Miles in my mind. – You know?
– Yeah. Yeah, so just connect with that. These villains in the movie are
the best I’ve seen in ages. How did you react when you were
reading the script, when you actually found out about
the villains? How did you react? I learned as I was
actually recording, so I’m doing the scenes and then
they’re telling me what I’m doing. Sometimes, I don’t even know what
else is going on in the scene. I saw the movie two days ago and
I then understood the whole movie, to be honest with you. The villains are really cool,
the villains are cool. My favourite is the Prowler for sure. They had fun animating him,
they had a lot of fun. So you’re in town during Comic Con. What have you learnt from the fans,
the whole experience, the culture? What do you think of it? I learned that everybody likes
dressing up as Spider-Gwen, Peter Parker and
Miles Morales the most.

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