Self Publishing – How do I get my book into bookstores?

27 thoughts on “Self Publishing – How do I get my book into bookstores?

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  2. My book was released a few weeks ago and it's on Amazon right now. Can I buy a few and sell it to the stores? I have a page on FB of my book now.

  3. This was such an interesting video as I always thought self published books were never shelved in bookstores no matter what. Thanks for this very helpful video! 😀

  4. The real answer is, you pretty much DON'T get into bookstores. If they let yours in at all, stores demand such a big profit on each copy that you will lose money. Great system! The person who creates the object of value is virtually the only one who gets worse than nothing for it.

  5. Most of the video tips on writing, painting, body building, dieting and many others are fit for aspiring person living in first world country. I live in the Philippines, a country that belongs to the category of third world. Financial aspect is the main problem of the population. In spite of our low economic status, we are still human beings with aspirations and passions. I wrote two books but I find it difficult to spread my messages to potential readers due to financial constraints. Hope you understand what I mean. I used to go to the gym & followed certain diets even the "budget friendly" but I quit because it is to expensive. I just jog every now & then.

  6. The Book Too Many Criminals is marketed big time via publishers weekly etc. If it is good, it will be bought.

  7. So true.  Must have a marketing plan to help you market, a professional editor, and professional artwork! Great info!
    Self Publishing >>>

  8. This is great advice for Authors! I've just self-published a book about dealing with various bias related obstacles, ' Nuthology Pser 400 Bias Index: And the Secret Capsule Of Talents” I will definitely be taking these tips in account. Keep up the fantastic job Lisa!

  9. Thank you for your informative video. It's fun learning about marketing a book. I've already talked to the local book store owner and am developing my marketing plan.

  10. Incredibly helpful and practical tips! Thanks so much for the information about distributing your book to bookstores.

  11. How do I get my books into the physical bookstores?

    The first step into doing is obviously you need to have a marketing plan. The bookstore buyer wants to hear what are you going out in the community to gain people to come into the bookstore and buy the book? 

  12. Really enjoyed your videos. Would really like to speak w/ you. I am a NY Times best selling author (7 times) and signed with Atria/CMC and Kensington. I have an marketing inquiry for you.

    JaQuavis Coleman

  13. Good info with lots of food for thought. A national marketing plan sounds pretty daunting but starting on a local level sounds very doable! I look forward to getting my book "How Long Will you Love Me?" out there more! Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Hello, this was a great video! there's some new information for me, now i am living in Dubai and just self-published a book on Amazon, it's there on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and i want it to be there in the bookstores in the US. How can I do that? if you can help please. My book is called ZALAKAR The Cursed Empire and the Group of Sorcerers you can find it by searching for this Title on Amazon, just to have and idea, by the way you look more beautiful without make up! 

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