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We have socks now. [MUSIC] That was probably a weird opening because
this is a book haul where I’m supposed to talk about books. But I just wanted to share that we
have really cool socks with cats and books on them. I’m sorry I didn’t open this month with
a song, I hope you can forgive me. I will be back next month with a sick
track that will be lip syncing to, I think. But hey, my name is Michael
from team Epic Reads and this is the long intro to
the September book haul. My God, I didn’t remember it was
September until I said that just now. Don’t love that for me. So summer’s over. But that doesn’t mean reading is over,
because that wouldn’t make any sense. We have a lot of books
to talk about today. It’s a really tall stack. It’s kind of intimidating, but
I’m ready to get through it. And as always, I’m gonna start off
this video by talking about the year of Epic Reads reading challenge. As you guys all know, more info will be
linked in the description down below. But the year of Epic Reads Reading
Challenge is a challenge that happens on a Facebook group where every month, week
and quarter there’s a new challenge for you to read whatever book you
like that fits the challenge and talk about it with other book nerds. Love that for us as a community. And the reading challenge this
month is dark and dazzling. [SOUND] So the book that I’m
gonna be talking about for this theme is also a book
that comes out this month. And yes, I will talk about it
again later in this book haul. And that is Serpent and
Dove by Shelby Mahurin, as you can see, I’m just seeing the light
reflect off this in the screen. And it’s wow, that’s it, that’s the video. What else can I say? Just kidding. This is an enemies to lovers romance,
set in a 17th century inspired French-like world where any witch hunter are forced
into matrimony to love, honor, and burn. She a thick book, but she is fantastic. It doesn’t feel like a big book. It goes by so fast and
it’s full of twists and turns, and magic, and my new favorite heroine ever. And I’m gonna talk about
this more again later. But yeah this is the book for the monthly
reading challenge, click down below. [SOUND] So now I’m gonna talk about
some of the books we have coming out this month. And the first that I’m gonna talk
about is just this little book called Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake. This is the epic conclusion to
the Three Dark Crown series. It’s the fourth book and it’s the official
end of our time on Fennbirn Island and that little bit of time that we weren’t on
Fennbirn Island we were on the mainland. And I don’t know if I’m
emotionally ready for this. We have been through so much, these three sisters,
Mirabella, Arsinoe, and Katherine. When they turn 16,
they were supposed to kill each other and we’re four books in now,
a lot has happened between them. Jules was thrown in the mix as,
spoiler, so I’m not gonna say anything. But this series has been so epic from the
magic to the betrayals to the romance that I didn’t think I was gonna ship and
then I was like trash for, love it, love it for everyone. I need to stop saying that this video,
but I’m just really excited for this. I black and gold is it, that’s
the theme of the season essentially. I’m excited for this book. [SOUND] So the next book I have here
is Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin, this I talked about,
like a minute ago, power of editing. And it follows the main character whose
name is Lou, who is a witch escaping and hiding from her coven in the city
where witches are forbidden. And in the city there are soldiers
called who kill witches, their vows is to not let witches live. And she as a witch in hiding ends up
married to one of these Witch Hunters and so she’s in a little bit
of a difficult situation. And it’s just this epic enemies to
lovers romance with so much magic and twists and turns and I adore this book. And I’m just gonna shine it at you
a little bit before I move on to the next one. [SOUND] Then we have Kingdom
of Souls by Rena Barron, again black and
gold is the theme of this fall y’all. So this follows a girl named Arya who
herself has not had magic powers and her mum isn’t happy with her for it cuz her mum is really into having
powers and being powerful and magic. And this girl’s like, I’m sorry,
I want them but I don’t have them. And then there’s one thing she’s not been
willing to do so far to get them until the children of the kingdom that
she lives in start to go missing. And so she finally gives up years
of her life to get magic powers, to figure out what’s happening here. And in the process of figuring out what’s
happening, she realizes that the demon king is stirring and that could mean
the end and very bad things for them all. And so Arya has to figure out how far
she’s willing to go to save everyone. Another epic fantasy start. [SOUND] My God, who gave you
the right to be so beautiful, what? We have a Treason of Thorns by Laura E
Weymouth and this is a fantasy magical book set in England where this girl
has been in exile for six years. She used to be really important in one
of the six Magical Houses of England. England is split into these magical
houses where these families sort of live there and help keep the land and
castle in check and such. And so when her dad committed high
treason, they were kicked out. They didn’t want them there anymore. And so in the six years that they’ve been
away from this house that they inhabited, the house and the magic have gone dark and
it started seeping into the land. And so this girl has to go back to
the house and save it, and the land, and everyone from this magic that has
turned bad and is ruining things. So it’s just as beautiful as the cover,
I promise. [SOUND] The next book I have here is,
Unpregnant, by Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan and this is a book about a girl who doesn’t
know how she ended up pregnant. She’s been very safe, she thinks her
boyfriend might have done something to make this happen and she is going
on a road trip to get an abortion. But the closest place she can legally
get that done is 900 miles away. And that is a 14 hour drive and a journey
she does not want to go on alone. And so she ends up having her
ex best friend tag along to go on this wild road trip journey. Where she learns that the journey
to adulthood is not an easy one and learning to grow and
make it through things. It’s an epic time, It’s a emotional time. [SOUND] The next book I have
here is Butterfly Yellow. And this is a very, very emotional
read about a girl named Hong, who in the final days of the Vietnam War
is able to get her brother Lin out of the country, and
he ends up in Texas in America. And then six years later and after a very
harrowing journey to make it to America, Hong is able to reunite
with her younger brother. But so much time has passed for him, and he was so young when it all happened
that he doesn’t remember her. And to him she’s just a stranger
who seems like an outsider. And its just their journey of
reconnecting and whoo, emotions. This is such, such a powerful story. [SOUND] And then I have When She Reigns
by Jodi Meadows and this is the third and final book in the Fallen Isles trilogy. And this has been such an epic
fantasy series that follows a girl names Mira who has been through a lot and
at this point in the series, the great abandonment has begun. And it’s a dangerous time,
there’s a lot of destruction. And Mira is having these dreams that
she knows how to make it all stop and she’s has to find the bones of the first
dragon which takes her on this very, very dangerous journey. And she might have to end up sacrificing
more than she’s willing to save everyone, and again, epic dragon fantasy. This is the final books you can
binge this amazing trilogy. [SOUND] And the next book I have here
is Verify by Joelle Charbonneau and this has a really, really awesome cover. I want you guys to like see
all the different aspects to. And this is set on a world where
everything that is said is the truth, you believe everything people say
because they don’t know about lies and facts in anything. But when this girl’s mom is killed,
she starts having questions and looking into what’s happening here. And she uncovers the secret underground
society where people are keeping facts. And it’s this very
dangerous realization for her that the government doesn’t want
her to know, and puts her life at risk. And so it’s a really,
really intriguing concept. [SOUND] And the next book I have here
is Suggested Reading by Dave Connis. I really liked the concept of this cover,
like it’s a book on the book, and it’s like the back, too,
the back of the book on the book. You understand what’s happening here. And this is a book about a girl who
goes to this school where a lot of books are banned and these books are books that
were influential and important to her and she learned a lot from. And she doesn’t think it’s cool
that their not allowed there. And so
she creates this underground library, this unlib where they keep all of these
books that aren’t allow at the school. But then when something tragic happens
related to one of the books that she sort of is keeping in the school, she has to ask herself if she is at
fault in any way for what has happened. And if the cause she’s fighting
is as noble as she thinks it is. And it’s like, this is book nerd. This is what we’re here for. Does that make sense? [SOUND] And the next book I have here is
The Survival List by Courtney Sheinmel. And this is a book about a girl who is
devastated by the suicide of her older sister and
she doesn’t understand why it happened. And all that’s left behind for
her to try and figure it out are a puzzle, a list of names and places, and a phone
number to a guy in California named Adam who claims he did not
know her older sister. And so she heads out to California to
sort of piece together the clues of what might have happened to her older sister
and what has been going on with her. And it’s another super,
super emotional touching read. [SOUND] And then the final book we have
coming out that I’m gonna tell you guys about is Cracking the Bell
by Geoff Herbach. And this is a book about a football player
who, football’s sort of everything to him. After his older sister died,
it gave him structure and purpose and sort of kept him on track and
give him something to do. But then when he suffers a concussion,
he has to take a look at his life and figure out where he’d be without football. And if he could get back on track without
football and it’s an introspective journey, about who he is and his family
and friends, and figuring out if he can live without this piece of him that
saved him from a really dark time. [SOUND] And then we have a few books
from other publishers that I wanna tell you guys about. So I’m gonna jump into those. And the first one is boom, boom. There’s a lot of folds here. Frankly in Love by David Yoon,
who is the husband to Nicola Yoon. And this is YA,
contemporary romance debut about a guy named Frank Li, who is in love, bing. [SOUND] And then I’m also gonna talk about
Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco. Which is the fourth book I believe
in a series of books by this author about women trying to solve and
capture criminal murderers. I’m not sure if this one’s actually
about the devil, but if it is the case, I don’t think she should go after him. That just doesn’t seem like
it ends well for anybody. But yes,
this is another exciting thriller. [SOUND] So thank you guys so much for
watching, my name is Michael BookLion. That’s the September book haul, there are a lot of exciting
books coming out this month. And before I go,
please enjoy this slow-mo of me throwing our new socks in the air,
very casually. This is a glass room by the way,
keep that in mind when you watch this.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s it.

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  1. I ran to the bookstore yesterday to pick up Five Dark Fates, Serpent & Dove, and Kingdom of Souls. So many exciting releases this month!

  2. "I don't think she should go after [the Devil] that just doesn't seem like it ends well for anybody". — I died. That was hilarious.

  3. serpent & dove and butterfly yellow are the only books that even sound interesting. unpregnant however I'm not even going to pick up at all…..anyway

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