Self-Publishing 101 – BookBaby Breaks Down How To Self-Publish Your Book

My name is Sandro and
I am a BookBaby Product Specialist. Here at BookBaby, we know that writing
and publishing can be complicated. It’s hard to be a writer, graphic designer,
and a book printer all at once. But we can help you; and we’re good at it! In fact, more and more new and established
authors choose BookBaby every day to help them through the self-publishing process. BookBaby is your one stop-shop that offers a wide
variety of services to help you self-publish; including cover design, manuscript formatting, book printing, and distribution. Making your book with us
is a simple step-by-step process. Once you submit your manuscript, you’ll receive digital
proofs to review before you send your book to print. After you approve the files, we’ll print your
books using our own production facility to ensure consistent, excellent quality
with every order you place. The same goes for eBooks: our designers
will carefully review your work as they turn it into a formatted, error-free digital volume that you’ll be asked to approve before publication. But there’s more to self-publishing
than just making books. We provide distribution services that
allow your printed books and eBooks to be sold through Amazon,
Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and many other digital and retail stores. With our Print-On-Demand distribution service,
your titles will be available all over the world. In fact, we work with more retailers and wholesalers
than any other self-publishing company. With BookBaby, authors lead the way. You keep complete control over your
content and retain all rights and ownership. And our royalty calculator makes it easy
for you to set the price of your title(s). Once your sales are reported, you can log in
to your BookBaby account and see exactly where your books have been sold and
how much you’ve made on each sale. BookBaby authors receive our 100% guarantee
on all our services and products an offer not found anywhere else in the industry. If you have any questions, concerns, or deadlines, just give us a call on our toll-free line
and we can help you! We’re a caring staff of book-lovers and writers –
and we’re all excited to be part of your team. Our support staff can also respond by email and through our live chat services if you can’t immediately reach
us on the phone. Whether you want to print a single
book for a personal project, or you’re looking to be the next
big self-published author, BookBaby has everything you need to self-publish
and sell your books and eBooks. All we need is your finished
manuscript and your vision. So let’s get started today!

8 thoughts on “Self-Publishing 101 – BookBaby Breaks Down How To Self-Publish Your Book

  1. 1,500 usd for what ? Are you serious , be careful people this is crime . You can you all of this by free without paying anything

  2. My book the future assassin as been on kindle since September. So far I've sold 3 copies. so I'm basically selling one per month.

  3. Can I print one book at first and then go back and order more if I really like the first one I've gotten?

  4. I can still have a book made and not have it published can I? I just wanted to see how it would be to have my own book… just for me

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