Russian Literature: Russian folk fairy tales / Русские народные сказки (RU & EN CC)

14 thoughts on “Russian Literature: Russian folk fairy tales / Русские народные сказки (RU & EN CC)

  1. Hello people! I have made Russian subtitles for this video but really do not have time now to translate them to English.
    BUT you still can use automatical translation of subtitles to English or any other language.
    Just click to "Settings" -> "Subtitles" -> "Translate" -> choose the language of subtitles.
    I checked it and I think that Google translation is quite good, really!
    If someone has time and desire to help with subtitles for this video, I will higly appreciate it.
    Thanks for understang and for watching us 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I love it, please make more videos like this! So happy that I understood almost everything. I really like your way of speaking. You don't go either too fast or too slow. It's good for intermediate learners. I love hearing about the literature and the old stories 🙂

  3. Прекрасно и мне интересно. Сипосибо огромное ! Можно вас рассказывать более о рycckими народными сказкими так эти ?

  4. Да , точно. Русские народные сказки интересные. Огромное спасибо.

  5. Наконец я нашёл кого-то и рассказывает нам про русских народных сказок,
    Огромное спасибо вам😊.

  6. thanks for speaking slow and clear for all of us who dont study their russian enough. this might be my new favorite ru land video. its about skazki – my favorite. and in all russian. thats the way i like it. bolshoye spasibo. domovoi is my favorite russian myth. when i walk in the house i always say hi to the domovoi so my house doesnt fall apart. i like ivan the fool too. and the tale of the empty drum. one more, vasilisa the fair. i think thats the one i like. she has a doll that helps her escape baba yaga. skolko let skolko zim nika! you look very pretty, ready for summer

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