so remember I asked as a few weeks ago if you guys want to see the unused content of all these basics well I finally found it all and it's actually on a very convenient website and you guys we're all linking me it and I'll telling me you know here's where all the unused contents be sure to head over there make a video on it and you know see exactly what's unused because there's some really cool stuff and well in today's video we're gonna be doing just that we have the page open right here in front of us and I'm be reading through it all for you guys and seeing exactly what was unused what unused characters are there what unused items are there quotes you know media stuff like that it's gonna be really exciting I do want to run you guys if you guys want to help out the channel grow and everything like that how about this video be sure to hit that like button right now helps a video tremendously you guys won't even understand how much it helps and also be honorary be sure to hit that subscribe button too you don't want to miss the baldy content coming very very soon to the channel there's gonna be a lot of exciting stuff that you just don't want to miss anyways let's go ahead and get into the page so I'm not gonna really have the page on-screen for you guys because I don't really want to clutter up the whole screen I figured what I'll do is I'll include what I'm talking about on screen if there's actual screenshots of it and if there isn't I'll just kind of put like a placeholder so for one of the items it's like a sling shot there's no actual image of the sling shot so I just put like a PNG of a random sling shot on screen but for everything else I think there's like you know if there's not sound to it then there's some kind of image anyways for the first I don't we have here we have unused characters and there's only one of them here and his name is play face now I'm just gonna read the description of both of what it says you know what the description is of him and then what the description was by mist man anyways let's go and get into it says found in the game files there's what appears to be an early version of it's a bully's face called play place face and a few screenshots shown in mist man twelves Twitter which weakens no-nuts created the game play face was actually a placeholder enemy used for AI testing so this is a pretty mysterious character so when I first saw him I just thought he was the bully like I always I never really paid that close attention when I first start playing the game – the bully's face that's always just why I assume this was but it turns out he's actually maybe like an earlier version of the bully or just some kind of weird face that he put on AI you know for testing and stuff like that which is really creepy I'm wondering why I took this out but it's still really really cool now there's two descriptions that was the first one now this is the actual description by I'm guessing miss man himself it says the basics for AI testing or for AI is almost complete simplified the baking process by creating paths with quads for the AI to follow which keeps MPC's along a much nicer straighter line than otherwise now I'd see the program each NPCs behavior and the AI will all be set so that's really interesting this is used as an actual testing character now I don't know why he chose to put a face on it in the first place but I'm sure it's something along lines of just you know helping with testing and stuff like that but still really really cool now next up we have a few unused items now there is two of them in total and these both seem like they would be really really cool I'm actually kind of sad that these aren't in the main game I know he's been updating the game but I think the last update we got was like the last update and like forever I think now he's gonna be working on another game but if he isn't I mean these could still come to the game which would be really exciting now the first time we have here is a slingshot it says the slingshot was possibly gonna be an item in the game which the player would probably use to defend themselves against Baldy and possibly other characters this is ejected by an audio line found in the slingshot that's called MC slingshot so I'll play that for you guys right now and it just sounds like it's like I do like it sounds like you're shooting something so that's really cool I mean I guess that's that was how he was gonna initially kind of play out where I'm just gonna be like you can actually shoot it at something or someone now I don't see I mean I definitely see what they're talking about here I don't think it would just be for Baldy because if you're able to shoot it I mean figure you probably shoot at first prize who wasn't in the game at the time either but you know first prize the principle of the thing so maybe this was an item that you could shoot at them and it'd make them go away for a while you know a lot like the be soda so maybe instead of this he decided you know what this is a little too aggressive or I don't really know but he was like you know what I'll just add in the B soda instead and that'll be the same kind of thing hey that's that's why I feel like this would have probably played out you shoot them they get scared they run away but I don't know man there's really no telling I mean there is actually a more section which just kind of has you know the actual file and stuff like that so we're not really gonna get into that anyways um it says this was later on used as a sound where the player puts the tape in the tape recorder according to one of MIS man's tweets the sound was intended to be used at a pinball game he is working on okay so it might not even been for the gaming at all this might just be for a pinball game I really have no idea anyways after that we got these last item that wasn't added we have pencils pencils probably could have been collected from the player and used to attack other characters is unknown what would have happened next evidence for this being true is an unused clip from the principle of the things that said no stabbing people with pencils in the hall so I would have been really interesting an actual like weapon it almost would have been like a knife instead of a knife though you know because we're in school it would have been a pencil now I don't know how this would have worked because in most circumstances especially with baldie if he gets anywhere near you you're dead so to be able to stab him that would mean he has to be really close to you which if he's really close to you that means you're dead so I don't know this must've been really early on or maybe this would have been used in like a different way and you know I don't know I really couldn't think of anything else though I mean when you think of a pencil you think of stabbing someone or maybe throwing it at someone or just driving something like maybe he could write something or draw a new character I have no idea but that would have been interesting to see in-game but I have a feeling you know the reason that he probably got rid of this if this was meant for stabbing Baldy or anyone else he probably got rid of it because you know if they got close if they got that close to you you're probably dead anyways after that we got some unused mechanics which is only one of them and it's really really cool cuz I actually heard about this pretty early on and everyone was trying to open up this item and nobody could figure out how to open it up because I think in the game files it said that you know you can open this item up and everyone was trying to do it and it just wasn't possible and it's actually lockers with items so lockers probably would have been had had used for storing items inside which the player could be able to open it was probably removed since it would have been too easy to find items such as be soda or notebooks the principle of the thing would be would put the player in detention if he catches them opening lockers evidence for this item being true isn't an unused sound clip of the principal thing saying no looking in on other people lockers oh so this would have been interesting so you're saying no looking in other people's lockers in the hall so okay either it could have been used for storing your own items so you know how you can only have I think it's four items so let's say you have I know it's three items so they have three be sodas you put them all in the locker and then you stack up on three more and then you just go up to your locker you can grab those three out after you've used them or from what they're saying you can actually go to other people's lockers and actually grab other people's items so let's say you're short on an item you really need a coin to be able to buy a be soda you go ahead and go up to a Walker you open it up boom you just so happen to get lucky enough to get a coin and then you you basically get a B soda or let's just say you find a B soda you know at all like that's cool you can actually define random eyes like maybe could just find a lock in the locker that would be so Opie which is why I can kind of see why this was removed it would have made the game a lot easier but I mean hey I wouldn't been that would have been happy about that would have been the worst that wouldn't have been the worst idea anyways after that we have some unused sounds and it says on some of the earliest versions of the game the satin the noise the tape recorder made was placeholder sound each of these tapes would give the player some advice on what each character's do excluding a it's a bully and first prize alright so let's go ahead and see exactly what these sounds are gonna be now they have the transcript right beside them but I figured let's just play the actual audio for you guys and actually see what everything is gonna sound like all right let's go ahead and press play you're hearing this there's still a chance you can hear this you're gonna need many some tips most important thing the teacher is Baldy guy you gotta don't let him touch you if he reaches you that's the end of everything so don't let him touch you just stay away from him you can follow you based off sound if you make noises they'll figure out when hear where that noise came from so just try to be quiet whoever there is one thing one way he's advantage of that loud noises such as this one will distract him from quieter noises so as long as this is playing you can make quieter noises and he won't bother to look for them he won't hear them until he figured out that this noise isn't you so just be quiet you use noise to your advantage don't let Bali touch you okay oh my gosh okay so what was that noise in the background it sounded like ball these are like clicking his ruler but it sounded strange I don't know that whole call was just really cool so I think the main reason he took these out because of you'd have to listen to them while baldies chasing you so I don't know I this would have been so interesting the scene game though because it were to gave you a lot of him like helpful hints I think the fact that Baldy can hear you when he opened doors and he can't hear you when you're playing tapes so I don't know that's really cool that I could definitely dig that that was pretty awesome so we still have a lot more and they're pretty lengthy so let's go ahead and pay the next one this is tape recording number two one one thing yo I hear for the principle of the thing that the creepy guy who's like sliding around he will ignore you just fine unless you're breaking one of the rules if you're breaking any of the school rules like running or he catches you in a faculty on the room or if he sees you eating something he will come after you and at that point there's no escape he knows where you are even if you go out of sight you can't hide so basically he touches you and then he takes you to detention which is bad because well near detention Baldy could come in and reach you which you know you can't you can't let that happen really really bad so just when you see him don't panic just just don't break any of the rules unless you unless you absolutely have to just like just be careful around him this you know walk best stay cool and stay cool okay so walk bad stay cool stay cool that's all he's telling you so I mean that one wasn't really all that I could see why he kinda remove some of these because I mean the bully he's fairly obvious are not to believe the principal the thing he's fairly obvious what he does cuz he says it now in game like he's like no running in the halls detention for you you know you kind of know that so I feel like these tapes that's probably why they were kind of removed it's like it's kind of obvious what they do but I mean still it would have been really cool to actually have most of these in game alright let's go ahead and play tape three though and see exactly what we're getting ourselves into right now tape recording number three playtime was the jump rope um she's um she she will see you and she will run after you but um sometimes if you're on a shield trip which is that's good run away while you can if she reaches to you she would force you to play jump rope and you won't be able to leave until you get like ten jumps or something in a row so you have to just you know stay calm get get the jumps get them good get them real great and just even if you see volley coming towards you just stay calm and just finished jump roping and then you can make it think uh get away whatever you say that's good right there okay so this is interesting it actually said that she can sometimes trip herself that would have been a great mechanic in the game because there's so many luck-based things in this game that would have been great to have something luck based but on their side like something that could actually mess them up I mean now we have first prize who has the chance to be other messing us up or helping us but that would have been another one of those features where it's like okay yeah you're on seven out of seven and playtime just caught you and baldies coming like she's on her way to get you but then she trips and then falls and it's like okay that just saved my whole playthrough like that would've been great if you would have kept that there that I'm actually kind of sad that's not in the game anymore but that's still that's really cool to actually hear that that was actually in the game at one point or coming to the game alright so I have two more tapes left let's go ahead and listen now the next one is for the sock puppet so let's go in hear what he has to say tape recording number for the sock puppet I'm not really sure about that thing it just seems to wander it just seems to stay away from you kind of shy seems kind of shy like you kids kind of goes away if you look at him and he never comes I've never seen him come close to anybody so you probably don't need to worry about him but like then again you never really know with with these these things but that's all I know about sock puppet I think his name is like arts and crafts errs or something but don't quote me on that one yeah that's can't really can't really hold my gosh hold on I gotta go why okay so that one he was like oh my gosh I gotta go what the heck okay so he said he did say his original name initially called him sock puppet things like are also known as are his name could be arts and crafts errs or something but don't quote me on that so that's pretty interesting and they said he had to go so I'm wondering what happened all right so we have one left here they just take five and this is probably the longest one out of all of them so let's go ahead and take a listen and see exactly what we're getting ourselves into here with this one tape recording number five got a sweep he's the janitor he just all he does really see if he comes out of his janitor's closet every so often and runs around real fast sweeping if he touches you or anything for that matter then he'll just sweep you up along you can use this to your advantage if you need to get somewhere he'll get away fast but also keep in mind and if he sweeps up one of the characters or you know he's gonna take them quite a distance so you know if he picks out like Baldy or something you better you better run or get out of the way you can get out of his feet but it can be quite difficult at times um but he only pops out a few times he doesn't target anything in particular he just goes around randomly and just sometimes gets in your way so yeah he keeps the place clean too which is nice but that's about all that's really that nice about everything here going on yeah okay go again hmm so that one he was how he talked about it it almost seemed like he like guy sweep was an actual janitor because he said like he'd just go randomly run around and get you like see how a broom can run err I mean obviously it does in the main game but I don't know just how he kind of talked about that it almost felt like got a sweep was initially gonna be an actual Genet janitor which would have been really cool too I think these are all cool ideas I don't know if that's actually what it would have been but it would have been cool if that is what it is I mean scored it is now though but I'm just saying does he an actual janitor like run by sweeping at you that would have been pretty scary but still I mean that's all the current you know audio logs that we have currently now there is some unused quotes and they're pretty short so I figured let's go and listen to them now the first one we have here is / so it's gonna take a listen divine and whine so it's just him saying / what sitting because in the main game we don't have any division at all I don't think at least so I know in like the mods I played so many mods I get mixed up with the main game sometimes but I'm pretty sure in the main game there is no division at all so I guess he initially made to get made he was gonna make the game a lot harder than when it actually was which is really cool now the next next one we have here is playtime oh that's so creepy so jump rope ten times in a row once you do I'll let you go so I think in the main game it's only 5 times now with mods I know somebody did it with 10 times so yeah I guess that that's interesting though it sounds so creepy I always really liked to play times voice cuz so disturbing and just creepy sounding anyways after that we set play time saying five through ten which I'm not really gonna play these but I mean it's literally just her saying you know five six you know that kind of taken early missing out how much anyways the next three we have are all from the principle of the thing which we talked about some of these earlier on in the video but it's just like no stabbing people with pencils in the hall let's go and play that one no stabbing people with pencils in the halls so he's literally literally all of it he just says no semi-people pencils in the halls then we have this one which we also talked about that one with the lockers and then for the final one we have this one no eating food in the hall so just no eating food in the halls so guys that is all of them oh wait there's actually more so I didn't even see this part but there's actually some unused textures which I'll have on the screen right now you guys can see the first one here is arts and crafts errs and it says truly an incredible sock puppet I've never seen one like it so I don't really remember what it says in the main game now I don't know if they even change this at all but for what they're saying these are completely unused anyways after that we have sorry Randa have time to add more subjects which I remember seeing that one so I'm not sure how that one's unused but I have really no idea and there's this one says this program is cancer so I got to see why he removed that one and then just another look at it from the back and I think that's everything guys so that is all of the unused textures which is really cool so let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section down below what do you guys think of all these underneath textures we're some of them things that you would have thought would have been really cool in the game or they all kind of things that you're like okay I can kind of see why those are unused and I'm kind of happy that they aren't in the main game I love it on your thoughts in the comment section down below and of course if you're new to channel hit that subscribe button maybe you'll hit that like button and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out guys

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  1. PlaceFace is actually in the game.
    You can get to him by entering a certain number in the jumbled question three of notebooks 2-7.
    I don’t remember the number, but the number takes you to a secret room with the face.
    No spoilers though.

  2. I wonder if anyone can make a mod of the game that's a beta version of the game and bring the unused items back.

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  6. This program is cancer is used. If you look out of the starting exit carefully (or just hack the game to noclip through the wall), you will see it

  7. How much you wanna bet that the guy on the tape player was our best friend filename2 before his voice became all buzzy and sounded like he was trying to eat a microphone or something

  8. @FusionZGamer It could be the sound of a pinball bumper, since if you look on mystman12's channel, you can see pinball being played. Here's a link to the video if you wish to see it.

  9. Here is unused sounds:

  10. You didn't do another used thing: playtime's eyes turns white if she's scared. I seen this in a ghost lock Minecraft animation Video clip.

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