let's go smoky foods I love you bro you're fucking you're actually a good guy man like I Love You Man okay there's a problem you know like – like this motherfucking old-ass man you know everything I'm 42 of them actually 37 but uh these girls are actually 21 22 I mean I'm gonna look at knowledge mother burger like like right there I'm right there easy however sound and then go to cover arcade event where's that at you bet where's that at Cobra okay where's that I'll go right now it's boring what do you want meet you okay fine you know what I'll drink my drink buddy moment you fine fuck if it's boring where you want me to go fuck it you guys tell me where to go but you know you know what I do you know you know I'm fucking listen you guys what do you ever do please don't get me arrested because I've been arrested three times in the last two weeks okay oops go back in fucker blade Chris I have to go to 7-eleven and go by that fucking alright let's go you know what you're right you're right I'll do that no what about Bjorn I want to fuck him up too hey nobody gets their hanging out with me they're all gonna fuck with the one guy that care about that fuck with the most is both links and fucking demon Andy there's motherfuckers hair alright go to RV alright fine I'll listen you guys I done all right let me go to 7-eleven and wait no no no I'm not gonna wake him up until I'm done fucking doing this shit with the marker all right nah man I need to do what the fuck I need to do we thought I can 100% like look look right here dude like right there behind us 100% I get her come on I um have a very pretty face I'm not I'm not no I'm not gonna seated I'm not stuck up but dude look at these guys around us dude you got look at these guys just look at their faces laughs you don't sleep you out no yarn is VIP he won't get fucked with I have his back no no don't worry about that oh yeah what do you want to say I mean hi I'm uh hi I'm a faggot from New York and I want to see if I want to have sex tell me what you guys want to say to you come on have some fun in the dream the super her look at this guy look at look look look you see what the fuck this guy's wearing shorts check a chequered short with an SES shirt look the way I am you dress classy we had a club like what the fuck is that you like seriously ugly-ass motherfucker look at these guys look at the way they dress look it's fucking embarrassing dude dude I'm from LA we don't we just like like we dress to impress this is like show up big fucking faggot you up I'm sorry oh my god I'm drunk I'm sorry I'm nothing against gay people but that dude s with us my boy did that call me he knows I'm streaming and he's ruining my stream right now dude stop call me good if you're out here I got you fuck it no bone clean Jesus fuck bone is not cool at all he just fucked up I got him fucked up oh my god max Andy's a black face – yeah right you got it you got it I'm gonna do whatever you guys want tonight I'm drunk you guys got it hey is our B camera working or no talk – um fuck you shoot somebody all right and go talk what black white Mexican tell me homie want me to talk shit with I'll do it I love you oh my god we're doing the armature that shit off oh my god alright man hey so most of it I'd be – oh shit a part of IB – err oh no not please you're good no I don't hate you Oh bowl clinks right there but yours I took him back to the car right now he's fucked up yes I'm actually I'm actually like right now I'm actually live right now all nice oh well no relax sit down sit down you're good you're a nice guy you don't you don't need to leave bro I'm not nice poseidon bro I'm not a faggot it's all good you're good I said it's gonna be like hey man look how many dicks kids suck dude you're gonna guy man you're a good guy man you'd only be a Content you're good that's bone clean yeah he does not quit he's a twitch bitch cheers man hey cheers brother Hey so yeah you want to so good you wanna walk over there she's down she's single dude she's very single they all no no no no no she's had to fuck around I'd say I say that because I said I just forgot but I just thought I just making fun of a mole they they sink oh dude this is like when DC guitar and they submit it though big fuckin rocks look at us we got our sniper here okay come back and join us all right he's a sniper it's all good Lloris creepy yeah and right she's very creepy she scares me dude I feel bad about the guy with a voice box for her like a little bit of a case you do some coke I was a goblin i dude if I had coke on me right now I'm like I'll put on a table I'll be like oh my God look at my nail dude oh my god that is disgusting my nails are growing out ill yeah he's a voice box but it gotta be nice dude I am fucking loud I'm fucking very loud I'm sorry but look around you dude look at this look at these guys okay just look at their fucking faces I mean they're fucking disgusting looking dude these guys are like these but look at this guy look at oh shit he's so good-looking look at him dude look at this hairdo like count Elora I'll talk hey Laura Chantell you talking douchebag stop being an asshole dog dickhead don't make me fucking pop him off she's a very rolling boil deliver it wants you to talk my chat saying cocky little bitch not the same talk motherfucker thought oh fuck not your mode they want you to talk that your mold talk talk say hi come here hey you you know you're gonna fuck her tonight know more about it I got you you guys take a digger no worry about it I promise you you're gonna have a dick on your side like in two seconds this mixture your triple bag that shit one for a mole for a face hey hey do you guys need to dance a little bit Laura scared the fuck up she's like what the fuck is that that's a hey Molly you need to do me a favor there chat wants you to talk and listen I am listen I I'm drunk right now so let's see you motherfuckers I will kick your ass off the RV tonight you got it so I'll listen to you guys right now like 100% kick chloro I'll kick it first in the face and then I'll kick her out what do you want a mute you talk motherfucker Moli tog dude my chats very tiny little bitch Oh Morris is a Magento so high how many dicks is up ten I love you I love you I love you suck dick it's all good I love you all right oh she took his chair dude she's like doesn't shoot snipers like don't you know what they're like no that goes like hey that's true see the streets timer right there yeah she was just like how the guy hey I'll take it a shame because we're gonna hang out together afterwards that's it yeah hang out or no all right grab a chair got great furniture yeah they wanna hang out with Marilyn Manson my troll Manson say hey so how does chat dude with that no not at all they're like they don't like boom fling I feel bad you know like I can't like I don't have the heart to tell yes the problem is I just feel super sad down you know eyes what happened eyes right he hates every race everybody he hits all the fans he hates you guys he hates hates hates us he's like do you know what I'm better than all you guys he's like I don't give a fuck about white black Mexican all I care about is my girlfriend and nobody else so he's like fuck everybody he's like you know what I know yeah that's why he's a bitch yeah fuck guys decided he's a little piece of pussy but huh ooh but oh I know no I don't want it hanging with another please I said you know it was my favorite guy that I love condom Randy I like TDD man you know if you meet him in person he's actually good guy did I like Brandon did I honestly no matter what been a night he knows he pursued knows a broker very close that's it I love Brandon I like Brandon a lot and I'm fucking glad because that bitch ass ball fucking blocked my number thank God fucking TD fucking put up TDD fucking on his forehead now he's just joking having fun man but you guys let me say I'm just joking we're let me say okay hey look yeah Bob Marley Bob Marley never I forget American rare hey have a car here right now Neville you have to read it are be martyred on streak i got blazed four fucking years ago by 17 years bro 17 years man but the chest tell me what to do and they said get demon andy late hey chat you know I got demon Andy and blade yes or no on on Bjorn SJC I'm actually getting along with them now we made it wherever I go now have Academy I was with it could I be honest with you let me honest with you as she see we didn't have a bad intentions at all at all he's actually a good guy the problem with Apple wouldn't mean him who's stalkers start talking shit about me in the RV trip and that's where I start flipping on him listen now as I seen our cool it's all good so we're good he might he wants to join our beach trip actually tomorrow I have to break it to the chat tomorrow see what they say calls coming but I have to bring it to the chat tomorrow and we see what the chat votes more because they ruled that the chats guiding where the fuck we did what we do tomorrow I do I do this in the chat remember I never never never oh never like intent to may even be non-stripping resolve bullshitting you know saying something like I'm like yeah I got everybody together your own and everybody else so I'm shocked you guys up dude I'm sorry like instead of talking to me that's I'm trying to give you some astronauts besides my fucking ugly face how about that that better you know you know work give us a ride Barbie I don't want to fuck it stands black I mean I love black people where's all the white people and I just you know why we're going back together we're the matches in a white girl that I like white and I like I'm really a black people I'm just that attracted a black girl only percent were trying to choose EBC that's my boyfriend that's my boyfriend no no you know it goes right let's go hey hey every day we got it right back are you guys gonna go let me go back to the RV or you wanna hang out CRA yeah we gonna ride oh she's a black girl hi chat there we go yeah oh shit yeah turn my mama like he's like my mom is like hey where you at I'm like having fun in the club right now so keep sending my mom back see this nice is it look come on say hey look yeah yeah just hide your wallets hide your brothers and sisters we're good magazine give us a ride with a fuckin bitch what did they go there's some nasty-ass grosser dude and he throw a 6 to 2 yeah alright alright hey what's up that's my Chad I'm just like live streaming they were like oh it's cool then they're like this guy's super cool like I can you know know they seem you seem like a nice guy that's like my chat side yeah this this guy's like a scope oh ho ho hey yeah yeah yeah no for sure man hey how are you man where do you live that man what California man Matt we're streaming yeah we're doing a country road with my boy from here asshole clink yeah yeah so we're just gay and stuff so come on join us I say you you seem like a nice guy like my chats asking you wanna join us no you know that's what all right you look a nice guy you wanna join us yeah I know we like dick so it's all good come on join us he's like a nice guy so I wanna like we're gonna be partying tonight afterwards so I'm just like streaming that's why I'm like yeah I'm like yeah hey you want to join this looks all good hey don't leave your girls well I mean yeah yeah listen he we all have like both of em and I go what you go we have like 12 edge cocks yeah yeah we have 12 is cocks we'll get a ride broke up we go if you can't give us right we're gonna round we're gonna hey yeah bull face let's go let me go so how'd it my voice box that man I can't guys hey give me a hug give me a hug dude I love you man thank you I love you like hey this is a fucking good ass fucking guy bro like it breaks my heart like like like I have like yeah can mean asshole to people but when I like when I when I see certain things dude I'm out of the think about that shit so yeah you guys call me an asshole but that like breaks my heart dude like like like dude I can't even talk about guys like fucked up dude so whatever it is what it is why is every fucking girl here have a fucking tattoo on their fucking arm hey let's grab over yeah but I'll give you cash tonight I don't want to sign up my I don't want to sign up my who cares just get a 7-eleven person and we'll find it out because we're parked by I'll figure it out he doesn't want to give us a ride you're gonna film his license plate we're streamers explain I'll put on my ballsack if you want me like my ballsack all right love it man hey I love you no matter what a good guy like black market because I promise a chat to do some shit tonight I promise a chat to do some shit tonight so I can't I can't fuck around it is so now I think you better I love you I know where it's at but let's go find a settle on the first walk assembler let's go Louis bike your fat fuck how are you man just say sorry my my stream here fuck you very much whoa whoa I'm pretty hot let's just go we all right No yeah we did we didn't know he's been objective he's like I can't have you prefer my license place motherfucker who are you the president oh you want to hang out with him sarcastic it's all good it's not my friend nice cool shit should go over then I'll start dancing right there dude my Havel slow smoke weed yeah yeah yeah I smoke with you yeah I smoke weed like back in fucking like 33 G coz I'm 105 dude what the hell's that I'll smoke weed that's a gangster I see I smoke weed fuck was that guy well what the hell is that oh shit what the hell's that is that crooked is that a cricket is that a cricket no no no no no okay I hope who do you wanna impress sure let's go let's go fuck with that cop right there how about that we have a lot of you where will I be one as a YouTube you yes it's called the ice Poseidon fag edition yeah yeah ice beside a fag boys yeah ice presided over a idiot with our dying career ain't no fucking pull any more fucking ice beside it so let's say hi USI and I said come here this is hey hey we're normally listen fat ass oh my god I was like fat as a friend just cock-blocked us right now what's up that girl is just like yeah that's a nice not enough for me I'm saying not for me very good okay let's go I know where that is no but I need sell em first our visa it's on my what's up man gangster up here here godmother I have the orange phone it is a off of I don't know where the fuck is that bro they're talking the wrong person a sitcom from several Evan oh yeah there you go we got a negative right there you know a snow covers the whole ah oh shit I can't walk on the shit like this stop right there holy shit the house does a movie theater oh yeah I'm gonna be arrested I mean that's the fun part but let's like get to the like the beginning let's roll to the beginning of the movie all right that's it so so let me ask ask african-american he knows what's up hey every gonna ball club is the same what about you Graham yeah there we go let's go man let's go ahead I I'm a black guy dude I'm like hey there's gonna staple tums right now hey what let me with my stream hey what's up there we go see I told you guys I'm pros the black people say hey hey see I just broke racism right now no people like always ask me like hey man are you like cool like Ames got arrested here listen I'm all good with all races not good oh I gotta meet this for one second hold on oh my god I just dogs the fuck out of myself hold on hey hey hey how do I beat the shit this I just thought with whatever dude p1 oh my fucking full name mother no no no no they began yeah she's done bunch of ice baby what I miss meter Academy it's not Oh shit all right let me go talk to the cop real quick I want to get arrested for one second but let me see what come over here real quick hey what should I do ask him if he can give me a right to I me to think God meter okay no cops cool all good don't know where my thought I'm like trying to get a table with these guys suckers come on people hate it I don't want to like the chat was like get rid of the fucking guy so no no no no chat a chat you guys want the guy with the tattoos with none of them I'll ask him you guys want the guy was a tattoo with us I mean a guy with one tooth this thing I mean I love the guy seems like a nice guy but I just I'm just going by what you guys are saying seems else look no no no look no no everything no all right let's go we got a over right there we got it over right there black and white it's not a cop what will happen about flashing right now well I get a rest of our flash up I'm been arrested before in Arizona yes yes or no flash them or not I should so what I'm right let me go talk to this asshole cop do it no balls what's up for you guys tell me I have no balls well the point is easy am no bald but he gets one with you I think I have no balls what you guys what we do I got it no no no no I won't know I'm not an idiot I walk around say a whole lot I'm missing something what you guys want to do now we right you know what come on you're right he's right if I get arrested it's gonna ruin the whole trip so it is what it is so I got out I got it like doing whatever it is so I don't want to get arrested you're right yeah over in the trap so so knock on the window knock on the window please no to go back to blade all right yeah a shorter guy if I get arrested right now a rude old trip so this is behave look at the fucking lines here dude dude look at this guy's love I have never I have never in my life listen I've been partying for fucking 57 years dude I'm like 83 now and this I've never in my life seen lines at this late at night dude everywhere hi this is my first time like this I swear to God cover up Labor's shoot across all right but let's go find out somewhere I could get like markers and shit look at this line dude it's fucking amazing dude holy shit it's fucking insane dude look look at the line guys look look dude look if it's a fucking college party I think I mean bold home needs to go home I'll get it just give them cash but I give them cash yeah but I think the chat you guys want us to go to another bar do you guys want me to do what I gotta do for these guys that are sleeping the RV hold on let me let me stop one second let me read this chat with they want me to do right now hold on go to RV or go back to a bar look at but if I go back to the RV it's gonna do blackface and do what I gotta do let me see what it says RV RV go home RV RV RV RV RV I don't know I don't even know well I don't even know what's at it it's sort somewhere like in Arizona I did yeah I would have to like set up in my life I would have to like get off my I have to get up my I have to get off my stream actually no and you know what okay I'll go okay RV all right hey oh shit you're still go he's still fucking awake RV trip I love you bro I'm scared for blade and he goes okay I'll go I'll go over there right okay fuck it let me look if it FS for one second is because I'm checking I'm gonna go I'm gonna call an uber right now okay that's all I'm doing okay so give me one second please porfavor espanol I love espanol people dude so let me call the spaniels and then we will no I'm gonna fucking make their faces black cuz this trip it has it has to be like a content filled RV trip okay guess what if I don't provide content guess what it's a failure I'll leave Laurie oh don't worry about it dude Laura that chat saying I have to leave you can you stay here for like a couple months oh my god I didn't go piss with cook dude I know I need a piss dude I know P hey just get up tell them that we're at the fuck I have no idea where the fuck you're at hey I I'm gonna ditch fucking her once I hear you guys know I will do that even Andy I do yeah hey guys if it have – one second I'm given asked links the number two team in Andy okay so ice cream sack so what's up so what's up so what's up okay this is what oh hell no don't do it dude don't do it all right I'm sorry hey if it f for one second please one second hold on once I get hung let me give the number two boom okay hold on if it ebbs please don't I mean spam to fucking chat with FS because it's an F so hold on what's the number it is yes I love you guys this is badass hey congratulations though you're badass dude hey I told you I'm I'm not trying to like but I need help you really bad holy shit sorry but um hey yeah I send your link we'll go home I'm gonna go people quicker guys so if I got arrested give me four pink tonight I'm sorry but oh hell no dude the fuck is this shit oh sorry hi I'm trying to go pee right now and you're standing right here you mind if I pee you next to you after you leave I love you so much you're the best I'm just gonna pee right here that's all good I love you you should be 10 like I'm talking to nobody I'm like oh what's going on oh yeah that's right there see like yeah there's nothing going on over here just this nice ass cars I'm sorry guys I'm sorry beaver I'm trying to pee I am oh my god I feel so stupid now oh my god that was this you just want to shoot oh my god my boots are getting all fucking no it's not gonna wet I'm not yeah pending exactly I'm already in trouble in fucking Arizona but you know what fuck it it's part of content I'm doing for you guys digger digger what tells that yeah but it does alright let's say guys I'm gonna have to sign off right now but I'm I'm gonna go don't kick anyone okay CJ you're right I won't clubs behind me where where's the cop this fucking piece of shit Mercedes dude come on oh no no no you know what I gotta be nice you guys already warned me I gotta be a nice guy I was up a fucking asshole before let's not be a dick okay all right I'm gonna sign off I have to like get my AJ I won't kick you nobody come on now I'm like poor Laura look at her dude she's so nice can you say hi no no put your hair up there hi I did pay I swear I was like I text you at our Vig Oh smoky bush text me to address I love you smokey I fucking love you so much Smokies the one of our fuck as the family okay hold on I'm sorry but it's something right now I love you thank you so much for that I just that's why I'm messing right now you know what fucking get rid of his mother oh shit what the hell no there you go any motherfucker that are stupid assholes on this fucking chat get rid of fucking assholes that are like haters dude get rid of them do we don't need them you know what our team we're number one you know that it's we got Bjorn we got uh not bone clinks but we got everybody you know I'm saying we're number one that's all that matters sorry loser I know bro right here it's about Freeman Freeman don't puss out for free men in the other Street legislation I thought love you guys though I do love you guys I'm your Turkish fine damn it I mean smoky give us the address he knows what it's at hey it's just that you know what let's get a cab call a yellow cab and tell her to go what on your phone a cab cab near his cab around us bro come on well let me ask the miski mixing guy hey honey hey if I give you some money can use all right come on dude I'll really I'll suck your dick oh shit he just walked away all right so suck his dick he said no all right let me see something hard I love you guys yeah right I mean your your cars are cool but I need like help oh my gotta stop hey I got a BBC like three we see like ebz alright alright money money money right oh there we go oh shit yes we got a ride oh shit oh my god I love you so much you're the best hi how are you that's we're looking for like good we needed a right to we're going I'm like livestream so just I need to write on it's a hotel or something like a corner place talking like we have our RV parked over there south south Sweetman right or no south yeah it's just that way I just remember it's going that way I love you bro thank you so much man whatever you want charges we got you it's all good this is up this is a nice house fucking new for this is like this is a classy shit right here dude hey Laura right here behind you she doesn't use anything oh you set an actual address oh my god Smokey's actually send mean I just okay hold on let me get the actually I just uh I'm if I'm effing it's just to go check the address okay so just do not do that okay hold on one second actually I just is yeah we got it we got it no no I told you to stop pressing f niggas I told you but like we're like the same team dude I love your car though pretty sick we got a badass right right now I think we got a badass driver too we were trying to find this is the thing we're from California and we mean this guy named moon clinks we're gay we're trying to find the right gay club and this guy right here doesn't understand he is in the fucking town that's like Republican you know saying no we went to this club right here is that a two-story no would I be to that others IP to oh shit see you guys you see that guys I told you I told you guys there's a there's a place that I went to is called IP – yeah they're they're like very homophobic but they don't like us both bro listen bro I go to this place called I go to a country Thunder okay every year and the one year I drove up we drove a rental car it was a California plates because what they did they were talking shit because I fuck you from California get the fuck out like straight Arizonians hate Californians yeah they do you know why cuz and I know why they add it away hey sorry guys we are live again half faith he'll come back exactly lucha is having a baby yeah he's fight pregnant saved yeah we had to my driver he's a greatest guy in the world we love him he's the best what's your name Espen that's been painted okay I love you not home away s been painted oh my god I'm sorry I'm like I feel like an idiot now I call them spen Peyton all that I mean his painting but stupid ass shit no homo yeah if we can find a 7-eleven because I need to like do what that chat told me to do earlier we're good I promise you cotton balls – oh my god that's so true maybe this part yeah maybe here I think they might have it over here all right yeah that's all good let me go see what they have it over here guys let's go I'm taking you guys everywhere we go tonight I'll be right would you like anything is that food dream Oh drugs all right all right sorry watch my ass crack I'm just like there you go sorry guys all right all right markers con balls you know hold on let's go see what's up Carn balls hello where's my hug hug hug like you know like hi I love you sorry I'm just like I'm super sober right now so I'm gonna give you a little bull job oh yeah I get liquor just give me looking like a few more minutes okay yeah beer yeah what would you like honey would you like a little jug a drink okay got some just alcohol hi honey let me play with your butthole real quick my chat around you where's my buddy right here say hi I remember I met him like in 17th great remember remember you and I yes with the donkey a long time ago at the donkey right correctly no no no we're together with the donkey come on come on stop it be nice be nice come on be real be real he's just um I was by myself I fucked the donkey by myself you know what fuck this shit don't make me fucking SUSE I am NOT no no no no no terrorized ever I did fuck this out that I'm gonna be like stupid not be stupid okay look see I'm gonna pick it up remember what you guys told me do not destruct anything being stupid look there you go see I'm behaving and I learned from our mistakes which you guys told me stop going over there places and stuff fucking things up I got you hold on honey cheeks I think I've some a mark okay whatever I'm governor marker a marker for you guys cuz I'm like here for a fucking oh my god see red ball no no I'm getting some fucking cotton ball I know I got comp balls that cotton balls I got that nut balls hold on go see what the hell we got any cotton balls here oh my god yes yes this is better than cotton balls I imagine him waking up with Hershey syrup all over his face God's good God's great I got chocolate Nutella on my fucking this is for me tonight this does this syrup you know oh my god this god is good all right let's get some mom you know what it's fucking all over them let's get some condoms let's get him some Oh shavers had to oh you guys said superglue something with him what can we do with superglue in a lock hold on oh my god is so bishop we could do it now yes I told you guys the same team we could whiteout we could wind out his fucking balls no no no I'm getting some shit you can go real quick but I need to get some shit for the chat right now we are in the same team right now we need to figure it out what we need to get all right we got a we can't bleach anything we can't be nice we got to be nice with that all right hold on we got we got glue we got to glue something oh how about this how about put a glove on him superglue shit on him he won't get be able to get it off all right dad and we got a skinny ass glue I got you oh yes another thing fucking lock what can we lock around his neck that he can't get off perfect and got it I'll figure it out right now hold on I think I have a chain somewhere that he has to Oh sharp yeah that's right oh yes you guys two three four sharpies I got it you got it see this is how much I love you guys this is what I'm doing right now you guys any cotton balls and you have conveyed any chance cotton cotton balls cotton cotton balls balls that are cotton cotton balls I guess you guys see any cotton balls anywhere around here besides tampons hold on I don't want to bleach anything hold on tape tape tape tape somebody said tape okay but oh the tape we got it we got it we got it we got it we got it what else all right let me get a towel or a cup for myself because I have a fucking headache right now got it what else super glue oh no I got super glue already guys I got super glue hold on let me put this shit over here in the front come on sorry oh my god sorry no don't worry about I'll pick it up we have to do something with this there's nothing there but dude where several Evan they don't have an air over here dude hold on let me find something like this hold on let me figure something else out bang pop what does this beep up interesting hmm what are you guys saying about this dropping in a little Bank okay after we fuck with him yes or no yes yes after I fuck with him okay this is gonna be after the fact cool got it I can't and put this over here hold on I got it I got it come on same team same team Cindy we still got the chocolate remember just look at the chocolate smokey buds same team all right let's see if there's any can you have these guns I think okay there's there's a trick I know about these that we could fucking put it somewhere together and yeah fucker I'm gonna go I'm gonna grab this – hold on we got the Bing pops hold on anything eyes get anything guys you guys see over here that we can fuck around let's see what else I got no no this is gonna be like after the fact I'm gonna die gun because it's actually if you put it close to your eyes it can actually make you go blind so I'm not gonna do that I'm not stupid but I'll make it I go to his face so it hurts them a little bit yeah you have any fire go by any chance honey honey not you I'm talking to the guy yelling viagra nope I know there's some kind of vigor here hold on interesting hold on you have dick pills somewhere around here oh you guys are in for a fucking surprise right now holy shit we're doing this together please come on you know what I know there's some fucking haters I love blade too and I love Bjorn but let's go have some fucking fun tonight dude come on you guys want a content and I'm grab it I'm like we're good dude that's it so but let's see what else can we do laxatives it hold on let's see is there anything that makes you shit super fast hold on I'm gonna find one Sinex excedrin where the shit and makes you like poop it's super fast hold on nasal spray uh-oh right here there we go excellence interesting oh sorry does that make you shit stupid little accident I got it I got you I mean I'm buying some stuff is that okay about buying some stuff he's getting paid it ain't dude he's then doing for free it's all good hey honey I love you so we got shaving cream cuz house has gonna be shaped tonight hey I love you it makes me feel very good it gives me a chubby is that okay I know it's 2027 you gotta be like nice you got it you gotta be down to like do whatever I want to do same team cotton balls oh shit where what a fuck dude he's calling me like over and over over right I did I'm streaming right now and he's ruining my stream right now sorry guys hold on cotton balls cotton balls cotton balls cotton balls cotton balls cotton balls cotton balls cotton balls cotton balls cotton balls what else can we get here cotton balls any Khan I know there's cotton eight I'm not gonna cotton balls not cotton like cotton you know like like no yeah yeah balls right you need cotton balls I think we have enough fucking shit right q-tips yes I think dude I thought I had some but is there anything else we could fuck with him hey what do you guys see anything else that we can fuck with him Naik whoa no no no not Carl okay we got we got we got black sex we got a shaving cream we got shavers Oh lemon grab a shaver hold on let me grab a shaver so I could shave his fucking have his head tonight scissors for fucking demon Andy got that okay hold on let me find shavers to hold on the fuck am I missing what is it that hold on oh dude or about it let him I don't need to hurry up let him sleep let those guys that are there let him sleep we're good don't trip perfect we got baby powder and baby oil he's gonna wake up with fucking his okay there go honey that's all I needed sweetheart honey honey just UK it's 2027 you got to be nice to gay people none to the nineteen there's a back cater five-star I'm worrying you you want these yeah yeah get it for the girl right there there's somebody said there's a bag of Cotton's right there hold on where did you see the bag of carnies no no this dude said he saw right now I just I'm not gonna I'm gonna believe him dude he said it's there hold on there's a bag of cons I trust the chat when the chat says a bag of cons there's a bag of cotton somewhere hey sorry bro I thought you saw cons but I don't see your brother I don't see it you have cons Oh tonight's fucking on Shh listen remember that phase that everybody's like talk shit about me I got you hi I love you I just said I love you man you gotta be nice man you're not being nice now see I said I love you you should say I love you too you don't have to know me dude this is like 2019 you just have to hook up and that's it the old fashioned okay I'll tell you what I'll buy you dinner and then we'll talk about it capiche can I touch you could I tell you beer for once again yes that's a fuckin accomplishment bro when they say they're worried about that shit fuck yeah whoa I'm getting awful fucked up right now bad I love you go though can I touch your penis there's not too much what the fuck means too much you're too much how much you fucking get in the fucking car and stop being so boring ass clinks you still have to fucking hang out with this fucking ass clinks right here he likes to fucking just sit there and talk with watch CNN all day all right he fucking voted for Hillary Clinton rare dude I guarantee we did ask links what the kind of tattoos is that if I was a fucking real man I got my shit sleeved up what the fuck is that douche bag how about you get in the fucking car borac links or ask links now fuck that I'm pissed off now all right you two why don't you have my back right now you like asking huh you're cheating on me right now no no no I did too much drugs tonight I did cocaine I did cocaine is that okay Monica that's scary okay can I listen you have hair on your balls honey I am your woman honey honey but can I touch a beer for a little bit dude please hey I love you I said I love you no no no hey this guy over here Dora but I'm he likes he likes men too he's actually my boyfriend he's just this girl right here she's actually I don't really she's human so don't about her she's just six sisters of smiles and says yes to everything no no no no how about you have a good night I love you it is a crazy neighborhood I got arrested in this you guys just think a couple of weeks ago but I love you hey I love your butthole too ready to go yeah let's go all right let's go we got a fucking bad-ass driver he's still here oh my god I love you bro you suede her up for us like that what a great great great guy look at this dude our driver just waited for me that long he is such a good guy so what I was trying to okay can I can I be honest with you I personally like personally like dig deep down inside I thought he was like I thought I thought first he was mean but he wasn't mean but the problem is he after I asked him if you want to have sex he said no and that's when shit went sour you don't have mean like like Bowers why would it why would anybody get pissed if you asked him to have sex this is a nice thing offer right I'm offering my body to another man with a goatee that's like dude he had a super super nice goatee all right oh I'm not recording I'm just like shooting this is recording and life shoe is way different I'm not meter it better mean I meet it in my meter guys stop bullshitting me because I bought a bunch of fucking markers for you guys and a lot of shit to fuck with everybody tonight so I meet it come on stop lying you know let me hold on let me fix this shit over I'm gonna turn off the stream real quick I'm gonna like be started again hold on let me start at home I me how do I turn off the streamer here all right let's meet it done can you guys hear me now hello now let me be let me be yarn hello hello that's fine thank you bro hey Edwin okay fucking I love you bro thank you that's I thought that's on you here alright get mod Charles Freeman who's Charles Freeman I've never met Charles to me before but I have too many mods you guys fucking are so gay about your mods like oh let's end your social security number to fucking be a mod dude you know what cuz I'm friendly and I care about like anybody X I know hey be a mod that's it what the fuck is that like Oh like a presidential fucking position no have people you know that's it be a mod that's it it's not a big deal it's a fuck they're not gonna kill you oh you're a mom now you know you know my social security my credit score like what the fuck some people are stupid with their fucking oh I can't make him a mod man fucking ice ask people for the Social Security number like what up oh yeah he's my mod get the fuck out of here you fucking idiot fucking douchebag here send me your fucking birth records make sure that who the fuck are you do your your are nobody okay listen you're you're going down like separate you're gonna be like let's get let's just celebrate when he's done a five hundred thousand subscribers and then we're like yeah I did 100,000 subscribers ain't going up it's going down motherfucker I'm sorry I'm just talking about um you know I am NOT talking out of my ass I'm talking realness because stupid ass assholes that they think they're oh yeah you know what yeah and I send me your fucking your your birth rights because you're a mod fuck out of here dude who are you are you fucking are you like come on dude like listen anybody wants to be a mod I love you guys I trust you you're my friend that's it that's it it's all let the thought comes out to you listen we're going to Texas for us because my sister is there and sold my fucking cousin and so's my souls blades fucking future wife so that's why we're going to Austin we're not fucking right I don't sorry we're going out there having a good time that said you know that asshole blocked I try to call ice I'm like hey man you want to hang out like whatever he blocked everybody's number tonight like that's fucking cute right here guys we are here how much I owe you brother yeah what do you think you're a great guy what are you thinking yeah what are you thinking holy shit that's actually very very cheap here's five ten fifteen I'm sorry I don't want about you 20 can I give you thirty is that okay I love you know you're a good guy see what is is that good though you're the best bro he's happy with 31 but gif 35 I give him a hundred thirty-five bro the guy act talks out of his ass but this guy doesn't pay for fucking shit like I paid for everything he does fucking well he's a welfare case right there dude hey a non-home away and I'm not a good man thank you thank you very much tonight but I'm far from gay but I like to fuck around one of them you know right I like my stream so much so I want to make sure they're in entertain so guess what it's just starting right now we're here it's for the people I'm here guys I'm here what's the fucking plan guys hey have a good night brother what's the plan guys I have all this shit for you guys we are good I'm gonna fuck these motherfuckers up now let's do it who is what's going on over here yes yes same position same position I have no idea but hold on hold on I don't know but let me let me start on him first let me start my hey you know Ryan's driving anywhere we're sleeping I'm not going nowhere Wow is everywhere no no we're good we're gonna Texas tomorrow morning listen tonight this is for the chat tonight because guess what hey go to sleep I love you go to sleep I'm gonna put a swastika on her head because it goes along with him like like like that is all good but uh oh shit he did yes he did who's in the front seat who's it for oh dude thank god you're fucking sleeping right now your hair is gonna be cut in like ten seconds all right dick I'm being real do you think I'm lying right now I'm fucking I'm I'm here for the chat hold on guys let me put down so you guys can see what the fuck gonna do right now so battery pack come come yeah let me let me paint her face first I'll paint your face next okay let's get this fucking faggot or here first excuse my language I didn't put it down make sure you guys couldn't see you got it I told you guys you guys want content oh hell no Kiki don't leave Mexican MIDI out that fat fuck leach hasn't helped with anything and he deserves to be fucked with everybody Oh baby I promise you it's black black I'm this is the beginning okay let them like sleep give them just be good I promise you just give it one thing of course oh dude I got the syrup I forgot yes we're just thinking okay we're friends right that I'm some heresy on the mill he sleeps cold what mark are waves him up even don't do anything to be or he's the only content on the trip just something to blade boring please the next second Andy it's just a filthy black mirror it's just a filthy black mirror it's a filthy black nightmare it's just a filthy black mirror lay down lay down I'll get you a blanket they don't that's your girlfriend your girl anus stopyou paid you stop fucking poor shut up you shut up the concentrator what else you want Cheers just to feel it EDB z is a filthy black mirror bones links girlfriend is fat eb z is a filthy black mirror bone clinks girlfriend is fat eb z is a filthy black mirror I just give me like five foot look this okay Marku we got please let me show you guys a little bit of look at the piss Dean on his backside blade STFU year.i degenerate loser no matter how much he talked during the day he will always be a wasted drunk then no one respects at night deal with the big bruises you will never figure out now pass out so we can be entertained please get Mexican Andy next just I'm like barely junior no 12 minutes look what I got okay look I got two gloves hold on hold on got more there's more ladies filming otter with me I'm like this Nevins what a pathetic waste of space keep trolling him don't stop of course I'm on his ass pack so looks like you said it himself hold on what do you guys think about this hey what do you guys think someone sent me a link to this it is entertaining watching people to create themselves and act like horrible people for money keep it up hey money for me so I'm gonna keep it up only real men pee their hands only real men pee their pants because Stan bleep only pissed me blade keep drinking and pissing yourself it brings in the dildos by the way trade house that swamp ass feel nice and warm and what are they what do you guys see about this hey what do you guys think crazy blue powder Hey look let me show you guys hold on boom cleans you better sleep with one eye open tonight shouts out de boigne Gleeks he was done to her demeanor person and he wasn't a cook he gets too much too soon and I hope I wasn't an asshole anyway I oh oh oh he will figure it out bruises right now you see the acne covered baby gorilla medium baby powder help in that also it looks like blades in his pants definitely use and chops with baby powder for everyone he woke up that um superglue the edible crickets onto these Laurie has no content she's like a dead battery robot make work who can clean or get a bus back to Los Angeles look he woke up late actually woke up displays his next PC sure like here please so Glade can have nightmares in his sleep only because my pants who's next who's next hey go to sleep dude I need you I need you to go to sleep hey demon demon I need you go to sleep because I bought scissors just for your fucking hair tonight I always dream laughs give my last illness Oh charge back and donate this for three instead once against you out without those when is the day we're all cabin stop just go to sleep Jude okay I'm sorry I apologize I'm sorry I'm sorry that's not a better safety demon are you gonna sleep I need you to sleep Maxine are you gonna sleep that's come dude that's come that's that you just come over you know you're jacking off well he was wrong when we go strong now I got you a fucking beer oh shit we just right now right now Jesse what's wrong why would you have you do that shit dude what'd you do what do you mean you be fucking me you're being fucking just talks here get the fuck down what would you do that shit just try to punch me fuck you dude fuck you fuck you dude are you sure you want him sleeping there with that puddle of piss all over his clothes Kesey make him sleep outside Jesus Christ how are you going to stay one week with this alcoholic degenerate figure it out goosies easy you are being straight-up mean now I won't be mean bone do it with me so I can't have a fuck with you right now but Bozek is good bye partner crowd tonight I got no you can leave get your ass in the shower to the play get your ass in the shower to the played get your ass in the shower dude the hell's going on here what's all these noises here dude oh I think I'm done yeah your next row I don't think I've ever seen a person as horrible as Casey this is great here's some more money keep two greedy men sorry but I'm having a great time so I hate all you want but I've still got like ten more fucking shit to do out there right now actually not him I got I got fucking Nellie over there mixing in here I woke up so it's all good my driver I love them to death let me get my glue real quick for your weight what you are too nice to Mexican Annie fuck that that fucking pig slop it's just leeches would you like me to do the Mexican Andy matter they said to do something next and which I showed you it's only sheep you were in for a shower anyway they don't know any time to be pissing yourself no he's fucking around you know him and I didn't like it up it fell over me but I don't care better this is the problem I don't care okay okay I can get all this shit on me it's all good but start driving these X's now cool someone to bring the dog blade through to the call of that shit off him Casey please bring salmon and Carl tree also make sure it doesn't plant again when demon Andy you need a haircut did you get it over with leave neck sticking and it has two nice come on let's go my god holy shit that I just fuck it no no no it's actually this shit's not rented for good he doesn't take showers though oh my god I'm eating I'm eating shit off my hand hold on Nautilus yesterday he drowned dick learn where his face yes yes all right here go my day one guys that's right blade sit there and take this of yous like bitch you are grown-ass man being pumped like a little kid lol 40 year old bum start fucking with baby Galilee next guys come on you guys sorry he's the I love you that you guys need to start driving right now well the weather isn't that hot you don't want to overheat the lot of you all day tomorrow plus you leaked the address of or you're parked when you want calling maneuvers check outside for poppers damn it Casey we're okay with the cops telling there to start driving to Texas let's get this show on the road now kill yourself you don't faggot and sell virgin your parents probably there's a hole exactly hey actually you know what put it up so you sleep on a couch better yeah there you go right and sleep at all fuck you Terry LTS all to show up that things out sleeping there we go baby oh you're welcome that's why I love you that much deke we play jokes on each other that's fine but I do day one day one by the earth by the way they literally no sleep you think I kept on sleeping this more about like having content I'm more about caring about why they listen guys are we not here to have a good time what do you guys think yeah is like but just wasa guys it's all stuff that's all all right so look I'm all fuckin dirty right now I'm not yeah he's like there's telling you go back to sleep dude all right I'm gonna talk all right guys good night guys I'm gonna sleep good night I'll talk to you guys next year good night and day one and have a good night guys I try to this guy's actually fucking he's actually he's a light sleeper dude so sorry guys tonight is a I have to like it's I'm gonna have to sign off I'm going to bed right now so I'm not you think I'm gonna fuckin end it come on anything fucking retarded yeah I'm gonna end it tonight so you guys have a great night and I'm not any shit I'm not done for tonight so you guys have a fucking great great night dude I love you guys to death and uh all right I'll talk to you guys later all right peace this is all your fault clean the fucking mess up if you actually provided some cons in Casey but not have to do this you you know off your fat ass and clean the RV up now Casey teaser a few more lessons okay I just turned on the camera that camera no you were the last donation so everything's off now so powers off all the powers off now all the powers off keyblades stand up for yourself don't clean was pretty acute under our eyes covered in Hershey's syrup do something I pay the Mexican Andy wake up and clean up your fat fuckin bottom all and then leave you are in a love nest getting this dog sucks right now by that whore I need a beer oh shit hey guys guess who's about to go to sleep right now right there and I'm still awake fuck yeah Cheers motherfuckers that's why I turned a stream off about 30 minutes ago Oh oh my god I forgot my streamers even off right now shit my bad all right guys my bad I apologize streamers off my bad everything's off right now okay everything's off how about that shame is all off you guys have to give me like five ten minutes because Punkins asleep right now so bonk legs hit and he's asleep right now so I got you hey I'm gonna be right now hey shotgun of this shit Terrence dreams back on this is not fair turns dreams back learn this is not fair turns dreams back on this is not fair turn streams back on this is not fair turning streams back on this is not fair turn streams back on you know you're about to go to sleep right now I'm gonna sleep bro evening go to bed go to bed right now I'm all smoked soaking wet in here I just want this fuckin share from fucking rocks bro for $12 isn't thing as I stood falling asleep yes sir did you know about this RV cause you definitely bought it now also the cops were literally right outside the RV I saw the lights behind believe when the first two cars came I wonder what happened don't come over here Hey call the cops on us please I've never beaten Mexican maybe clean the RV tomorrow how's the lazy fucking rapist that tried to hold a girl hostage in his room and rape what alright guys I meet I need like five minutes of silence please ten minutes of silence guys because he's trying to sneak please a blanket he doesn't make it so I need like length of time please please please no donations no nothing bonus but fall asleep shut up nobody's talking to you oh I don't fucking make me fuck around so it be right like it yeah like it yes with my way it's not reasonable reasonable bro well happens this RV bro alright guys well I try to give him a full swastika it's kind of hard I guess it was a sleep guy like who's asleep hush little baby don't say a word boom Thanks gonna have to the back of the RV and get lawyer hey CJ the cameras in the back you got it you got it you got it you got it I'll be right there let's go then we gonna suck the lower right now they want you to see in the lower right now there's low right there there's Laura right there you guys wanted lorica now she's right there Laura second side of the chat there hey you want a beer let's take a shot baby beer please juice out with me what much I know but it's good no no but none of us taste good I nobody want beer fuck you I don't want to be here okay free beer oh you spilled beer all over the car right now he's spilling all the beer on me look look what he did go to sleep nobody fuck with you I told you Reesie it's air conditionings on turn your off I'll turn off the a/c off right now go to sleep why is your hair coming up where's the hair standing up and back you fucking around all joking around but now you're like you're pushing me for no reason now and I'm being nice to you now I'm being nice to you though okay let me go let me go fucking sleep dude okay let me go sleep go to sleep go to sleep dude okay try to help you out don't touch me like that go to think I think you'd be I'll be nice to you I offered you a beer right now you spill on my beer right now I don't care about your beer dude you spill on beer – hey bro you got it bro we got some problems right now do not you know know yeah what do you mean you're excused bitch you're excused you're excused no there's a lot of like problems right now right like sorry bro what I know right now bro I'm like I want to have like shit right now planet right now bro like sorry but I thought you tomorrow right now yeah well here you can't call New Britain just hey I'll call you oh no you didn't do anything wrong I just need to like stick something up his ass before like he sleeps tonight one hundred dollar donation use the fire extinguisher I'm not sick and Andy dude I got I got everybody like I got it listen bro I'm sorry bro I was a love you to death bro but listen I have to shit right now going right now and like fight going on right now so I'm sorry you gotta go bro I like here I give you some cash one more cash just I love you to death bro you're badass here yeah you call number a you guys what's that I promise I had a problem those guy right now so boom I like these chocolate on my face bro Weaver like streaming so like hope I'll give you money here there's no cash okay there's an uber like I'll give somebody yeah they're just coming over here I'm leaving tomorrow morning but I got it I got it okay yeah yeah for sure here here here's just some cash with today 15 bucks 15 bucks to get you home is that good you want more that's good no no sorry guys I'm like we got we got some problems right now that guy right there I sleep on the couch we're trying to like fit a fool to get full zucchini up his ass tonight but he said that he's not having it the allergen oh no bro listen this is some distance like serious shit bro like this is like you think like like I got like see I see go ahead right now relax relax I love you hey go ahead take the whole bottle take it just in California well hang out yeah we go party yeah yeah go fuck all the bullshit it's all good yeah just take the bottles have fun just enjoy yourself I love you baby I it's all good hey hey it's not that dirty is our view ever what are you talking about look how clean this shit is look look you guys are say this is dirty oh yeah dude you're next bitch next motherfucker that hat is gone never again you're next bitch we need more chocolate sauce and blade got you just do I look like a blanket man with the fucking Roman do alright let me show let me get your blanket hold on I know you're cold hold on I'll turn off the AC hold on there you go hold on and he need something cover him is that a blanket what yeah I think it's better fucking lose their blanket around here hold on guys now I'm gonna use this fuck it you know what no he's all chocolatey dude like I'm all chocolatey do you no good there you go you happy good night fuck you're talking about you got a hundred our donation what's the hundred dollar donation for on Mexican Andy I ain't only I'm not scamming shit just tell me what the fuck 200 all donation is I'm gonna do it okay so you guys want it who don't you guys like here let's get let's consider how long let me let me go outside for a second hold on let's talk about this fucking okay hold on hold on one second one second I was here whew okay I'm already filled with chocolate and shit yeah I got trapped in this shit whatever but who don't you guys like and I you guys already said look we got blade but blade me say like like like sleep so let him sleep and I'm gonna fucking glue some shit together like maybe his ball sack together dick to his ball sack I'm gonna do it fuck it whatever but just got bone right now bone and Mexican Andy that's it that's what's next so you got it I told you we're on a fucking same team dude you know like Bjorn I'll be nice to be learned come on poor Bjorn he's sleeping he's fucked up but me let me drink my beer I'm gonna drink my beer I fuckin bottle a lot of too did the rate literally I swear to god these 23.5 are donations are like ruining my shit right now I swear to god dude look at this fuckin RV this shit look at this you guys want blade no he sleeps like super I have to let him sleep you know I I could stay up I can like I can oh yeah I can do – you're showing a mix in any all right yeah I can do that I got you on that but hold on hold on it's like a crime scene do you like what who got murdered look look look there's a phone over there look at this shit look guys look all right let's get the fucking bone first okay this is so we're gonna look at a gag should we got here how long Tylenol ain't gonna be good for us duct tape yes let's put that aside we've got the crazy glue it's all good baby oil yes fucking me with this shit hold on oh yes I think he's unlike I didn't open it sorry so he's our one second one second one I was a come on it's all done his face mr. sleeping mr. David Shh he's still sleeping okay who's next on the list yes dude it's empty look see are you proud of me there's nothing left called you fire extinction record how's that whole lot where the hell do we put it out I didn't do my beer hold on I need a little fucked up sorry I'm like sober right now so let me know cheers guys everybody you guys wanted to kick that tonight is gonna be probably leaving tomorrow they don't need to be kicked out do we like they hit life Cheers no this is day one this is actually gonna be date to you tomorrow morning they can't leave I don't want anybody to leave you know what I didn't want makes it any leave because guess what they're gonna be fuck with he's all shiny look at him yeah I got I got the fight at least if you sleep in even if he's sleeping I can spray with a fire in story but I got I got him that's easy but Cheers cheers guys I love you ha let me down real quick hold on let me just down this real quick one second let me down it we're next yep you're right okay what are you get okay you guys want me get Laura okay what do you want to do with her okay fine I got it what do you guys want me to do okay fine I'll get Laura why like but let me just to drink this looking but my motherfuckers done you have no idea this is just the beginning he thinks you can get away from this shit cheers guys I love you I don't like Mona like too much but I'll cheer with you guys love you I excuse me sorry about the burp all right make one up bow play don't press himself up I know we still have a full bottle of chocolate I got a whole fucking bag of shit oh hold on I need to like lock this around his neck somehow and so he can't take it off tomorrow there's a chain on the back of this suburban I mean back at my suburban back of this uh thing you just chain it on he can't take it off unless he knows the key and unless he goes to a fucking place I'll take it off so we're good you got this all right that's my talent all because I'm gonna have a headache after all this alcohol so that's what I'm doing let's see we get through some fucking um some bangs on these motherfucker right now hey the truth i scammed 100 our donation what's 100 our donation let me know because I don't care about the money I just want to make sure nobody gets scammed even if it's a fucking ten cents tell me what the hell was it so I want to make sure it's uh 100 100 our our fire extinction tunnel on Mexico okay yeah you got it you got it don't trip but where's that now question where's the fuckin extinction shirt okay I got you hey hunter Arizona you got it don't worry about the mess over here talking about it but let me find that fucking defining accessory where's that hold on look he's still god damnit East all week but odd oh yeah there's to I can't set it on fire I think I go to jail for that even though he's fucking but home was a firing station hold on come on guys we have we have to like get Mexican Annie right now look at this fucking guy he's like piss his pants he's like jacked off all night look look no no I broke it off already it was somewhere I saw it earlier hold on let it know as cups come let me find a plank say sure I got you dude you know it didn't even have to be a hundred hours I'll fucking that would have done for fucking free but I got I respect you guys let me find a fucking fire axe is your first don't scam fuck no dude do I look like a scammer fuck no dude you tell me to go piss on them right now I'll do it under the sink alright it's not under the sink I mean there's some fucking one Dex I mean is there anything we do with this right now hello how are you good good I know you got calls right we're youtubers so we're live-streaming and probably got calls yes yes yes yeah what happens is that we're doing um youtubers and so we got like anybody that's you guys would walk in if you guys want and who I sleep in yeah so what I'm doing is right now is like there I'm just shooting right now and people know where we're at they know our location they call it cops and it's like hey you can see I got chocolate on me in Frank's so yeah so we it's like if it's quiet there's only the generator I can turn the generator off if you want do you have an idea yeah I mean if you want to leave keep luxury okay but no problem I'll turn off sorry sorry guys I I would say hey say hi hi guys just let you guys know I'll be right back guys give it all right one second

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