Secret Neighbor is ⚡UPGRADED! (Gameplay) K-CITY GAMING

what’s up everybody today on kitchen
again we are playing another round of secret neighbor this time we are playing
Oh Jeff who’s that’s Jim yeah he looks like Harry Potter Harry Potter’s cousin
I’m gonna be the scout here but I’ve upgraded her seaweed blinged-out secret
neighbor so we got the Zorro outfit we’re gonna change your shirt to the
black shirt black pants and leave this pirate sword this is Bob Sally this is
Jeff sir Victor how about that’s how I get back Lucy Lucy Clark and then Clara
Martin I’m gonna upgrade mark you ready Oh mark so we’re gonna bling mark out
we’re gonna give him a new shirt Freddy Krueger style we’re gonna give them
black pants great gloves and look at this okay so if we get to be the
neighbor we’re gonna use his new costume all right so we got back brush in the
world dad sitting in and we’re gonna wait for some other players all right
here we go oh yeah oh man don’t be afraid of me don’t be afraid of me
what Oh what are you dad a bezoar oh I’m the Zorro girl No who are you is what I
want to know who are you that’s what I want to know why do you want to know who
I am hiding you want there’s three people having a battle who is three just read something what’s the what is
this what happened well I got it coach I got try something somebody said ouch I’m
sayin ouch subhana Allah I like the scalp I like
the scout because you can just break windows yeah you can break windows with
your stuff I know well so do I look at all these
keys that they’ve been they’ve been unlocking locked oh look at that what is
that that’s a beautiful painting of a fine gentleman how many kids are left is
what I will what how do I what am i what am i doing now what am i
the kid I just changed characters how did I change characters I was Lucy and
now I’m Bryan whatever do you call him my bagger Bob in the world oh I know
what you use I know you what disguise to the closest children child
oh is that what it’s with that’s what’s happening yeah that’s what happened
that’s pretty cool not cool for us no come here oh come
here oh I think I just use something going to
like what’s the don’t button do you know what I’m talking about
what hey hey what what in the world somebody’s in here
somebody’s in this door I’m gonna break break the door down break the door down
you put it here somebody’s in there break the door okay nobody’s there
anymore you should feel completely safe no get
this out of here I do not trust you Oh somebody’s hit this door though I
know what is look somebody’s butt what somebody’s in here
Oh trees in there a tree how do I break the door oh here we go ah come here
Danny got you wait what there’s two of them it’s two kids they’re multiplying
come here what are you gonna do now bebo you’re stuck don’t make me tell you
twice come out of your room I gather wait don’t gotta come here
come here I got Danny I’m running off with Danny pink one sweet keeps hit me
with stuff wait a minute hey are you hitting me with Stephanie
I had Danny in my grasps hey come here Beck versus the world your run you’re
tired that’s why we have a limited amount of ability to run now not for
kids I’m recruiting you to help me know yes I know children this door
come here Danny come here they’ve got all Oh gotcha
I got you I got you I got this one wait a minute yes got her
Oh Danny’s in trouble Oh
come on boy come here L prose oh thank you the other kid what’s he doing what
what’s Danny doing I’m not telling you and you can’t look okay I won’t look
what’s this power gonna do okay ooh you know what what I got that blaze power
now neighbor on fire girl marks the key so he doesn’t have all the keys Oh crow
hello crow wait a minute there it is you can take it to him I’ll take it to
him and dare him to come out throw the key open the door brother can be nice no
way yeah what are you talking about I hit F to go fight to do fire mm-hmm okay
you ready huh break this wall down no no okay there’s
the key break this door break the door come here
come here where’s the kid he stepped in the stairs
look at this kid he sent for the Bears fire hi how do I get hello
I think you gotta get him from behind from down he’s stuck in the stairs
backfires you have to get him from there look at hood what in the world
hello wait a minute all this junk out of here
I’m gonna catch these kids again a minute to get all this junk out of here
how did he bury himself this is healing come here what no I’m in
a ceiling no you’re not there we go one hit him with you oh he’s trying to run away come here he’s trying to run away from
you well I don’t know why now I’ve got him
here’s a pumpkin for your butt I’m gonna bury buddy oh now come here come here
what huh what give me her come here get me and get out of my steroid oh come
here what’s wrong with you people all right I
won neighbor wins but he’s stepped on my stairs forever
that’s an awful fate for that kid ya see I wanted to catch all the kids because I
get more coins so we can buy more stuff right it’s real reward no reward ha now
look I’ve got 158 and I could get a new pants let’s get some new pants yes
yeah nice look utility pants I’m gonna be the bagger now all right here we go
I’m a kid you kid yeah okay we gotta work together now let’s do this let’s do
this fast Oh neighbor neighbor neighbor okay
Berber 58 Berber 58 is the the neighbor I just saw her powering up okay good
that was good Intel buddy get out of here murmur murmur perfect
Oh Oh he’s got to already know someone needed all Zippity day what’s in this
coffin okay I thought that was okay what’s this drawer see he’s looking for
keys he’s looking for keys okay okay murder 58 it looks like Beth now it
looks like her oh please he’s oh he’s floating what he used his power up what
is it floating I know what he did dude he’s he’s fine
oh oh good job beserker mazurka got away whoo that’s no good buzzer cures gone oh there’s a there’s a
power up station on top of the roof – yeah yeah yeah you don’t want that if
you see if you see a duplicate name don’t get close he’s tricking you he’s
tricking you Edna ah I got away I don’t wait up okay
well good you better get away get away oh yeah I forgot don’t forget you
pumpkin good Chris I’m still doing good upstairs
Edna’s got hurt pumpkin now oh oh I don’t know who to trust there’s 2bic
versus the world’s now it’s me that it’s me that’s not you
I know what he used his power so he’s duplicating you he Oh Edna
be careful Edna be careful be careful Edna don’t trust him
it’s not the real Bick versus the world on him I got it he’ll don’t trust him
there’s a showdown right here bought versus pumpkin oh oh and this gun it’s
just me yeah you gon do pretty soon give it a guard him
poor kid he’s in the corner oh he got it he’s gonna be missing bro you or the
last would you’re the last one and no key I don’t think any one keys we found
this yeah he’s okay he’s in fostering you again the fostering it’s not the right word – okay he’s got
a keycard wait a minute is that choose which one’s the real which was the real
one you better get out of there hello nice to meet you no flash neighbor wins
wait a minute yeah neighbor wins oh it’s hard okay here we go kids alright kids let’s do
this thing where you at okay you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna come up here
I’m gonna hit you back almost spy I’m gonna spy on this this
part who is it Bernie Leah okay where were you where were you
I want this way are they outside look Renee Leah okay follow follow grenouille
okay what hello she’s in she’s hearing a beep beep sound
okay yeah good I see you I see your girl marks the key Oh dad you better get down
from there oh look she’s down there look I’ve seen her see that’s Bernie Leah
just be quiet she won’t know I’m up here yeah she’s
going after the home father okay but that’s it that crew was right here said
crew marks the key where is it so it’s somewhere in there
what have to go down or is this is the speed bargain phone just got caught I shouldn’t have drank it ate that bar
where is it it’s in here somewhere it’s in this room key key with that in here
maybe what what healthy what’s healthy helping what us she just did it he don’t
understand I don’t understand it’s confusing how many kids are left powered
up just few just me she ain’t even yours she just bought a key she’s heading for
it just happened for the basement really yes Gina got a red key she’s heading for
the basement here yep she goes in again four keys left she did it again okay she
sees me it’s a battle hey what what got her got her in place
gotcha well I scared him off let’s get him off dad do not go inside she is inside I
need this though yeah that’s a running bar you go fast was she doing
no oh she’s putting a bear trap you gotta go after a key dad what what I
don’t know a key I think I know where the car I know
where the key is I just don’t have a key card to get
there you don’t saying what oh yeah she’s down oh she caught her own trap
need to get up high that’s what I need I need to get mine but you need a lot of
key cards she’s got the key cards probably she she’s got enough to always
she’s got so you need to fall oh she’s coming after your dad she though right I
don’t if I knock her out if I knock her out
can I get the key cards no no my goodness oh let’s go up here let’s go up here
that seems like you could plan yes she said no what oh man I need a chair to
get out I’m gonna girl I’m a girl X X Y X I make cute man who some I said
run hopes group etre Daniel pokes excuse me excuse me okay I don’t think Iike
good and hopes is the neighbor there’s big vs. world special ability
schedulability nothing you’ve got studied that card now look up
I’d you mind you oh I am John help you crying oh my this
kid is on it this little cute kid is on it I know
exactly what I’m doing a very smart baby how many kids are left three no kid yeah
three more kids he’s powering up to man found the powerup I’m studying this I’m
learning how to be the neighbor you not just chasing kids you’re looking for
stuff see him looking what’s over here what’s over there what’s over here
what’s over there Beck versus world he’s got a little bold
did you got that pole for you gonna cook something yes
Polk’s group it to Daniel she’s just confused in the hallway geeky good it’s
close by where he’s really close to Pope’s Pope’s is in danger
well I got no pulse oops she’s got a powerup she’s in
trouble I know she’s not she’s stuck in there with the little it oh she got
stuck she got stuck on the sofa I’m just a friendly clown okay carrying
a child by his ears okay you’re weird not if you gotta be good you’re safe to
go use it man no you’re still safe you’re still safe I’m trying to find a
way out there’s no what no you’re safe man you’re safe way out go upstairs eat downstairs right okay
don’t go in there now don’t go in there now he’s in the basement area okay I’m
just get ready in here I’m gonna be searching in here oh you people you got very careful he’s in the bathroom what
bathroom I don’t know there’s a lot of bathrooms okay now he’s in the back back
staircase we’re working together here back haul staircase now he’s in his
uh-oh he just turned on his heat vision oh he
doesn’t seem you know Oh sir I gotta get my teeth Malika’s in trouble she’s not doing anything stuck oh you
got her now’s your chance make a break for the basement go now you’re too far away
I don’t care there’s only one kid left it’s back make a break for it use that
key if there’s something sit right there right there Tyrell Tyrell Tyrell inside
that pea I got two keys you’re good you’re good you’re good
where is he I don’t know he’s behind you he’s behind you get out of there I’m
trapped okay neighbors go go go go turn around
turn two keys lost oh there he goes oh goodness I stress me man we gotta find a
way to defeat the neighbor that’s all we’re gonna play for now
you don’t watch our first secret neighbor family battle we’ll give you a
play list secret label playlist we played like for now ah hide-and-seek 101
hide-and-seek family battles come on and we’ll give you a link right up here
alright thanks for watching give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it
we’ll see you next time bye bye

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