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8 thoughts on “Sexuality Education | Al Vernacchio | TEDxWakeForestU

  1. Wow. I will join you on your journey. How can I help? As an aside, I find it devastating that I could not likely show this video in my middle school health class. Maybe high school, but the earlier the better. I will submit it for approval.

  2. At the end of his "genitals of the shelves" story, I thought he was going to get into how girls probably would have a harder time figuring out which genitals were theirs. And I really want him to get into that, because for a lot of girls, we don't realize that we have TWO holes in our vagina (that our pee hole is separate from the other one), until wayy later than we should know. Which leads into the myth that, if a girl was to get cum inside herself, she can try the method of peeing it out. See how destructive this gets? I really hope that he gets into detailed anatomy of the genitals when he does tell this story.

  3. Al you're a genius! i want to be like you. i use your videos to teach my teenage students. Its harder because of parents and the consent piece but i look forward to teaching an older age group soon. 🙂

  4. I think the whole vagina-penis recognition thing is a lot simpler than that. If a woman wants to look at her vulva she has to get a mirror and spread her legs. It's something you'd make a decision to do. A man can just look down when he's naked, and there's his dick. It's angle, not gender mindset.

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