“Second Generation: Graphic Novel by Michel Kichka” exhibiton [PL, EN, DE]

Exhibition Second Generation:
A Graphic Novel by Michel KichkaKichka is part of the programme
accompanying the premiere of the operPassagierin
in Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen. As a teenage boy,
Henri Kichka was a prisoner of a number concentration camps. These tragic events made
a great impact on the life of his family. His son Michel Kichka
sets out to work through the story in his graphic novel, which is a form of therapy,
taking stock of the past and showing how the tragic
turns of history influence the relationships within a family, and in particular the relationship
between father and son. At the exhibition we present
dozens of the original drawings for the first French edition
of the comic book. In 2015, MOCAK published
its Polish translation. The viewers can also see some
short films shot in Poland and Brussels, conversations between the father and son
about the war and the time after the war, Henry Kichka’s recollections
of his experiences at the camp, recorded at the gymnasium at Torneus, and a drawing performance by
Michel Kichka at MOCAK. These provide the material
of a documentary film, made as a Polish-German co-production,
which is planned to premiere in 2018.

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