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  1. Must be rough to be a Penn…FYI his son and sons gf were picked up in Nebraska for multiple drug charges.A thousand dollar pay off , and they were off free of charges.
    If they were common citizens they would of done prison time.Write about that Sean.

  2. I had a Stroke =) and Shaun, Mister Penn will either stop smoking on his feet, or flat on his back. πŸ™‚ I HOPE…on his feet because He has more to offer, and Thank you for thus this far…………….

  3. I have always loved and defended Sean Penn. He is a sweetie. Stop smoking, Sean. We need you on this Earth. Kiss Kiss

  4. The book is just about the most self aggrandising, masturbatory junk imaginable. If he wasn't famous then it wouldn't get published. And as good as he is, he only got somewhere because his dad was a director, and his mum was an actress. He is his own biggest fan, thankfully.

  5. Nice job throwing Kate under the bus during the El Chapo scandal. Very humanitarian way to resolve problems and to ruin a good documentary in the works.

  6. Three good reasons,The south is slipping on the accents, good politics, and uncle john has been real good to uncle jimmy.

  7. Mr. penn i want a opposing pro wrestling like wcw…..but should it be?….wcw once again? I figure fineing them (wwe) for show a girls bare naked chest over and over and over again on live t.v. infront millions and millions of fans children nuns priests first ladies etc. Anyway i figure offer them an ultimatum for each aired broadcast per length of time configures the great fine per showing.`20-30,000,000 dollars per event mind you and showing of there in and out or or wcw rights and all old wcw characters and seperate ceos except me, and all the candies that come with it….like obrien sais to peretti "oh there is one more thing" world heavyweight title too. W……w……..eeeeeeeeeee! Thank you wwe! we love you too guys there was girl wrestler. Yall dont got enough southern flare. Not near enough songs, got tobe.

  8. Does a man get any more beautiful? Everything about him. Sean, you have to keep acting. You're too good at it.

  9. Mr.Penn….the fact that there, unfortunately, is a strong demand for illicit narcotics in the U.S. and most other countries around the World….is not an excuse for, once again…providing "sympathy" or even compassion for a drug dealer like El Chapo! He is not an…"underdog" that you seem to like to….."support"! He is a pig….who does not deserve your support, Sir…

  10. Sean Penn is a great actor/artist! On at least two occassions that I can recall, this man has gone to two countries that we were working against the interests of the United States to express "aide and comfort" to their leaders at a critical time when he should have remained home as a private citizen and perhaps, expressed his views in the print media; which is his right as an American citizen. However, to have been so "proactive" as a citizen and not an official emissary of the United States government as to, of his own volition; go to these two countries to provide "aide and comfort" to the two Dictators of them…crossed the line. This is the definitiion of a "treason" under law. Mr.Penn should not have done this and neither should Jane Fonda have done the exact same thing in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1974; when we were at war with North Vietnam.

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