Sell More Books with One Added Page to Your Book

– Non-fiction authors, there
is one page in your book that could be generating
thousands of book sales. Have you taken the time to carefully craft this small but mighty page for your book? If you haven’t, or you don’t
know what I’m talking about, this could be one of
the most valuable videos you ever watch. So stick around. (upbeat rock music) Hey, I’m Julie, The Book Broad, an award-winning author and the founder of a fantastic company
called Book Launchers, your fabulous professional
self-publishing team helping you write, publish,
and sell non-fiction books that grow your business
and make you money. A marketing page inside your book is a single page you put
at the back of your book, and its primary goal is to
sell bulk orders of your book. Here’s what you need to
say on this simple page. “Interested in buying 10 or more copies? “Call us for our discount schedule.” Include your phone number
and your email address. That’s it. It’s so simple. Of course, you can get a little more
fancy with your call to action, but essentially, you wanna let people know that you can sell them your book in bulk, and this is one of the
most beautiful things as a self-publishing author,
because if you had a publisher, they would tell you what you can and can’t sell your book for, but as a self-publishing author, you can make your own discount schedule. If you’re wondering what a discount schedule might look like, here’s what I would probably do. If your book is selling
for $17.99 to $20 retail, and your costs are under $5 a book, do 10 to 50 copies for $12 plus shipping, 50 to 100 copies for $10 plus shipping, or 100 to 500 copies
for $8.50 plus shipping. Anything over 500
copies, $7 plus shipping. Now, again, this assumes
your costs are only $4 to $5, which they may or may not be
depending on your size, color, and printing, and more. You can also do this
inclusive of shipping, but none of that is the point. The point is that you need this page in
your book at the end, after somebody has read
your book and gone, “Oh my goodness, this person
is a genius and their message “is something I want every
single person in my company, “my association, or
all my clients to read. “So, I’m going to buy a bunch of copies.” This is not gonna be every reader. Probably not even gonna be
the majority of readers. But it might be one or two who order 100 or 1,000
copies of your book. You don’t know who your readers are, and some of them might run big companies, or be president of a cool organization, or have a big following, and
they wanna share your book. You don’t know, so you
want to include this page just in case. And by the way, this is also a great place to shout out the fact that
you are a speaker, if you are. Often the best bulk book
deals come in conjunction with you giving a talk at an organization. I’ve shared videos about this before, but I’ve done several speaking engagements where my payment was them
buying a copy of my book for every person in the audience. So, cede the fact that you’re a speaker, and definitely let readers know you do bulk deals with your books. Again, it only takes one or two orders before you’re gonna be
coming back to this video going, “OMG Julie and Book Launchers! “You are amazing, and I’m
so happy you’re in my life.” Well, actually, I hope
this happens anyways. Now a little hat tip, if I had one on, to David Chilton, who
I’ve talked about before. He has the best book marketing
course I’ve ever taken. He did research on these pages
and found that test readers did not like invites to
buy your online course. Just FYI. But it was totally fine to
put a bulk book buy invite or mention that you’re a speaker. Invitations to connect on social media also tested well on these single pages. Me, I’d position it as
additional resources or do what Todd did in his book. You can check out a picture of that. Like this tip? Smash that thumbs-up button. Go ahead, try it. It feels so good! And make sure you’ve
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20 thoughts on “Sell More Books with One Added Page to Your Book

  1. Sitting here loading my book yo Ingram Spark and soaking in all of the info!
    Thanks! You've changed the way my book is being published.

  2. I'm writing a fiction novel, but I still make sure to always get my weekly dose of Julie and Book Launchers.

  3. Wow. I thought I was doing good just by listing my other titles in the front and back. Links for eBooks. Maybe I can do that for my TSA book, when I finally finish it.
    The end was awesome 🙂

  4. I never thought of adding the book discount info. And speaker? Yes! Thank you. Also, I have heard authors are adding a page of questions for discussion for book club members. I watch you for the entertainment value as well as the great tips!

  5. Wow, this was a great video. You always bring up things that other youtubers aren't talking about. Would you recommend David Chilton's course for a self publisher? Is it just email marketing / social media or are there golden nuggets in that course?

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