Sex Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  1. Here is what I learned in sex ed. When I was in elementary school, one day the boys and girls were separated and while the boys learned bout wet dreams I guess, we girls learned about our periods. After which we were given bags full of tampons and pads and a little booklet about our periods then all of us girls were marched back into the room where the boys had returned to earlier toting our little period survival bags. They also asked us if any of us had started our periods yet and only a few raised their hands and then back to class like nothing had happened. It wasn’t until high school where the actual education on “sex” would begin. Now, I went into the class thinking in all seriousness that we were all going to watch soft-core porn or even porn made especially for women you know soft and loving but no. Once again the boys and girls were separated and the boys got to learn about wet dreams again but this time us girls got to watch this plinky-plunky video in strobing rainbow colors of a man’s penis becoming erect then all the boys were brought back. The teacher then grossed everyone out everyone but me by telling the class first that guess what everyone…your parents have sex. Everyone: EEEEEWWWWWWW! Me: 😐Um yeah duh. And then the teachers continued with OH and your grandparents had sex too. EVERYONE: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Me: 😑 um yeah nah shit, why is everyone freaking out, did you stupid fucks really not know this? Then the teacher proceeded to tell us about birth control all the different kinds and showed us a birthing video. Basically the boys had erections and ejaculations mostly only while they slept while the girls bleed, cramped, became huge pains in the ass to their boyfriends and experienced unwanted pregnancies. We also learned that both boys and girls were equal in one aspect of sex and that was all of the diseases we could catch and give back and forth to each other especially if there was war overseas and we were pirates…oh and India had a exotic book full of sex. Thus ended sex ed and suffice it to say I was extremely unimpressed…there had to be more so I went looking for it and I found it so SO much more than what the school told me…what my parents told me. I was dumbfounded by the amount of knowledge out there kept from me, kept from everybody and what was really sad was the information wasn’t being kept hidden, I didn’t have to study to be a medical anything to access it I just had to go to my local library and really just open my eyes, open my ears and pay attention and all of this was before the age of the internet.

  2. 8:06 is he making fun of her or quoting her on stuff hes not showing us? I legit feel like cutting the snakes is on that ladys agenda

  3. This should be up to the kids & / or the parents. My mom wanted us to learn early on because its part of life & going to a private school we didnt have a sex ed class we had a weird class about your body and periods and shit but I find that idiotic and unessasary but if kids arent told things are fine and natural by their parents and dont have the means of learning on their own why not.

  4. No Screwin Around speech seems working a bit, when you see Pam Stenzel explaining this line concept you clearly want to stay away from crossing it ….

  5. Ironic that you should say "you would expect history class to be historically acurate" seeing as to how half the information we learn in history class is inaccurate, and it has been proven, but schools dont want to buy new textbooks.

  6. “That is why when you’re all watching a movie and there is a sex scene everyone becomes motionless and silently begs for the merciful release of death.”

    I broke at that part omg 😂

  7. STD's make you an enemy of the state aka a dangerous person as your fluids are toxic. You can't leave or inter USA or other countries.

  8. Abstinence vs. 75% of your income otherwise known as child support. You can't make enough to live.

  9. Love how my freshman health teacher was like "the state told me to tell you abstinence is key but lets be honest you are all gonna get laid at some point"

  10. My education wasn’t America bad, and I already knew the stuff said here, but I didn’t learn it in school. Education on this important part of life should not be in the hands of disgusting and confused teens. This video is so well done and actually should be (along with actual educational things) shown in schools

  11. ELIZABETH SMART is one of the most courageous, strongest, and amazing woman ive ever heard from. she s gone through hell and back and yet wants to help others.

  12. The clip of the Yale group chanting always makes me feel so helpless and scared. If I am not scared for my own life when I’m walking on the street, news like that makes me fear for the lives of other women. Consent shouldn’t be a joke

  13. Why do the governments want people to be ignorant. Knowledge is power. Saves lives teach sex Ed. If you discuss this topic in scientific terms
    It can be educational.
    Since the bible women get the blame and become damaged goods.

  14. If I was a teacher I'd just show that video at the end to my class regardless of what the laws are and if I get in trouble for it I'd just say "what, clearly it was just comedy"

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