Seth Rogen Completely DESTROYS Game Of Thrones Season 8 Writers D&D At San Diego Comic-Con

welcome to the drama behind the scene show I'm your host definition and it looks like it's not just regular people who are still disappointed with the way that the finale of Game of Thrones went down at July's San Diego comic-con Seth Rogen who was part of a panel to discuss his work on preacher and where the show was heading in the upcoming season recently ripped into right as DN D and yeah a just completely tore them apart the preacher panel was due to take place after the game of Thrones one in which writers D and D were going to answer questions alongside the cast and talk about the process behind the show however they both cancelled last minute probably because of the backlash that circulated around it this year and this left a lot of people involved with the organisation of the event in a bad situation as they had to scramble together scheduled to try and work something out needless to say this angered a lot of fans most notably Seth Rogen who had the following to say about the two and the show's ending following the game of Thrones panel which is a fucking nightmare just objectively I also know that there are owners didn't show up because they didn't want to answer questions about the show I have bought one of the creators of Game of Thrones but I am the creator of other TV show so feel free to ask me any Game of Thrones questions you guys head throughout the night I'm not an expert I didn't read the books but I watched the show so I can give you my insights and thoughts just as to see what series finale is gonna be more satisfying preacher Game of Thrones I think hopefully I won't be I'm here at least so I think that's also like to say if I would imagine those guys regret making brand the King because ultimately he doesn't have the best story and that's [Laughter] give you buy take I don't know for sure I've met them a couple times there guys why did Aria wear a face again yeah yes you learned all that face shit where'd it go what you do with those faces it is sad that it's over it's weird that it's over is it going on do you think that they made a mistake by not having Jaime Lannister killer see you don't want to follow these people over three years even over six years in front they trapped in the rubble Khan anticlimactic anyway are we gonna get to see Jesse Custer fly in on a dragon I wasn't gonna make a joke about how you look like Woody Harrelson but now I'm going because you made that – alright don't do one of those things cuz it's because it ends it's over you mean if we put us in a weird position if you guys now made like a petition to save creature because it's over and we don't and we would have to do some other thing which would be super it would be hard for us you will reshoot the last season right we're gonna crowd source the reshooting of the final episode man I just found this hilarious to be honest like the petition thing absolutely killed me in him talking about we shooting the final season which is of course massive news stories from a couple of months ago when the show was out and I'm just really glad that more people with platforms are kind of coming forward and voicing how bad they thought it was instead of just the fans as this kind of gave some of the cast the hump and they slammed a lot of people who had supported the show for the best part of a decade and called them toxic even though a lot of them were offering up legitimate criticism honestly it's good that someone in a position like Rogen is calling out D&D because this was getting hyped up as the panel where everything was supposed to be finally cleared up but the fact that they know showed it really just cements that they don't have respect for anyone's opinion if it's negative they were kind of showered with praise for 10 years and then as soon as people lobbied a bit of negativity towards them it made them run for the hills I actually think it's a worse look for them they didn't show up as had they went to comic-con and stood behind the final season that most people probably would have respected it but now it's just another big controversy that surrounds the entire season obviously I'd love to hear your thoughts on this clip and if you think Rogan was in the wrong for addressing it or if you stand by what he said comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please give it a thumbs up and make sure you check out my breakdown of the huge San Diego comic-con Marvel panel which would be linked at the end I go over all of the announcements so it definitely worth checking out if you want something to watch after this if you want to come talk to me about movies TV shows games and comic books and you can follow me on twitter at definition whitey it's the best way to get in touch with me and it's the perfect place to suggest new videos and content so hopefully I see over there after this this is the channel for people who are never missing television so if that's the kind of thing you like you need to 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44 thoughts on “Seth Rogen Completely DESTROYS Game Of Thrones Season 8 Writers D&D At San Diego Comic-Con

  1. Let me know your thoughts on this interview and if you agree with Seth or not. If you enjoyed the video then please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for videos like this every day.

  2. The truth hurts. GOT went down as a joke and final season literally ruined the series. Such a shitty ending.

  3. Seth was right to say this, mabye a little rude but some in his position had to stand up for the disappointed fans❤️

  4. That was the hardest I've laughed in a while thanks for covering it deffinition. I would have yelled thank you to Seth if I had been there. On a serious note, if I had signed the petition I would understand that HBO more than likely would not redo Season 8, signing the petition I would see as just a form of protest and just an extreme way of showcasing a certain opinion.

  5. It's like when pesi and coke-cola are suppose to be at the same event but pesi no shows cause who the hell gonna visit a pesi booth when coke is there! Obv Seth Rogen is a legend walking and kind turns everything he touches into gold so far, so it was a bit of a blessing to have someone who actually know what they're talking about come out in such a big way. Tons of respect for him

  6. I can't even go back and watch my favorite parts of GOT because I know how shitty it ends up. That's how bad season 8 has ruined it for damn sad.


  8. Actually, think am one of the few that never watched Game of Thrones…so many of the jokes and memes were lost on me…but after hearing about Season 8, perhaps is good I didn't watch it.

  9. I'm on board for all of society criticizing D & D for what they did to GOT. They didn't "subvert expectations", they subverted decent storytelling…smh

  10. Omg I love ur channel dude u r very straight forward and I always like Seth and him saying what he said much respect

  11. I think he’s entitled to his opinion, and seeing as they decided not to show up to speak about and defend their choices, and also put the Con under pressure with their absence, all the more reason to call them out.

  12. This is the Comic Con panel that I've missed. No PC clap along. It's sad, only Seth Rogan had the spine to address the elephant in a room. Season 8 was a massive disappointment because the actors busted their butts off but the script/material they had to work with was garbage.

  13. Personally, different things happen in Game of Thrones in MY mind. I don't plan on watching the last few seasons. I prefer my OWN imagination!

  14. Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill are my favorite comedy film stars 💜. Waiting for his new comedy movies and I'm waiting for 22 Jump Street 3 also 😃

  15. Lol Seth rogen is fucking funny
    He makes me feel a little bit better about that terrible Season 8 of got

  16. LOVE IT! And Seth Rogan wasn’t wrong at all in addressing the many, many issues with season 8 and the show’s finale, at least in my admittedly very fallible opinion.

    Speaking as a fan, I followed that show and loved/loved to hate those characters for YEARS. And it legit hurt my weird, socially awkward heart to see them treated so poorly in the final season. The characters and the fans deserved FAR better than what was given. It felt like D&D were just bored/done with the world of Westeros and if that’s truly how they felt, they should’ve passed the torch and let someone NOT burnt out handle the final season. Just my two cents.

  17. I think Seth is a total hypocrite because in 2033 he made a show that followed the final season of GOT to a T, the show was a comedic drama too so I got whiplash from the sudden tone change.

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