Sean Paul, David Guetta – Mad Love (Lyric Video) ft. Becky G

38 thoughts on “Sean Paul, David Guetta – Mad Love (Lyric Video) ft. Becky G

  1. At 1:01 and at 2:20: Sean Paul says "Too hard", not "So hard". Also, at 2:12, 2:13, and 2:14, it is "Are you ready for your night of loving?", not "Are you ready for a night of loving?".

  2. It's "Poco poco, muy muy lento". Not "Poco poco, no muy loco". After all! In the song, she does say "Take your time", so "no muy lento" would not make sense if she does not "want it 'fast' ".

  3. – LOVE how there are so many songs about love and they are so different

  4. Me: listens to mad love by Sean Paul and Becky G
    Me again: -then Goes to beginning of mad love by Mabel!

    Go check it out! The beginnings sound kinda the same!

  5. who came from HyunA? I totally forgot how much I used to like this song till she posted a dance video with this song

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