Science is Cool! Students, Teachers, Nurses, Researchers & Sci-Fi Writers Join the March for Science

RENÉE FELTZ: This is Renée Feltz for Democracy
Now! We’re at the Washington Monument. Just beneath it, the March for Science on
Earth Day. We’re going to talk to some of the people
who are arriving to take part. CHLOE FILIPOWICZ: Hi. My name is Chloe Filipowicz. And my sign says “Science is cool.” RENÉE FELTZ: And you made your sign? CHLOE FILIPOWICZ: Yes, I did. RENÉE FELTZ: Why did you choose that message? CHLOE FILIPOWICZ: To encourage other people
to like focus on science to like tell everybody, like, it matters. RENÉE FELTZ: Do you like science? CHLOE FILIPOWICZ: I love it. RENÉE FELTZ: Some people say girls don’t
like science. CHLOE FILIPOWICZ: I don’t care what other
people say. PAM GASPARD: Hi. Pam Gaspard from Hampton, Virginia. I’m here because we need to pay attention
to what’s going on in our world. Climate change is real. We can’t deny that. We have to pay attention to what’s going
on. And the people in the White House right now
are choosing to ignore that and are bringing in billionaires and millionaires who know
nothing about science to make decisions for all of us. And that’s just not good with me. That’s just not—it shouldn’t happen. I’m a second grade teacher. I teach my children science every day. Children love science. But I don’t want them growing up in a world
where people are choosing to ignore the importance of science. PETER VICENTE: My name is Peter Vicente. I’m in fifth grade at Chevy Chase Elementary
School. RENÉE FELTZ: And why are you wearing a lab
coat today? PETER VICENTE: Well, a lot of scientists wear
lab coats, so I’m a scientist. I’m here because—well, mostly my family’s
here, but I really enjoy science at school, and I think it’s really important that we’re
here today to support it. RENÉE FELTZ: You like to study science in
school? PETER VICENTE: Definitely. RENÉE FELTZ: What’s your favorite topic
in science? PETER VICENTE: I like circuits a lot, finding
out how things work. I like them because they’re—it’s really
interesting seeing the zaps at everything and seeing how you need a full circuit and
everyone has to work together. And that reminds me on why we’re here today. BETSY HERING: My name is Betsy Hering, and
I’m from Minnesota. And I come down here to visit spring every
year with my sister. RENÉE FELTZ: And what hat are you wearing? It’s quite colorful and distinctive. BETSY HERING: It’s a brain hat. Basically, it has the sulci and the gyruses,
the things that look kind of curly and all squished together, to sort of represent the
fact that this is science, and this is one of the organs we need to use if we’re going
to have good science. It’s our brain. And it’s a wonderful, miraculous thing. I’m a nurse, and I’ve had lots of experiences
with the human body. So it’s to represent who I am and what I
think is important. RENÉE FELTZ: Did you make your hat? BETSY HERING: Yeah, I did. Basically learned how to knit little noodles,
and went and got lots of different colors to represent the different parts of the brain,
and then stuck them with double-sided carpet tape. So, it’s all together, and it’s wonderful
to be here. BRENDA CLOUGH: I’m Brenda Clough, and I’m
a science-fiction writer. And my sign says “George Orwell, Octavia Butler,
Margaret Atwood: They Warned Us!” And these, of course, are dystopian science-fiction
writers. You all have heard of 1984 by George Orwell
and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. They’re actually doing it on cable TV. So, they’re famous dystopian novels, and
they’re best-sellers now, because we’re scared. The flip side of my sign says “Look Down. Do you have Velcro, eyeglasses, a computer,
a phone, nylon? And if you do, you should thank a scientist.” There’s the number of—I’ve had people
actually on Facebook say to me, “You can’t believe what scientists say.” And I say, “Honey, are you typing this on
a keyboard? You’re on the internet? Hello!” It’s like enough to drive you nuts. So, that’s why I made this sign, because
I just can’t believe it sometimes. I am a science-fiction writer, and I’ve
been a finalist for both the Hugo and the Nebula awards in the industry, if you know
that. And I’ve been a supporter of science for
years, because that’s what I—I live and move in it. I write in it. We spend all of our time thinking the thoughts
that eventually the real scientists bring to life. Before they went to the moon, someone wrote
about it. We wrote about it. You know, before nanotechnology happened,
before someone did it, we wrote about it. And that’s why we need it. We need it for us, for our life, for our art. RENÉE FELTZ: And those are some of the voices
here at the March for Science on the National Mall. I’m Renée Feltz for Democracy Now!

16 thoughts on “Science is Cool! Students, Teachers, Nurses, Researchers & Sci-Fi Writers Join the March for Science

  1. science needs to move in the right direction and when we make a discovery theres always good that can come of it but just like there is good we can also have bad. So like i said we need to move in the right direction thinking carefully about our ecology, our people plants animals and insects its really that important and it means so much to the people, we all share the same planet so, we should respect it because weve been given a gift wether we believe in god or not: so w should respect what we've got before it gets taken away.

  2. These people need to get their priorities is order, why are they supporting an indoctrinated society? Suppose you can't teach people what they aren't willing to see? Blind leading the blind….sigh

  3. I would agree that real science really is cool. But there is a lot of fake science being paraded as real science. Fake science about global warming can be traced to the misuse of global climate models. Just got to look out for the fake science, just like one needs to look out for fake news.

  4. Only in America the dumbest and the richest join forces and decide that the scientific method is wrong whether they understand it or not. NUMBER ONE! USA! USA! USA! Soon you're only the numbest ones!

  5. These over educated idiots should march and protest something worthwhile. Like the Trump administration waging war around the globe and killing innocent people and children in the process. Here they are just jerking themselves off while extremely serious and dangerous events take place elsewhere. Trump pretends to cry over the alleged Syrian gas attack and the "beautiful babies" killed supposedly by Syria while he does exactly the same thing in Syria, Yemon, Afghanistan, and Iraq. That is something to march against.

  6. I'm pretty disappointed in DN! This is just indoctrination. If you suspend emotion and take a step back from this, you could literally replace "science" with "religion". This is indoctrination. Even the anarchist Michael Bakunin warned us about a government of science (Deu de Etat). Also, science is not true just because people say it's true. Even Bill Nye teaches Christian science. It's called the Big Bang. Any educated physicist knows the Big Bang is a Christian science theory. Envoking "science" is not an automatic free pass that means we should jettison all further inquiry.

  7. Science, science, science, science, science, science, science. Good thing I'm educated in Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent to be able to actually understand what's really going on here.

  8. The politicians these days seem to be lacking in scientific thinking and analytical skills. Somehow they think we can mortgage the future with massive debt, wars, and polluting technologies and that it's ok. And somehow, the public voted for these people. We need more scientific thinkers in politics and we need a better educated population so that we end up with good politicians.

  9. This is whole affair just feel more like a childish festival for autofellating scientists and science geeks, several of these science fanatics sound more like they are angry because the Trump administration does not worship science like they do! This whole affair has nothing to do with science, but with morals! Ignoring or listening to climate scientist's
    discovery about the dangers of fossil fuels and making any necessary changes to stop any damage caused, is about acting morally or immorally not being against science! As if science is a divinity that you most obey and not a tool.

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