Salim Khan – Biography in Hindi | सलीम खान की जीवनी | पटकथा लेखक | जीवन की कहानी | Life Story

'I want to make a big film, outdoor.' 'And we narrated the idea
to him in 15-20 minutes..' '..and he agreed to make it.' The famous writer Salim Khan! 'After color cinema came
into existence, many films..' '..have transformed into color.' 'If technology can improve
certain things, then why not?' Salim Khan was born in a
small city of Madhya Pradesh, Indore.. ..on 24th November 1935. During the British rule, Salim Khan's
father was a police officer. And he lost his mother
when he was still a child. His mother suffered from TB and
so, Salim wasn't allowed to meet her. He had a vague memory of his
mother which transformed into pain. Salim Khan belonged
to a sophisticated family. He drove a car and was
a good cricketer while in college. He was a favorite among all
and he owned a great personality. He had no interest in acting
but destiny landed him in acting. During a wedding, the famous director
Mr. K. Amarnath saw him.. ..and told him,
'You're a handsome young man.' 'Why don't you come to
Mumbai and act in my films?' Although Mr. Salim was a little
surprised, but he accepted.. ..the proposal as he was offered
Rs 400 salary per month. And acting had its own charm anyway. That's how, Mr. Salim agreed to it. When he arrived at Mumbai station,
a strange incident happened.. ..which made him decide not to
go back home without succeeding. His brother told him not to
write him letters frequently.. ..asking him to send
money and I am coming back. Salim was hurt by this. And he
made up his mind to prove his worth. He stayed in a small
guest house for some time. But none of his films worked. Seven years passed by
doing small roles in films. His characters were appreciated
in the films, 'Teesri Manzil', ..'Sarhadi Lootera' and 'Deewana'. But his roles were not so prominent. 60s was coming to an end
and Mr. Salim was unsuccessful yet. It was also the time when he used to
stay with the famous actor Ajit. 'The entire city knows me as Lion.' He then decided to
start working as a writer. But he did not know that
his partnership with Javed Akhtar.. ..will create history. 'It's not only difficult to
catch Don, but it's impossible.' Salim and Javed worked
together for almost 12 years. And they gave many hit films like.. ..'Yaadon ki Baaraat', 'Zanjeer',
'Haath ki safai', 'Deewar'.. ..'Sholay', 'Kranti', 'Mr. India'. 'Sholay' doesn't belong to us,
we belong to 'Sholay'. They not only earned
reputation for themselves, ..but also gave an opportunity to
other writers to earn respect. 'The names of the
writers were nowhere.' 'Neither on the screen
nor on posters.' 'We asked them to put our names.' 'Mogambo is happy.' After 1982, the two parted ways. Whenever they were asked the reason,
all they said was.. ..everything had an expiry date
and so did their partnership. It was also noted that Salim did not
want to call off the partnership. But since Mr. Javed wanted to
explore more genres, they split ways. After parting ways with Javed,
Salim did not want to work in films. But people asked him so many
questions that he had to answer. Someone asked me what
are you doing on 21st November? I said, I have absolutely no work.. ..and so I chat for half an hour
even on wrong numbers. He was often asked who was the
writer among the two, Salim and Javed. He always replied, if only
penning down made someone a writer, ..even the person who sits outside
the post office to help others.. ..write letters would be a writer. He answered back such doubts
with a fantastic script.. ..and that was for film 'Naam'. "I've received a letter.
I've received a letter." Sanjay Dutt, Kumar Gaurav
and Nutan's work was impeccable in it. He continued writing
for quite some time. He has not only given us hits
like 'Sholay', 'Deewar'.. ..and 'Yaadon Ki Baaraat'.. ..but he has also given us
a superstar, Salman Khan. Talking about his personal life,
let us tell you, ..he got married to a
Maharashtrian lady, Sushila Charas.. ..who later changed her name to Salma. He had four children with her. Salman Khan, Arbaz Khan, Sohail
Khan and a daughter Alvira Khan. While working in the film industry,
he fell for the famous actress Helen. "If you want to survive in
this world, listen to me.." He had admitted that if his wife
did not accept the relation.. ..he would part ways with Helen. This created a lot of ruckus
at home, but he finally married Helen. After marrying Helen, he adopted
a daughter, who is Arpita Khan. Mr. Salim Khan has been
felicitated with many awards.. ..and the list is quite long. Even in the careers of his children,
he keeps giving them advices.. ..and suggestions whenever required. 'If our father has an objection,
we'll definitely respect his words..' '..and change the title of our film.' The industry will never get
as good writers as Salim and Javed.' Mr. Salim's name will be
remembered with great respect.. the history of Indian cinema. 'To know the stories of
famous people.. ..subscribe to 'People & History'.

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