Secrets Behind The Book Publishing World

19 thoughts on “Secrets Behind The Book Publishing World

  1. The book industry is worse than the music industry. More egos. Best to have a profession and write as a hobby. Writes make no money unless you are Steven King or JKR.

  2. When do we (writers) actually get to write! Sounds like we need to wear every one of those peoples' hats. I'm perplexed and feel hopeless of breaking in when I don't know any of these people, don't take their classes or meet them in conferences. Why? I'm too busy trying to read and view THESE informational books, videos, magazines, how-tos, etc., as well as marketing news, and so on and so on, and so on…

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  4. What a cold pannel of people. I don't feel like I would want to talk to or get to know any of these people personally. None of them look excited or inspired about anything. And I'm not sure what I should be getting out of this because they don't even inspire any good feeling for me when I watch this.

  5. Also, what´s up with agents saying they want their clients to know about marketing, I thought it´s an agent´s job to do that, that´s why authors seek out agents in the first place. I might be naive though, but I would not trust an agent that told me they don´t really know much about marketing and promotion.

  6. This was truly an amazing video, I learned a lot. However, an important questions arises for a new author in this day and age. Is it worth the time to pursue traditional agents? With cuts around 15% compared to Amazon/Self Publishing 70%+, it really makes me wonder. Sure, there´s some work to it, but everything is figureoutable (to quote Marie Forleo).

  7. Wow. This panel seems to indicate that the traditional publishing professionals don't take the content of the novel as the primary concern. How many great stories were missed because of a lack of ego-stroking? Scary.

  8. Great video, its good to see people overcome problems. I am in process of 2 books. Called Forgiveness Goes Both Ways and 8 Steps Before You Say "I Do"

  9. I love the part that says, "No never means no." I am now self published, but looking to go the traditional route. This has been very hard for me. I am getting positive rejection letters, responses that say my work has merit, my work is interesting, but it's not for me at this time.  I am going to take some courses with Gotham Writers' Workshop in 2016. If there is any input out there, please share.  I don't really know where I am going wrong. I am told to keep writing and submitting. So I shall.

  10. Great video and lessons learnt… for my poetry book "Half Our Memories and other poems"

  11. How do you decide to publish a book for an author? The video just answered that question. But would appreciate any imput you're like to share.

  12. 1hr 27 min
    EBOOK – if you have a topic that lends itself to PHOTO OR VIDEO
    start gathering VIDEOS and photos and it can be made into an
    ENHANCED EBOOK – not every topic lends itself to this but if you ever are thinking
    “hey I should film this for my book”, FILM IT!
    or you can be worried about the language and a chair.

  13. I can't help but wonder…..what does a literary agent bring to the table other than someone who takes a cut of your income?  They wouldn't exist if they didn't have value, but I know what an editor does (can do).  I'm not keen on having a literary agent, maybe self-publishing fits me better.  Still, a great video…..thanks for posting.

  14. I like how they ask for chairs for people standing half an hour in, did they stand all that time? 🙁 

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