SEX EDUCATION Season 2 Official Trailer TEASER (2019) Netflix Series HD

how do I even begin to explain Otis northern I heard you give a sex advice from a toilet Otis Melbourne is a love making mastermind that's why his helmet so big it's full of secrets Otis Melbourne Pat guy is an absolute legend Otis helped me deflate my enlarged erect penis is advice thing costing my relationship so him and his clinic can do one one time he cured my badge in isthmus it was awesome you

30 thoughts on “SEX EDUCATION Season 2 Official Trailer TEASER (2019) Netflix Series HD

  1. I have a feeling Otis’ mom will release the book about him and everyone at school will bully him except Maeve

  2. Maeve is in the wrong she went to otis after dating that jock guy (forgot his name) and saw otis with a new bae. Then she gets mad. nooooooooooo shortie

  3. I have 2 or probably 3 theories on season 2
    1- Otis loses Virginity to Ola
    2- Otis loses virginity to Maeve
    3- Ola and Jackson might date and Otis gets Maeve pregnant

  4. Lily at 0:28 … I didn't lke her at first, but she's really great. I wonder if her friendship with Eric will develop in Season 2.

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