Search for books on your topic

Books are one of the most versatile and
useful sources for your research, no matter what you’re studying. Whether you
need a book to learn background information about a topic, identify key
terms and concepts, find an in-depth analysis of your topic, or to read for
personal enjoyment, start your search on the UWM libraries home page. Llet’s say
I’m researching negative body image and how to improve it. I’ll enter some
exploratory search terms like “body image” then I’ll click ‘Go’ to load my search
results. In my search results, there are a wide variety of sources that are
available on my campus, online, and from other UW System schools. I also notice
that there are lots of articles in my search results, but this doesn’t mean
that they’re art books related to my topic! I’ll look under ‘Refine My Results’
on the left hand side of the screen to look for options to filter my search
results to show only books. First I’ll scroll to ‘Resource type’ and then I’ll
choose “books” from the list of options. Now I see a selection of books to choose
from. I can tell I’m looking at books because of the way my search results
are displayed. Some books have cover images, others have a simple book icon,
and multiple copies of books are represented with this icon (stack of books icon). Next I’ll,browse the page looking for titles that will help me develop my understanding of
this topic. This book: “Body image: understanding body dissatisfaction in
men women and children” looks like it might contain information related to
issues of body image. To get more information on the book, I’ll click the
title. In addition to useful details about the book’s contents and publication, I can find out how to access the book under the ‘Get it’ section. Here I see
“UW-Milwaukee Library Stacks” and a call number indicating where the book is
located in the library. Returning to my search results page, I
notice a number of books say “Online access” I like the idea of accessing and reading
a book from any location, so I’ll click on this title to investigate. To read the
contents of this book, I’ll click on “Online Access”
and then I’ll follow the prompts to link out to the content I want.
Hopefully these books will help me explore research directions and identify
key concepts related to my topic. After reading them I’ll have more focus to
guide my future searches

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