Sevyn Streeter: Call Me Crazy .. (LYRICS)

she could be the baddest ever but you belong
to me yeah, me yeah, me yeah and i aint with that sharing shit i dont wanna know how she
makes you feel keep all that way from me fall away from me fall from me…

44 thoughts on “Sevyn Streeter: Call Me Crazy .. (LYRICS)

  1. R these lyrics right b/c I was at another video and the lyrics were different…but this one makes a little bit more since. Someone needs to put out the OFFICIAL lyrics. By the way I like this song…I think it could be good in a guy's perspective.

  2. Wasn't trying to make a bad comment. You have awesome lyrics that's why I chose yours. I'm not into YouTube to upload things I only watch, anyway keep up the good work. Sorry if my critic was offensive all criticism isn't bad.

  3. Hey im your bigist fan ever and im only 10 my birthday is in september9 and i see you liked my little cusin Heavn and her moms vedio on youtube

  4. shut up who ever said the  lyircs  is wrong if you don't like it don't watch it and you don't sang it so shut up dang

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