Saturn | Sleeping At Last | Lyrics ☾☀

5 thoughts on “Saturn | Sleeping At Last | Lyrics ☾☀

  1. I`m sixty and consider myself well educated, erudite an eclectic in my musical tastes. But you could teach me lady (and i mean that word in the old fashioned sense) and have an old wise head on your shoulders. That's rare. thank you for this and posting a few of my suggestions, not that you need guidance. Keep em coming girl.

  2. I've only come to truly cherish the greatness of this song after losing 4 loved ones in a month. R.I.P. Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, and Jeremih. I'll cherish you forever.

  3. amazing lyrics, beautiful haunting sad, song devoid of hope and near despair due to joy. o. Lol, suits my mood these days.

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