Sarah Kuhn (author of HEROINE'S JOURNEY) | What I'm Reading

I am Sarah Kuhn I'm the author of heroin complex and heroin worship and here's what I'm reading one book I read recently that I loved was cast choreography which is one of the most recent books in Sean and McGuire's encrypted series and one of the reasons I love those books is they're just so much fun they have like all kinds of creatures all kinds of fantastical situations you know there's a whole like kind of monster supernatural mystery plot set at a reality dance competition I just I love that stuff that's like my catnip so yeah I really love that series and I hope there's a million more another book that I really love that I recommend all the time is trade me by Courtney Millan it's a contemporary romance it has a wonderful couple wonderful hero and heroine they have amazing chemistry you just want them to kiss already and get together the heroines Asian American which is important to me because I am Asian American and there's a plot that's about the invention of a new SmartWatch which is super fun so I recommend that book to pretty much everyone one series that I talk about a lot very classic series is Anne McCaffrey spurn series and those were books that I discovered I think I was in middle school but I I just ate them up I read them variously I love them and one thing I really love about them that's definitely influenced my writing is the sort of perfect combination of fantasy and romance and you know sometimes I call my books romances II because it's like a sort of synthesis of both so that was a serious that definitely inspired me early

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