SEO & Search Engine Marketing How To Optimize Your Content Marketing For Maximum Traffic From Google

37 thoughts on “SEO & Search Engine Marketing How To Optimize Your Content Marketing For Maximum Traffic From Google

  1. So many little details I didn’t know about, thank you so much! I do have a question though, I use an app to make animations and stories and it would be a little hard to use my keyword search phrases “which would be the app name and a few variations of it” in the actually video since it’s telling a story. I hope my explanation hasn’t confused you. Any tips on how to still optimize your tips with this?

  2. Wow! Thank you so much Miles. I am learned now. I am an all-time content writer and this video certainly sums everything up! You honestly honed my skills. Thank you again.

  3. hey there! absolutely love your content.
    I watch your videos daily and am in love with your content. I love your idea about being 'of service to audience '….awesome advice, keep it up!
    but i have one question if you can kindly answer.

    I am newbie in blogging and am looking forward to start a blog.

    .Should/can I start a blog on an expired domain with good metrics ? I have heard it helps. Because in googles eyes we have already established some authority.

    what do you suggest.?

    would love to hear from you!

  4. Thanks for this amezing suggestion movitivation to be stayed log term in online. Sir please can you provide complete st up of blogspot header section. Because it is very difficult to bigginer and some issue always facingfacing.

  5. This video is equal to a bachelor degree in SEO. Thank you so much for the vital information! I will be watching this video over and over again until I get this SEO thing correct.

  6. What do you do then after you beat the competition and finally start getting a ton of traffic? Is this where monetization comes in?

  7. Do you have anything or any advice on how to move a website from somewhere else like a wix or weebly over to wordpress while minimizing any loss of rankings you may have already built?

  8. Wow! That was heavy but sooo good.'re awesome. Killer content. No Gateway. I'm pissed i didn't find you earlier in my business career. But binging now to make up time. If we are ever in the same city, I would love to treat you for lunch/coffee/ movie (LOL) – what city are you located?

  9. Watched the entire video and stayed entertained the entire time. Aside from the camera turning off you literally had zero edits. You have some insane speaking abilities man. I look forward to watching more of your videos.

  10. Lmao, yes i did in-fact pause the video, grab my notebook, rewind and start again. I love all your videos! Thank you for everything! I'm putting a free full page plug for you in my blog because you really have helped me tremendously!

  11. You are right. When blogging came in we did three blog platform and my company came up on first page. But for those who give up. We had distractions. And all “distractions are equal” we stopped and things went down. Soooooo thanks for encouraging us to do videos. We are back just after two videos that are not that great but I need to continue. Thank you. Thank you!

  12. Hi Miles, I watched your Learn Seo video and this one which is now 165mins and you guided about total On Page SEO Activity.
    Can you please let me know about Some Off Page SEO Activities like Directory Submission, Search Engine Submission, Social Bookmarking and Blogs, Sitemaps, Robot.txt and more of it. As I always did On Page Seo only but my keywords never got ranked in top 3 searches. Please give total info about off page SEO activities.
    I know you don't go into backlinks and fake stuff like others are guiding to do, but there are other off page SEO activities which lead to ranking. On my every Post "Keyword" – I have A video, Content of 500+ words and internal link and one authority out link to another relevant high ranking website. But still I am on page 2 and page 3, but my competitors with almost none of this rank in top 3. I am just getting 95% users to my website from YouTube and Pinterest. Just 5% of organic Google searches which has made lose faith over On Page SEO. I can show you my Case if you want to.

  13. Hey Miles! This is awesome. What was your approach when selling SEO to clients? They are usually not willing to wait years to get results. How did u tackle that? What kind of backlink strategy would u use? Thank you!!

  14. I know you are crazy busy but if you have a sec I would greatly appreciate your suggestion. I posted a couple of articles on Medium first. What would be the best way to have those articles on my website as well? Thanks in advance!

  15. Hey Miles! I started m 90 Day content challenge and I'm loving it. But I've come into a problem. With each post I want to make it the best post on the internet on that topic and I can do that. I've been spending every waking free hour I have writing. Most days I'll spend 6 hours writing the content in a day. But the thing is, to write the best post on the internet in my niche, I need at least 2-3 days to complete it. So that's about 3 posts a week tops. I love doing this, but I don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity in trying to fulfill the 90 day content challenge. What should I do? Should I sacrifice super high quality for quantity? Or dish out 3 amazing articles a week? If I only write 3 a week, how will this affect my SEO strategy? Please answer. Your content is inspiring and absolutely ground breaking, if it wasn't, I wouldn't be taking action. its:

  16. Is it advised to setup a little Facebook Ad for the Blog Post and Posting it to Social Media? Or not really.

  17. Hey Miles, you are 100% right. As soon as did a research about what people were looking for on google for my niche I found out the right things to blog about. I also did some research on the competition and started writing better blog post then the first three competitors combined. It took me 30 hours to research, write, create images. graphics, etc for just one post. But only two weeks later I got to the top and now every single day I have a lot of visitors reading my article. I wrote more articles using the same style and the average time of users on my blog is much higher now. I see people discussing PBN and other stuff all the time, but right now I not paying attention to this… I just have my focus on write good content because it's working as never before. Thanks for the video, I'm super inspired.

  18. Hey Miles great video! Can you please make a video showing how to link a/ your Pinterest image to make a back link there? Thanks

  19. Sorry Miles but another question. When considering the length of my content and I'm looking at competitor's websites, do I count the comments at the bottom of the webpage or just until the end of the blog post/article?

  20. Hi Miles!, thank you so much for sharing ur knowledge with us!, how much keywords would u recommend as a standard in a page?

  21. Does it affect your links pointing to your site when you change from HTTP to HTTPS?

    Do you have to do anything like a 301 redirect or does it do it automatically?

  22. Miles…with kwfinder…i have new domain…no PA or DA…should I just start producing content and hitting the low KW difficulty keywords to build momentum?

  23. Miles…I've been doing some Youtube learning over the past few days. Is there a difference between silos, pillar pages and/or topic clusters that Hubspot teaches?

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