Sam smith-Writing's On The Wall( LYRICS video)

33 thoughts on “Sam smith-Writing's On The Wall( LYRICS video)

  1. Can just make you pretend all slow and Bond-ish at any freaking time. Great lyrics and even better music!

  2. My father, 5 year old brother, & my mother died in a car accident in 2016. For me, it’s hard because what was the year o gave birth to my little girl. She died of cancer last year. My husband left me because of her death. I have skin cancer. My doctors told me that I am going to die in 2020

  3. I wish I can actually fell love run through my blood but it looks like I have to wait until I actually found my love. That will help me live breathe and fell love in my blood.

  4. I remember being hit with this one at the start of the film and crying of emotion at the end of the sequence and then reminding myself:  
    "Hey wait a minute… I came to watch a testosterone-fuelled fulled film whats happening to me!"

  5. Idk why but I felt very depressed and I felt like I was worthless and just felt so bad and I have never lessened to this song and I just heard it and I feel… amazing idk why I feel so happy now

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