SDCC/San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Doki Doki Literature Club Monika Plush Unboxing

hello everyone it is me to classic gamer and today we actually have a really special unboxing or unpackaging I guess I know that I did and I'm boxing or I'm packaging very recently with the Tomy 3 packs with the Tommy infinite zavok and Sonic collectors series 3-pack from Tomy and so yeah it may seem a little soon to do an unboxing right next to an unboxing and that may actually happen again pretty soon so I am sorry about that but um to be fair that is for a person who is very special to me you know because he helps me through a lot recently sorry if I'm sort of out of breath right now I sort of just got done doing some shit um yeah I was pretty stressful so I'm sorry um but yeah today we will be unboxing the San Diego Comic Con Doki Doki literature club Monica plushie now I actually saw this um I think I think I was like just randomly searching for a Doki Doki plushies on eBay just like randomly cuz you know I didn't feel like paying like 30 bucks on the D DLC store um speaking of that link in the description um so yeah um and then I actually found an image of this plush now at first I thought it was some good Photoshop or a bootleg or something and so then I found out it was actually a San Diego comic-con exclusive so yeah my birthday came around and I got a shit ton of cash and I immediately bought this you know I sort of like pre-ordered it but not really cuz I bought it and then like I waited til Comic Con I ordered this shit in June so I've been waiting for a long time but yeah it finally arrived like a few days ago I've been waiting for this to you know make the video um and I have my original one my original Monica plush from the you know I guess original line I actually made an unboxing video of this on my older channel which got fucked over by YouTube so yeah fuck you youtube you suck um anyways I should probably actually open this so yeah let's get that open what the fuck I present the power righty here she is she is in I ripped open the package with my hands and this was not a good idea get out of the fuckin package yeah oh it's honey bun give us ok she's almost out I think she got hot by her tag yeah she got caught by her tag okay oh my god I own this fucking thing now this is the this is actually based off of her little jumped scare pull this thing I guess I'll try to post a picture right there if I could find one umm but yeah this is based off of that image and it looks fucking great look I'll try to show like the actual face in better detail it's really high quality it's aren't the same quality of this one what though anyways sorry for the head how was the fucking disgusting um it's a run the same quality shits and giggles out of the way it's around the same quality as this one but you know what up she looks different I'm talking a look at the tag okay yeah as you can see it off it says exclusive San Diego comic-con 15 international because this is obviously a San Diego comic-con exclusive so you could only get this at comic-con and this will probably become very rare well not you know very rarely it might become very rare who is what I'm saying I got this secondhand off eBay so you could probably still find them on there I got this for like around 45 bucks cuz it came with the fastest shipping it also looked the least sketchy in my opinion so I went to go buy it if I find any more I'll try to put them in the description so you can go you know find any more they may not be in the description right away but I'll try to do it like yeah this is the okey-dokey loo this is the tokidoki literature Club San Diego comic-con exclusive Monica plush it's a really great high quality plush if you find one of these secondhand which is probably the only thing you can buy these nowadays I would highly recommend it it is a really good plush it's great for any you know doki-doki literature club fan I'm probably the only one to you know make a video unboxing this thing or a video on this period like in hand so I mean that's neat unless somebody else did it Oh yep that's the video I wish I could actually set these things up right but I can't really do that also I know that I said in the last unboxing of Monaco over here that I wouldn't be doing another unboxing of a plush for this series but I decided to make this a special occasion seeing as it is an exclusive and also you know I just thought it was be like a little special occasion thingy so um yeah that's the end of the video um I hope you guys are having a very wonderful day and um hope you guys are you guys having an epic day I hope you guys are I'm having a pretty epic day sort of um but yeah I'll see hopefully see you guys in the next video which will probably be a reload of my 28th anniversary music video that I made I'm on the old channel I'm only gonna be upload it because you know I have it saved on my phone and shit so yeah you can probably expect that like in the next couple within the next couple days I'll probably try to upload it like tomorrow at best so this is me – classic gamer signing out and i'll see you guys next time stay epic

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