SABATON – The Last Stand (Official Lyric Video)

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  2. Dios, Gracias por que el Reino de España sigue en pie al servicio siempre la Voluntad de Dios mas halla del Vaticano, Lamentable que el Papa Clemente haya desistido de arreglo diplomático, esto impulso al Emperador Carlos V a amenazar Roma, pero la Muerte de Borbon hizo que los Alemanes aumentaran mas su deseos de Venganza contra el Papa Clemente, siendo condenada Roma a más de 3 días de saqueos continuos y masacre por lo cual Carlos V, Se declara a todo el Reino de Luto a su vez pide Perdón pues fue su responsabilidad y honro a Cada uno de los Caballeros de la Guardia Suiza al servicio del Vaticano, sin duda espero @Sabaton narre un tema para el Milagro de Empel o la Guerra España y el Imperio Otomano o la mas curiosa la Guerra España y Japón en principios grandes mitos y leyendas de los valerosos Tercios Españoles.

  3. My old training regiment had the motto "Mailed Foot!" that we would shout at formations. it would have easier to get excited about it at the time if I knew they were talking about Sabaton!

  4. Nobody:
    No one:
    Still no one:
    Not a single soul in the universe:
    Atheists after hearing this song:


  5. I could totally play this at my CHRISTIAN school and be like, “Oh it’s Christian, it talks about defending the Pope,” and TOTALLY not het in trouble.

    Oh, and it’s AWESOME music!

  6. Should say it's more about king Henry the VIII of England after becoming Protestant and the movement of grace or so called forms

  7. I can see how people got confused on how this song could be about the Crusades instead of those Swiss Guards. But then again, maybe Sabaton should've added in some lyrics about how it's about the Swiss bois instead of the Christian bois.

  8. 147 out of 189 men gave their lives so the pope could escape the siege. Why? Becuase deus vult.

  9. Why was the version of this with 20 million views removed? The one using scenese from the 'Kingdom of Heaven'? Was this part of YouTube's recent censorship campaign?

  10. Can you make a song for the crusades please? 'cause many peeps need it in the comments i think (and the title can be like "DEUS VUUUUUULT", want to hear it while playing for honor and kick somes ass :D)

  11. We all need this in this time of need. I may not be Christian but I believe in Freedom of Religion!

  12. Sabaton I have a question would u make a song about the ottomans or Umyyads cuz it's nice to Muslims like me and I love ur songs but I also need one that is muslim

  13. Steps to Heaven is a literal location in the Vatican. 189 Swiss Guards slaughtered the enemies on these steps

  14. If the Vatican is under attack in future the guards might hire Sabaton to play this while they defending the city

  15. History teacher: Has anyone heard of the Swiss Guard Story?
    Me: They're the 189, in the service of heaven, they're protecting the holy line, it was 1527!

    credits to SmearyGoreGamer

  16. Going to visit Rome in a weeks time.
    Just wondering what will happen if I play this at St. Peter square, or next to a Swiss guard

  17. The year mentioned in this Song: 1527
    The period the Holy Land Crusades took place: 1095-1291

    There's a contradiction here somewhere, i'm certain of it.

  18. I was at the Sabaton concert two nights ago at the PlayStation Theater here in NYC, and you guys were…


    I'm always envious and in awe of people who can write music and songs but even more so when the lyrics are as well-crafted as these are…very creative, eloquent, and intense.

  19. November 1st, boys:

    For the grace for the might of our Lord in the name of his glory for the faith for the way of the sword come and tell their story again

  20. There is only one mediator between God and human and his name is Jesus Christ.
    You wanna fight for your country and your culture, I am ok with it, but do not come and say that catholisim is Christian otherwise you never read the Bible.
    Please do it….

  21. Overwhelming odds? No chance of victory? Chance to run and escape? What's the Swiss Guard do? They do their duty to their god and as warriors.

    They die on the steps of Saint Peter's Basillica holding the line without ever thinking of themselves. Instead, they think of their faith, and of those they protect, for whom every second is worth an hour.

    Each and every one of them deserves a statue cast in bronze in the Vatican.

  22. If this comment achieves over 10K likes, I will get a pair of Bluetooth speakers, head to Vatican, and play this for the Swiss Guards.

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