Seth and His Writers Debate if It’s Carib-BE-an or Ca-RIB-bean

-So, during our last hiatus
from the show, my wife and I
did some traveling.,, and we took a vacation to
the Caribbean. And it really was
as lovely a trip as — -Uh, hey, Seth?
-Yeah, Tom? -That word you just said —
you pronounced it wrong. -What word was that?
“Car-i-bbean”? -Bingo. It’s actually pronounced
“Caribb-ean.” -Oh, and I said?
-Car-i-bbean. -And that was…
-Wrong. -And? -Dumb.
-Oh. Well, now I feel wrong and dumb. Hey, Wally, do you say
Caribb-ean or Car-i-bean? -Well, I know there’s the movie
“Pirates of the Car-i-bbean.” -Mm-Hmm. -But then sequel is called
“Pirates of the Caribb-ean.” -Uh-huh. -And then, of course, there’s
the third one, “Parats of the Carburetor.” But that’s the best one because
it’s got Johnny Deep in it. -I don’t think
that helps us out. Hey, Buck, do you say
“Caribb-ean” or “Car-i-bbean”? -You know, I always forget
how to say it. and then I have to sing
the lyrics to “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys
in order to remember. Just give me a minute. ♪ Aruba, Jamaica ♪ ♪ Ooh, I wanna take you ♪ ♪ To Bermuda, Bahama ♪ ♪ Come on, pretty mama ♪ -Hey, Buck, buddy?
-♪ Key Largo, Montego ♪ ♪ Ooh, I wanna
take you down to Kokomo ♪ -Hey, Buck? -♪ We’ll get there fast
and then we’ll slow ♪ ♪ That’s where we want to go ♪ ♪ Way down to Kokomo ♪ -Hey, Buck, I don’t think the
word Caribbean is in that song. -I know.
But it should be, though, right? -Well, I don’t feel any closer to finding the answer
to my question. Hey, Ally, you like to travel. Is it “Caribb-ean” or
“Car-i-bbean?” -Oh, I don’t know.
I was never very good at math. -Well, it’s not a math question.
It’s a vocab question. -This might not help,
but I can tell you that the square of
the hypotenuse of a right-angle triangle
is equal to the sum of the squares
of the remaining two sides. -Yeah, that does not help. But if you’re not good at math, why do you have
Pythagoras’ theorem memorized? -Oh, me and Pythagoras, we kind
of dated for a little while. Actually, we just broke up.
-I’m sorry, Ally. You dated the ancient Greek
mathematician Pythagoras? -Yeah, but we were
really bad for each other. -Ally, Ally, baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to blow my stack
at you the other night. I had too much Macedonian wine
at Symposium. I lost my cool.
It won’t happen again. -You make me feel small,
Pythagoras. This small. I promised myself that no man
would ever make me feel this small ever again. -Yeah, I won’t.
I promise I won’t. Oh, I love you, baby! I don’t want to
make you feel this small. I want to make you feel big.
This big. -I wish you did make me feel
this big, Pythagoras. Really do, but you made me
feel this small, so we’re done. -Ally, get in the van! -No, you get in the van and
drive out of my life forever! -[ Scoffs ] Whatever. [ Footsteps,
car door opens, closes ] [ Engine starts, revs ] [ Tires squeal ] [ Crash ]
Aw, damn it! [ Engine sputters ] Oh, come on! Piece of [bleep] van. -You all done over there, buddy?
-Yeah, I’ll walk. -Alright. Well, it looks like
we’re back at square one. Cripes. I’ve now asked every one
of the smartest people I know, and nobody seems
to have a good answer. Oh, wait a second!
Oh, my gosh. Hey, Baze,
you’re our head writer. Could you —
-It’s Car-i-bbean. -Okay, yeah, but what if I —
-Car-i-bbean. It’s Car-i-bbean. -Okay, yeah, but one time,
my grandmother told me that — -The word is Car-i-bbean. The pronunciation is based on
the root word “Carib,” a misnomer that
invading colonizers used to refer to
the group of indigenous people they met there. -Yeah, but what about if I —
-Look, man. You pay me to write. I have a mastery
of the English language unparalleled by anyone
in this room. If you had asked me
before any of these idiots, we wouldn’t have wasted
the last five minutes. Frankly, this all should have
been sorted out during rehearsal. You pay me to write. You don’t pay me
to participate in this whacky, meandering nonsense. And this — -Hey, man, do you have
the Zipcar app on your phone? -What? -Yeah, well, I just —
I mean, yeah, some guy just hit my van, and now — -And you want me
to rent you a Zipcar. -Yeah, well — Yeah.
-Why don’t you just take a taxi? -Oh, ’cause, you know,
I actually found this perfectly
good refrigerator, and somebody was
just throwing it away, so — -You know what?
Ultimately, I don’t care. I don’t want to know your
character’s inane backstory. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m due for a vacation
in the Car-i-bbean. Hey, Buck, sing me out! -♪ Aruba, Jamaica ♪ ♪ Ooh, I wanna take you ♪ ♪ To Bermuda, Bahama ♪ ♪ Come on, pretty mama ♪ -I think we could all
use a break.

98 thoughts on “Seth and His Writers Debate if It’s Carib-BE-an or Ca-RIB-bean

  1. I just go by what Billy Ocean said and call it "Caribou" like in his song, "Caribou Queen".
    And why wouldn't he know the correct pronunciation when he has the last name "Ocean"?
    Eh? Think about it! I haven't.

  2. Okay, this is Conan O'Brien level of inane pointless stupidity…. Which means this late night comedy at its finest!

  3. Usage

    There are two possible pronunciations of the word Caribbean. The first, more common in British English, puts the stress on the -be-, while the second, found in the US and the Caribbean itself, stresses the -rib

  4. If Seth and his writers wanted to be clever, the tangent the could have gone off on is the Carob-Bean. And then do this whole chocolate-themed riff, explaining how Carob-Beans are ironically from the Mediterranean, not the Caribbean. Then you could have worked Pythagoras into this skit without being a total non-sequitur, because he is from the Mediterranean, and we can imagine that he fed Carob Beans to his gfs.

  5. I can't believe people are arguing about the pronunciation. It is really a simple thing to fact check, rather than "FEELING" Check or "My Momma Taught Me"!!
    British Pronunciation: ka·ruh·bee·uhn
    American Pronunciation: kr·
    Now back to your Reality TV, as the world burns!

  6. Yes, let's ask all of the pink people. I guess Amber having her own show has removed all of the brown voices. 😂😂😂

  7. Ha ha ha I am a foreign speaker of English and I pronounce it with the emphasis on the penultimate syllable. But I've been corrected before so, who knows????

  8. It's both. Like in this song with Judy Garland, where she sings "In The Carribean or Carribean Sea!" under hypnosis.

  9. Kbutlike, what was the this small this big thing? It felt like it was supposed to be a reference to some Pythagorean anecdote, which would definitely be a one of my writers explains a joke moment

  10. Seth’s writers: let’s do a bit about word pronunciation
    One minute into the bit: I DATED PYTHAGORAS Pythagoras storms in

  11. btw, Head Writer,….can be my 'head' rider……knob gobbler….pretty faces always look good bobbin' on a throbbin' knob.

  12. As someone who is from the Caribbean, i can assure you that it it pronounced differently depending on which part of the Caribbean you originate from. I don't think it's right to invalidate any pronunciation, especially since the persons that ACTUALLY LIVE HERE use both, who is anyone to say that it is wrong? In Trinidad it's mostly pronounced CaRIBbean, in other parts of the Caribbean it's pronounced CaribBEAn, live and let live, it's pronounced both ways.

  13. I can't believe some pedant didn't point out that Kokomo is not an island, but rather a town in Indiana. Oh; I just did.

  14. I fell in love with Bald Buck in a previous appearance. The love affair continues — what an adorable, jolly man.

  15. I use both for this word. But the word that bugs me the most is "schedule"… in school, we were taught "sked-ule", not "shed-ule"… im guessing that those that pronouce it shed-ule, must have been home shooled.

  16. So, no one remembers that Bob Marley sings it "Taken from the main land to the heart of the CAribean"? So, it is CA-ribean.

  17. Brilliant! Maybe worth noting that Pythagoras had nothing to do with the theorem that bears his name. The A squared + B squared = C squared thing was already understood when it was connected to him later on. We take for granted such things as empiricism and deduction nowadays, back then “new” ideas were seen as Satan’s domain. Worthwhile ideas had to be grounded by connecting them to the “ancients.” Value was something only granted through royal inheritance or “god.” Funny thing is that Pythagoras’ actual philosophies were a bit nutso, but to do any kind of accurate research back then was no easy thing.

  18. Some days ago Stephen had a sketch about France; today Seth has a sketch about the Caribbean. I happen to be French West-Indian, I feel loved haha!

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