Rutgers Writers’ Conference 2018

[music] This is my first writers’ conference. It’s like being a student all over again,
I feel like a freshman and it’s been great! It’s great to meet, you know, bestselling authors
and get advice from bestselling authors and they were so down to earth and they actually
sat and talked to you, so it’s a good place to network and just improve on whatever manuscript
you’re working on. Well, I’ve never been to the Rutgers Writers
Conference before, and I live in New Jersey, so really did want to come and see what this
conference was about and how many new things I could learn at the conference. And I met some wonderful people, which I think
is the best thing, to be able to talk, network with people, and find out what they’re writing
and what their perspectives are on writing. It had very good workshop leaders and I think
there was enough of a choice so that no matter what kind of writer you are you could find
something that worked for you. This is the best writers’ conference in the
area that I’ve attended. I’ve been to Philadelphia, I’ve been to things
in New York, and I’ve been here, and I think, by far, for the calibre of the people that
they bring in, you cannot beat this writers’ conference.

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