Selling Books On Amazon Merchant Fulfilled What To Look For!

Hey what’s going on YouTube I just wanted to make a super quick video To kind of explained and walk through some of the things I look for whenever I am Looking for books to flip with just a couple additional things keep in mind and to look out for so divided to find some backward named perspective I have been selling books on Amazon for about nine months and I have been doing which fulfilled slowly but but I plan on unseen moving to Me Amazon FBA. I’m not a professional at this by any means, but I definitely have learned quite a bit That’s what I just wanted to share with you all so so first things first What do I look I’ve had people ask me If I have if I look for any specific categories of books as it’s easy to think that one category would sober than the other But in general I don’t I mean take take for example that 100 best-selling books on Amazon Right here Category voice, they’re a little bit on the random side of everything from diets to show the bombuh Categorize is just fairly random. So I don’t how to have to have. I don’t look for any categories in specific So whenever I do go to look for books, I like their stores garage sales suffrage books to flip online. There are three things I look for I Look for I look for the price that’s good. So forth then sales ranking of the book and the amount of competition that is out there and I guess there’s also four thing because I also Look at condition The first thing you look for is the price that’s gonna sell for in the mother fees That there’s gonna be there for me personally. I try to focus on a little bit smaller books and Like ones that would fit in size four or five bubble mailer Which is about 11 inches by eight or nine inches like a normal sized book But I try to do anything massive and one thing keep in mind when looking for prices of books Is that grounded printed motherships for a heck of a lot cheaper than other stuff? I’ve had many many books about for about $2 tell me since We’re if it was the same size same weight and it wasn’t a book other than four or five six seven eight dollars type deal and and personally I my break-even price is about $13 so I am very hesitant arrived in fact I don’t buy books unless if it isn’t leaf listed for $15 and the reason why is because on Amazon when one of the biggest in fact the biggest way that you differentiate Yourself from your competitors is by your price so that being said something as simple as being five or six links below your competition in price leave the difference between between earning a cell and not earning a sale which is extremely important to keep in mind and There is a lot of price competition on Amazon in uh, Nima’s on and one of the one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made in this area is just think that I’ve made in the past regarding cookbooks is buying Out-of-date textbooks. So if you look at this text over here When I got it, it was list at $75 and It in the book is brand new in the package with like the little shrink wrap because it’s like a loose Leafs have textbook I thought oh, this is great. But as you can tell the Price is currently eight dollars, which is something that I really can’t make any money yet And I’ve dropped my price to $24 which and there’s nothing the important thing to know is don’t worry about the higher priced listings always focus on the lowest price listening and like I said before You know price is the biggest weeds that you’re going to differentiate yourself from your competitors And if you can’t bring the prices their prices, you’re gonna have a lot of difficulty sewing any books that you have So the next thing that look for is rank the sales rank if you see If you see right here, this is a sales rank of a book And basically what a sales rank is is it is is a super silvering So never Amazon gives a sales rank in Madrid by like how frequently a book a song So what’s with the sales like number one being the book that song the most frequently at that moment in time? and to end with book number tubing next women next most frequent and the this book right here in the 734 first thousand six two hundred sixty fourth most frequent selling book right now not being said And I think said I personally like to buy books that I have a sales rank of three million or below that just me personally But I really tried to focus on 1 million or below below pile by it was like higher margins if it’s over million or a million a half because this way that at least usually one book so that every couple of months and There is a potential that it’s going to sell. I personally don’t mind Sitting on my inventory for a while and I’m sure you can tell by how much I have for sale but if you if you want to have a lot of turnover if you want to be big focus focus on books to have a much lower sales rank, maybe less than two hundred thousand and with that being said The sales rank does change over time There are a lot of term factors such as price that change the sales rank in like different trends. So like this book right here So oh, and another thing to keep in mind is that whenever you’re going to scan books, there’s multiple Listings for the exact same title, which is extremely important. Keep in mind. Don’t worry Don’t worry about don’t worry about don’t Worry about the listings that I don’t And we’re doing research-wise listings if you can that have a very high skills where you can always focus on It has a little sales rank And if a book simply doesn’t have a sales rank, that means that the book and that listing hasn’t sold yet So let’s feels like unless sympathetic. It’s listening for twenty bucks in you you’re paying a quarter for something like that Personally, I just like to stay away from that and So like what I seen before is this whole thirty thing that I found So like a dark things are kind of trendy. I know that you sales rank. Yeah, isn’t it? No, unfortunately, this title isn’t yet? It was ons not letting a third party color. So this hello Jesse. Yeah, right Yeah, so funnel listing so it’s better to listen and to not have it listed, but that’s why I have it listed But it’s kind of a training thing sets up factory and a great website to look at price. History is Campbell Campbell Campbell calm I know what kind of weird website but like website name, but it’s great resource So if you can start you here I have this book right here And Here is here are Here’s the price this year the book so you know, generally the sales rank is a little bit higher when the price is lower and you can also do a sales rank which unfortunately think Which is fortunate has been disabled right now for some reason Hopefully they bring it back and the process he does give you a good idea who’s in for summary for some reason for example Like like a twenty dollar book. It was out of ten dollars well in generally the sales rank is gonna shoot up so that you suddenly need something to Keep it out before but it shouldn’t be a super massive deal if you’re just buying individual books The next thing that I look for is condition So so and generally Amazon has as a few condition different example good very good Almost new and new and with and generally with with the two separate categories of listings being new and used so in general in general the difference between good and very good as a very long and very lot in price is a but generally and sometimes But the variation in price you can be seen a lot more if it’s like because ii will compare to very good condition But it’s when you keep in mind that among so in customer side that condition is very subjective One person’s good might be another person’s very good one purse is acceptable mapping of the person is very good it’s that’s just the way that it works and that’s something to keep in mind, but using you and for me personally, I can think If I find a book and if I ask myself when I think to myself that this book could be on the finds Noble bookshelf And I’m well concerned considerate this thing, isn’t you? I will give me a very um thorough check but the reason I do that is because realistically I mean We have all receives books that we just don’t really Read or like there’s a lot situation for people or receives a book Whatever reason like a gift or just like a gift from that they might buy it and just never the brain again you just end up at a Half Price Books orther story, which is the reason why I personally Do this simple cousin you but already very thorough because if you custom you open the book and I think that they think themself oh This is use Yeah, but that does not from that’s not very good because I can definitely lead to any bad I’ve got any of you The last thing I look for is competition So in general whenever even every scam with books You can kind of see how many other officers are out there and in general with that is an important It’s not extremely important, but it can give you an idea of price competition It only takes one person to get into price in war What about the breathing impressing work but in general? It’s going to feel a lot easier to get into a price from the war with somebody else you’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to knock your price on a lot more if If there are more people with that listen This is also not the kind of a small mistake that I’ve made and that is I’m supposed to move to Dollar Tree So if you lose you that have like $1 for you also with it So some companies like Target we have books for sale and they just need to liquidate a bunch of books and kissin are just not Selling for whatever reason they were have excess inventory. They ended my place like the Dollar Tree and It’s easy to go to Dollar Tree and think yourself. Oh, wow. This book is ranked high and and Just as a good selling price It’s important to keep in mind though that there’s are a lot of other people that have access to the exact same books So the competition even not at the moment is extremely high in general It is going to be extremely high in definitely a lot of price competition Is I bought book like this play this book this book? These books right here. It was that’s where the Dollar Tree and Just hasn’t been very good as well because you do the price cannot count like seven or eight bucks Even though they are in new condition And that’s just the last note that I would like to leave y’all with So if you all have any questions comments or concerns Please leave them in the comments below and as always please hit the like button and subscribe And I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to watch this awesome video. Thank you. Have a great day

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I have a few questions though. I just started with the idea of selling books and I picked up my first batch yesterday. I made a rookie mistake and got some books that were selling very well, but had highlighter markings in them. They are pretty much brand new but Im not sure what I should rank them. I read that you could still sell them as long as you condition them correctly and also let the potential customer know. Also, when selling a book, should I always base it off of the lowest price or should I sell in the middle? I found a book worth 23$ brand new yesterday. People were selling it from 9$ – 23$. Could I sell it at 15$ if it is Like New and have a chance or does that not work? I only spent 30$ for all of the books (26) but I'm hoping I didn't gauge it wrong. I pretty much looked at the competition at whole and looked at the middle prices, and then bought it if it seemed like I could make profit.

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