San Diego State University Writers’ Conference 2017

This is, I think one of the better writers’ conferences, I mean the amount of participants, the level of engagement, the speakers they have come here. I just love the enthusiasm here, and it’s always fun for me to get out and see what people are writing and how interested people are being writers, that always surprises me somehow. It has a networking component built into it where they don’t keep the faculty and the conference separate, we all interact and network all weekend, that’s an amazing benefit and it has a kind of a So-Cal vibe of relaxed and yet there’s always something interesting going on. Some things you can’t put a price on especially, when you’re in your individual profession and you can meet some of the top people and they’re humble, down to earth, and they’re willing to talk to you, yea you can’t even beat that. That’s very valuable. It’s been wonderful to live my dream and encourage other people to follow their hearts as well, and that’s what this conference is all about. I am working on a couple picture books and I got to meet an agent that represents picture books, and it was exciting, I got some really great feedback, we had a fantastic discussion. I think my only thing is I wish it was longer. I’ve been to some sessions, I like the one about how to brand yourself, I like the one about how to pitch, I found that very interesting, I found little nuggets of extra information that I wasn’t expecting to find in those sessions. I didn’t sell by being at a conference, but so many people that I’ve known over the years have, you know, it’s just– and you never know when or where, I had one friend of mine, he sold on three pages at a conference, so you never know. I almost didn’t come, and I’m glad I came, glad I got on the plane, glad you know, I came out here, yes.

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