Salman Rushdie on Novel Writing

35 thoughts on “Salman Rushdie on Novel Writing

  1. this video is 3 minutes long, but it wasn't hard to watch. I think it's because he was so pleasant to listen to, which is why he is a great writer.

  2. I often say this–and often to criticism from the literary fiction crowd–but I believe that the so called "literary" writers need to read and learn from great speculative fiction writers just as much as the speculative fiction writers need to read and learn from the great literary writers.

  3. Half of these writers need to learn from Stephan king. They are just master craftsmen without a story and boring as hell to boot.

  4. This is funny: A Nobel-prize winning author discusses the same problem with fiction that I brought up in Advanced Composition back in twelfth grade.

  5. As a writer doing videos myself on writing, I find these videos to be inspirational. Thanks for the upload.

  6. I haven't been able to read any of his books, but he sure is articulate on the subject. I agree with what he says about fiction being by definition untrue as to the story, but the mechanics of it have to be plausible.

  7. I've never read his work but would like to see how he puts some of this into practise.

  8. See, now I want to read this guy. As an aspiring novelist, I find a lot of this talk to be functionally masterful and things I should do more.

  9. Yes, but if you're intelligent and creative enough, you can easily bypass this issue and make it so the characters, regardless of the genre or setting, feel as though they belong in the story, that they're literally the sorts of individuals you would meet if the place(s) in the story were real and you could travel to them.

  10. Very True, but I think what he was really trying to get at was that regardless of the setting or genre, whether it be a dark realistic drama or a lighthearted fantasy, what truly matters isn't the amount of realism involved but how you go about presenting your characters and setting. For instance a high fantasy story can be just as deep and thought provoking as a gangster film if the themes and ideas presented human truths you can resonate and identify with.

  11. I decided to stop the Franzen snippets from this channel and find another writer to listen to. I'm so glad Rushdie can speak with interest and convey his thoughts without being pretentious.

  12. …from my experience, it was not the first draft, but the 7, or even 15th draft, that I was finally able to relate to the characters in my first novel: their mood, their inner mechanisms; then I really began to write to arrive at a decent manuscript that I could present… so for me, it was sheer perseverance.

    We have to believe in our characters foremost before we can expect others to accept them.

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