Rupi Kaur reads poetry from her collection 'Milk and Honey'

25 thoughts on “Rupi Kaur reads poetry from her collection 'Milk and Honey'

  1. done reading this,the fact that some of her poem is good some r not. compare to lang leav,perry and micheal faudet you can feel their sadness there's a" yeah it's true i can relate to that" i mean sparks and attachment from the beginning till the end of a poem.

  2. her poetry is art. Art is raw. It is a rare form of expression that we all perceive differently. Art can be cliche, cheesy, but it does not make it anything less than what it is. Shame on the people who said otherwise

  3. my heart
    will remain
    by the ones
    who don’t
    that i am
    the one
    and only
    life of the sea
    the sky is mine
    i love to listen
    to the heartbeat
    of my
    i like
    write poems
    that don’t

  4. My 3 year old self
    Could write better


    You're no poetry
    A mere worm
    Acting as a lion.


  5. I wanted
    From Chick-fil-A
    A chicken biscuit
    Buttery and flaky
    But alas
    In the drive thru
    I weep

  6. I feel so so sad for the people who enjoy this shit. And what's with that forced style of reading it. I'd be a millionaire if I compiled all my text messages and called it poetry. She says it herself, she's desperate for attention.

  7. I made my own collection of poems, "Water and Glue"

    i do not know
    rupi kaur's poetry
    is so

    poetry is
    terrible and not
    to mention
    inappropriate ugly
    and bland
    – except for a few good ones

    if a bunch of thoughts
    spiraling in your head
    is poetry
    then i guess
    this is a poem too

    trust me it is not worth it
    your enter button
    fall off
    the keyboard

    if a kid can
    write poetry like this
    it is something to be
    ashamed of

    because so called poems
    like this
    take no effort, and have
    little meaning whatsoever

    the beauty in poetry
    is that it is usually complicated
    and meaningful
    it has words that
    the reader can
    and utilizes meters

    do the poems
    of rupi kaur
    have any of these
    – no

    therefore her sentences
    marketed as poems
    are not poems
    and are not close to poems
    – but sometimes her sentences are just really average prose

    if making money
    and being popular
    is as easy as
    writing a few beautiful sentences
    then maybe
    i can be popular and
    rich too
    – i am a teenager and rupi kaur is like twenty five

  8. I literally feel like I wasted my money on this book like wtf did I just purchase I was looking forward to reading it and heard such good reviews about it what a shame

  9. i stared at your
    eyes and
    you didn’t move a
    i thought you were
    falling in
    but you were actually
    just dead

  10. left-wing feminist propaganda trash. Stopping using one gender to bash on another. We are all people who are NOT defined by our gender but by our actions. Being a man or a woman doesn't make you strong – being YOU, makes you strong. Stay equal my friends, stay equal.

  11. Her poems are… mediocre. To put it nicely. Here's a better poem:




    Lives in the shadow of a carrot


    – Henrik 'Not-pretentious-and-lumpy-poet-unlike-some-people' Ibsen

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