Search for Books and eBooks

This video will demonstrate the very basics
of searching the library catalog for books and ebooks at Anderson University Nicholson
Library. The library catalog is at the top-center of
the library website homepage, in the box with the image of the iconic entryway into the
library. You will notice that there are four icons
at the top. These allow you to start a search with a focus
on a particular item format. The default setting, with the orange iconic,
is Books and Ebooks. To choose a different format, click the icon. You can now type in your search term. This might be a title, author name, or just
a subject keyword. [type Wage Gap] Then press enter or click
the magnifying glass to start the search. A new tab pops up with the results of your
search in the catalog. The number in the top-left corner indicates
the number of results for your search. In our case here, over 3000. Remember, for our search we already limited
the search to only books and eBooks by choosing the Book icon from the catalog search box
on the library homepage. In the center of the page you see the list
of results. These all represent a different item that
is held by the library that fits the terms of your search. The bold words at the top is the title of
the item, followed by the author, then an icon that represents the format of the item,
in this case an ebook. Click the title to view more info about that
item. Now you can see more about this item. Click on the word Description to find a listing
of the contents and subject terms associated with the items. Because this is an eBook, we can read it online. To do that simply click on the button “Access
Online”, or the link “View eBook”. The eBook interface will open in a new tab
and you can begin reading right away. If you are off network, you may have to enter
your AU network ID and password, which is the same info you use to get into Canvas. Going back to the results list now; click
View Filters. Here we also see results for traditional printed
books. These you cannot click to view online, but
instead provide a call number, which is a series of Letters and Numbers that work as
an address to find that particular book in the library shelves. Find more AU tutorial videos to learn advanced
searching strategies and how to order books from other libraries.

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