Shakespeare in Shackles: The Transformative Power of Literature: Laura Bates at TEDxUCLA

13 thoughts on “Shakespeare in Shackles: The Transformative Power of Literature: Laura Bates at TEDxUCLA

  1. She’s actually my Children’s Literature Professor! She showed us a snippet of this in class today and I had to come back and watch it!

  2. I only hope that for however long this man is still alive in prison,he finds a way to continue with the peace he has found.

  3. I read the book and saw that this program might make their incarceration better, but I don't have faith that the benefits would translate into a reformed and law abiding person on the outside.

  4. Dr. Bates spoke at my school today & I asked her about Larry Newton. Unfortunately, he's still in prison but not because of his own doing. He was dealt a really bad deal as a teen for the crimes he committed as a teen. I believe she said that in order to avoid death row, he took life without parole or any chance of appeal.

  5. Nothing like sharing a violent play with violent Felons then having them get into a heated debate.
    Matches and gasoline anyone?

  6. Reading Shakespeare Saved My Life right now. Great project and some really intriguing interpretations of the plays.

  7. Regarding Dr.Bates book and hard-working prisoner Larry Newton, I was mystified by the ending. The prison seemed to resent his success and worry he was still dangerous sending him back to isolation without cause for "behavior modification." I am concerned for Mr. Newton and sad the Shakespeare program ended at Wabash. If it can mitigate crime..why not try it? You can't bring victims back but maybe we can help there be fewer victims and that seems to be what these folk are trying to do.

  8. The Play was not done in supermax. It was done after Larry was released from super max to the general population. I just read the book "shakespeare saved my life" by Dr, Bates, its not fun there.

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