Let’s paint a picture, you’re in class. The teacher writes the notes too fast, and there’s a boy who sits in back, who’s too afraid to raise his hand, and ask if she could slow it down, so nervously he looks around; can’t bear to stand out in the crowd and he’s only gotten half the notes now. The school bell rings and he feels deflated, looks at his hand he should of raised it, his biggest fear he should have faced it and now he’s lost inside the pages. He might be there, but you’d never notice, got a lot to say, but he’s soft spoken. He’s a book, it just doesn’t open A tiny ripple in a stormy ocean. Glass man, Mr. Glass man …glass…man Mister Glassman, he’s really soft spoken, you never notice glass unless it’s broken Mr. Glass man he’s really soft-spoken, you never notice glass unless it’s broken Mister Glass man A few years later, and now it’s prom season Mister Glass isn’t going unless he has a reason, there’s a cutie in his class that he likes a lot, but he’s afraid to ask her because they never talked, plus if she says yes, what’s he gonna do? Doesn’t have a car, dude, he’s screwed, He doesn’t feel cool, he’s too subdued, and he’s scared to meet her parents too Boo hoo, just another chance he blew, ‘cuz there’s way too many things going on in his head, and he’s always in his head thinking too far ahead Could’ve gone to prom but instead he lays in bed, thinking of all the things he left unsaid ’til he’s red Silly Mr. Glass, the world has a way, by now I’m sure you’ve heard many people say, you miss every opportunity you don’t take, don’t be shy kid, make your own fate Glass man Mr. Glass man Glass… man… Mr. Glass man, he’s really soft spoken, you never notice glass unless it’s broken Mr. Glass man he’s really soft spoken you never notice glass unless it’s broken mister… glass man now mister glass is older and he’s doing just fine yeah he made it through High School even though he was shy he’s got a group of good friends and his future is bright and he still gets sad but he’s still happy with his life remember when he didn’t ask that cutie to prom? well now he’s got a couple of kids and now they’re calling her mom and remember when he couldn’t raise his hand in class? well now he’s up on stage in front of fans rapping fast but he still gets scared and he still gets nervous cuz you gotta fear the waves if you wanna go surfin’ nothin’ is for certain like does cursive have a purpose? was it worth it that you learned it? probably NOT i dunno i digress but the point i’m tryna stress is that we’re all just made of glass even when we’re at our best we can break, we can splinter disappear or lose our temper even if you think you’re bullet proof I am glass, and so are you glass man mister glassman glass… man… mister glass man he’s really soft spoken you never notice glass unless it’s broken mister glass man he’s really soft spoken you never notice glass unless it’s broken it’s hard to get by when you’re feeling so shy you gotta keep on moving just a step at a time mister glass man he’s really soft spoken you never notice glass unless it’s broken mista’ Shooby doo wop
Shooby doo way
Shooby dooby dooby doo
Woppity wop (mister glass man) he’s really soft spoken (mister glass man) mister glass man (whisper, in a raspy voice) glass man (laugh)

100 thoughts on “SCOTTY SIRE – MISTER GLASSMAN (Official Lyric Video)

  1. When you just realise all the characters are actually people scott knows I totally didnt take until david and todd were in to realise

  2. This song was so relatable… especially a few years ago.. then I got the help I needed and now I’m very confident and my anxiety isn’t as bad…and I really appreciate how Scotty will make songs about this and just to let u know that’s ur not alone.

  3. “You never notice glass unless it’s broken” but… but what about dogs will they notice glass when it’s broken I need a answer to this question anyone pls

  4. So this is about Scotty sires life that means Kristen was the girl who he wished he went to prom with and….. KRISTENS PREGNANT 2:16

  5. believe me or not, the reason i have friends is because i dont like hanging out with "popular"people, if i see someone who hasnt talking to me in that day yet, i will be their friend, whether they like it or not. because of my stupidness, and the fact i talk to shy people is and they said themselves is the reason a few friends found confidence. and the reason a few people have awesome friends, i introduce people to others. i will be anyone's friend. ANYONES, friend.

  6. In David Vlogs: ᴡᴀɴᴛs ᴛᴏ ᴅɪᴇ

    In the song: ᴇᴘɪᴄᴀʟʟʏ sɪɴɢs sᴏ ᴡᴇʟʟ

    Me: ʜᴏʟʏ ғᴜᴄᴋ-

  7. Is someone hate scotty that really means there not ready for reality, because that sad reality of life is… we all break like glass, and we all will die… sorry

  8. This song is one of my favourite because the second part happen to me
    When I tell my friend my crush he stole

  9. I all love scottys song because other artist's dosent relatr with there viewers or there songs dont really relate with there real life. Scotty's songs always relates with us , whenever i scroll down the comments i would see people saying "relatable" or i can relate. Scott's songs are so real and his songs tells us that your not the only ones that are going through this iam also. So yeah thank you so much scotty we all love you <3

  10. My sister was screaming this song for like a week. Hated it. Then I gave it a listen, turns out she was just really off note with it XD

  11. Scotty may be one of the only YouTubers who isn’t a “music channel” but still makes really good meaning full music. Let’s just say he’s no Jake or Logan Paul

  12. Just a helpful tip for people currently suffering through this like I used to. Act up. It's a big help. Get a friend or 2 and do your best to wiggle around the rules or ignore them. I did that in my freshman year of high school and it has helped me so much. Once you realize the system isn't as bad as you think, defeating your shyness is easy

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