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you there are a number of reasons why I wanted to bring my testimony and intellectual property to this format first of all going back to the 30s and 40s graphic novels or comics have been used for propaganda during wartime and peace to convey information you have a lot of information that is conveyed in a picture a picture is worth a thousand words so this head this is a way of really getting the information into the mass consciousness and this is more of a matrix meets you know the esoteric world it has a positive message and a message of Ascension and overcoming evil one of the other reasons why I decided that I would like to bring this information to a graphic novel is that it is a perfect way to storyboard out other ideas like motion pictures series on televisions graphic novels even animation this is something that could be animated so I see this going in a lot of different directions and from the beginning that was in my mind when I decided to bring it to the graphic novel format so the process that we've been going through is Steven cephalo he's a fine artist he is he's bringing I believe graphic novel art to a whole new level we converse back and forth and I talk about actual scenes from my testimony in my life history and he recreates that and made a very beautiful and captivating format the way he the way he does his art like most professional artists I have drawn my whole life I've been but I've always been interested in this sort of the whole scope of art making and picture making as long as I can remember been drawing and I had a comic strip that I that I would make and have my mom run off at work and on a Xerox machine and I distribute him to my classmates when I was a little bit older I had my own comic my best friend and I Greg we made our own comic book that was a superhero comic book and my mom would run it off and staple it at work and we would sell these 20-page comic store classmates for a dollar apiece always been studying the art form even during my more fine art related years I read many books on making comics I studied art at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where I had the privilege of studying with some of the greatest living painters at the same time I also studied illustration so I was still kind of straddling both of those worlds of illustration and fine art professionally my jobs in art have ranged all the way from being an assistant to pop artist Jeff Koons in New York City twice also being in an in-house illustrator for Rugrats at Nickelodeon and Times Square I taught drawing and painting traditionally for thirteen years in college as well Corey's testimony reached me at a very interesting crossroads in my life I just come out of a divorce I've just gone through a major shift in my life for me I think my fine art career was coming to an end the more I woke up the discovering the Disclosure narrower narrative was a complete game-changer in that I realized oh wow there's something way more important than me out there and I right away wanted to be a part of it in some way and I think it was during listening to one of David Wilcock books on audio that I discovered Corey's testimony and I was just so fascinated right away with Corey story and I had to find more of this testimony online because because they're just so far out there but then so believable at the same time the way it's presented it all made perfect sense and fit together and everything that that I sort of enjoyed learning about and and wondering about was all in this testimony somewhere and I think just the visual the visuals that have produced for me as I listened to him was were one of the most interesting aspects of it and so right away I felt like oh boy I would love to be to have something to do with putting these stories into pictures so we see the graphic novel broken up into a trilogy the first one will be covering the my lab programs and my introduction into the secret space program the my lab programs were where I was identified as an intuitive empath and because that skill was highly coveted within these secret programs I was brought into a program as a child and groomed and trained up until the age of just before 17 and then I was brought into a secret space program and the whole premise of 20 and back is that we spend 20 years in this program and then our age regressed and time regress to the point in time where it first began and apparently I serve three of these so there is a whole narrative that we have to go through of me you know figuring that out and the second graphic novel is going to be more of the in the secret space program that I served and the process of being debriefed and coming back and then first being introduced into normal life the third graphic novel is going to cover more of what has occurred sensitive how since then I had been brought back here and there to the secret space program but mainly things really begin to unravel 20 years after my 20 and back series that I began having contact with this higher density being and we refer to them as the blue avians and the blue avians are six density beings and they're in league with a group of other higher density beings like these blue orbs blue spheres we have the golden triangle head beings we have the anshar we have a number of other groups that are really ethnically diverse that's one of the things that as this information as my testimony comes out and we find out more and more about extraterrestrial life out there we find out that they are human very human and they're not all Caucasian as we see in the media not all blond-haired blue-eyed most of them are people of color of different types and the local 52 stars are inhabited by our cosmic cousins and a big part of the third graphic novel will be me coming in contact with these guardians and and also these related extraterrestrial races it's just incredibly important to me that I captured the essence of Corey's experience as accurately as possible and not just the essence but even a lot of the details it's important to me that the time period is accurately depicted that as many of the details as possible I asked Corey all sorts of details like what what was the lighting situation like what was the what was in the background any details that help fill out the reality of the scene and that put him back in that moment and it helped to put other the viewer in the moment as well having your life story depicted in a graphic novel can be very emotional it some of these scenes you know scenes from my childhood scenes with family members that were having a difficult time during that time period who now have become very positive people but looking back that far in time and revisiting the the scene so it can be recreated in art you can it it forced me to kind of revisit some of those traumas and in some cases it's been a bit of a healing process and in helping Steven come up with imagery it is how actually helped me sharpen my memory and help and help me remember more details for my testimony I want to address some people's concerns about us making a graphic novel or making a comic to tell such a profoundly serious story you know although a fantastical one it's also one that has very grave and serious implications the word comics is perhaps misleading to people who aren't very familiar with the art form of course comics started out as as funny papers but evolved into something that is often very serious the word still still kind of sticks and and and that's okay but but comics aren't just for joking around sometimes they're for telling a very serious story and this year this story is handled very seriously there are gags in there now and then you know there is comic relief well hi little Easter eggs in there so to speak for people to discover and those might kind of give you a smile here and there I want to tell the story as accurately as possible as well as in a way that is cinematic and theatrical and captivating and continues to sort of dazzle and inspire the viewer I tried as much as possible take me out of the picture and to get out of the way of the story at the same time it's very important for me to constantly make these these images as impactful as possible and for each page to sort of offer a little surprise as you as you turn the pages it's so hard to pick a favorite page every page is so much fun to draw and and to develop and I look forward to creating these pages every day every day I wake up and I cannot wait to work on this graphic novel will be making updates on social media sending out mass emails to those who purchased pre-ordered the graphic novel and we'll be making also additional updates as they come in about the progress of the novel make sure you're connected with us on social media sphere being Alliance Facebook we have spear being Alliance Twitter and we are on pretty much all of the social media platforms so whichever one you prefer follow us there and you should getting updates here very soon and we're very happy that we will be finally sending out the pre-ordered version of the graphic novel which is going to be a limited edition collector's edition so there the patience is going to pay off for those who that pre-ordered and thank you very much for pre-ordering and supporting us in this project and we look forward to getting out the next three graphic novels and also movies TV series whatever we can based on this information to get the information out to the masses consciousness this is about ascension it's about being a better society it's about coming in contact with our cosmic cousins and expanding our consciousness and technology to a point of it being pretty much what we consider science fiction right now and that's obtainable in our lifetime thank you for watching this fear being Alliance channel make sure you click on subscribe and smash the bell to make sure you're receiving all the new content from the Scooby Alliance YouTube 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35 thoughts on “SBA Return of the Guardians Graphic Novel Series Update – Corey Goode

  1. Being drawn into a collaboration has brought about visuals that may not have been expressed in any other format…timing on a journey that takes on aspects that are not expected brings about what happens when alignment is at play..WELL DONE GUYS..AND THANKYOU..SO MUCH..⭐

  2. Wonderful Corey … wishing great success sharing this information into the mass mind as an awakening of the greater galactic family we belong to

  3. Hi Corey ,
    Yesterday I SAW an Interview with Tony Rodriguez & at one Point He Talked also about the Anshar and He says That the Anshar are Like Vampires,That They Are feeding of on Energy & I wanted To ASK you If thats is True???
    And also I wanna Thank you For all you have done For The Disclosure movement & For having the Courage To coming Forward.
    I Hope To get an answer from you in My Question.

  4. How very exciting! I can’t wait to involve my children in reading the novels. Hope I can access them in some way from Australia. 🌹🌸🌹

  5. Nothing short of FkN Brilliant👇😏!! Incredible shtuff! Great way ta Bring Forward. Even for us in the "know." AMAZING work so far… Can't wait! For the series/novel and EQUALLY for the next steps in human evolution and into this Next Era we are entering. And You sure banked on Stephen Cephalo! Dang! Yep😌! Excitable, for sure. Best wishes to yall😘

  6. I'm really excited for this project.😃 However, I suppose that I am vibrating on the wrong frequency since I cannot find a way to order your graphic novel.😯 Must go back and meditate on a solution. 😌

  7. Yay Corey! I’m so excited about this, looking forward to buying your graphic novel. Beautiful art! Looks wonderful!

  8. Thanks Corey,this is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing this in the fall,God blessed you and your family.🙏💕♥️🥰🥰

  9. Cool. I already purchased mine, several months ago and was wondering when it would come. I'm so excited.

  10. Good to see this, I understand now, that the graphic novel nr. 1 will be published in the coming fall. Don't know why I missed that detail. At any rate, I'll wait, for it's already paid.

  11. Absolutely brilliant drawings! And a brilliant idea to get those experiences illistrated.
    I am a graphic artist, what a wonderful oppertunity to have the chance to illustrate one persons amazing life.
    Where can I get it?

  12. @SphereBeing Alliance hi Corey! I’m so excited for the series to come out! I tried looking for a link to preorder the series but couldn’t find any. Has it already been removed or not come out yet? Thanks for your service! VOTL!

  13. Wow! Beautiful…NASA actually tracked those blue spheres on radar, had the heck scared out of them. That book is going to be a hot sell Corey, prepare to be rich!

  14. I have never really been into graphic novels,but am starting to get into them in the past year..I'm excited about this graphic novel and will pre-order it if I can..thank you Corey for coming out and sharing your story and your experiences,the world needs this shot of truth to wake those up that will help make this world a better place for all of us and lift the dark veil that has been over humanity for far too long

  15. What has helped me deal with the past is knowing things happened for me, not to me. I hope we all can help in the healing process

  16. If you are looking to take your media story to a higher level, contact VOX DAY. He's exactly in the field you are looking to migrate and grow.

  17. Обязательно надо снять полноценный Фильм и сериал по этим иньсайдерам

  18. Перевод на русский язык подскажите где ??!–ПОЖАЛУЙСТА (ОЗВУЧКА!!!

  19. What great and moving art about a great and moving story! Thank You Kindly Corey and all you Staff and Family! I truly think this art work is effective and so fitting, beautiful work indeed! Love, Light and Peace to All! DaveyJO in Pa.

  20. For the most part, I know Corey's story, but having it with visuals will make it even more interesting. I look forward to seeing this.

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