Rubi Rose “Big Mouth” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

So we’re not fucking with big mouths because
he has a big mouth. He did not fuck my bitch. All my friends are baddies, tens or higher
and niggas will try and lie on them to lie on the dick. They did not fuck my bitch. I don’t want a trip, I don’t want to get flewed
out. I hate when niggas try and say they can fly
me out. My response is like, nigga, I will fly you
out. What are you talking about? It’s so funny now because like stuff that
used to excite me then when I was poor does not excite me anymore. So like a couple thousand… No, no, no. That’s not enough. The song was produced by… I just call him Chewbie, and then Keith also
co-produced it and helped me write the song as well. I pretty much just said, I want something
catchy that girls will like, and they played the beat, and we just said like fuck niggas,
they got a big mouth. Let’s just talk our shit. Something to get girls hype and excited. I really don’t like any of my songs that I
put out. But then whenever people like it, it makes
me like it more. So. I put a snippet of it up on my Instagram story… On my Instagram page and it got like 11 million
impressions. Like on Facebook, Twitter, it went like super
viral and then one day I just dropped that bitch and it went brazy. To be completely honest, I’ve gotten in one
real fight in my life, and I don’t fight. The girl was much smaller than me, but I let
her live with me. I found out she was stealing my clothes, so
I’d beat the fuck out her. I don’t talk on the phone and argue with bitches. So, it is face to face, I guess. I will pay somebody to go handle a bitch,
but I’m not. I’m too cute to get touched. Doesn’t my belly look small? I don’t know. But actually yeah, girls ask me that all the
time. Well they don’t ask me where’s my waistline? But they say, you have no waist, what waist? I’m skinny, I’m petite, so. Where the fuck is my waistline? So, if a guy’s been in jail for a long time
and he fucks you like he’s fresh out, that means it’s going to be really good because
he’s been missing it. If he wants pieces of this pussy, I need a
big house, I need all of it. I like big Benz’s. My second boyfriend bought me a Benz. It was red, it was cute. And then Forgiatos, I don’t have Forgiatos
yet. I’m going to on my Tesla. That’s coming. I manifested that and it’s about to happen,
so. I don’t let niggas nut in me. They pull out, so he’s upset that I make him
pull out. Because it feels so good that he wants to
stay in it a little longer, I guess. You in the car with your boo. I’m in the passenger seat, touching on your
dude. He has the choppa in the middle console area. It’s sexy being with thugs. If your nigga’s a gangster, it just turns
you on and makes you horny. I be driving through the hoods of Atlanta,
the trenches and he be having the stick out That I don’t do. I’m not a thief, never been a thief. It just went with the song. Just to clarify, I do not fuck niggas and
take their money when they pass out. I have my own money. I’m ratchet sometimes. Actually no, I’m never ratchet, honestly. I be faking it, but honestly I’m a classy
woman. If we go to a nice restaurant, I’m not going
to be acting ghetto if we at Ruth’s Chris. Lashes. Except this, the makeup artist fucked up my
eyelash also, typically my lashes would be done and nails done, toes done. The power of the pussy will make him leave
the traphouse. Stop playing 2K, whatever it is, the power
of the pussy. My dad’s a lawyer. If I say I have more money than my dad, now. I signed to L.A. Reid. I’m up, I’m just going to leave it at that,
shout out the Yella Beezy. I’ve always liked flashy cars. My dad had, it wasn’t even that, it was a
Subaru, but to me it was cool because it was a sporty, loud car. And then my exes would have nice cars that
I could drive. And now I am buying myself a Tesla model X. So I’m very excited. I’m going to put Forgi’s on it I hate when bitches be smiling in my face,
fuck is she smiling for? So, why is she smiling in my face, bitch,
I’m curious. I’m really curious, I’m wondering why is she
smiling in my face? What is funny? What is happy? Loitering means to stay around, stick around
because she doesn’t have a house and she has to sell pussy so she can find a means to life. So, she doesn’t have a house. So she has to loiter to make ends meet, I
think. She’s salty because actually I don’t know,
she salty better chill on all that sodium. She’s salty over me, she has to be. Has to be. Girls love me, swear to God. I love them more, but they love me. Every day I have hundreds of girls just twerking
to my song and I just love it. So I dead ass have been twerking on that playback. Free throws, bitches don’t be balling where
I stay at. Well actually no, girls do be balling in Atlanta,
but. Fuck it, let’s talk about me. I like my own. I don’t share, so no, I’ve never stolen bitches
nigga, but they be trying to chill with me and lay with me, but I haven’t gone to them. So, come get him, he’s chilling where I lay
at. My mom is from Eritrea, which is the country
next to Ethiopia, which is next to the Red Sea. That’s why her favorite color is red. So she named my siblings and I all after shades
of red. I have an older sister, her name is Scarlet
and a younger sister named Coral. Bless them heart, I love them to death. There’s very many slimy YSL niggas that yell
slatt when they act up. I like to say it as in ad libs in my songs,
but like recently there was somebody who like got shot and killed in Atlanta and somebody
spray painted slat on his grave. So it’s something disrespectful too, I just
don’t know. So be careful. Side bitches know that they go cap because
my stats up like girls will just flex and front and try and tarnish you because you’re up,
you’re lit. People will only hate on you when you’re doing
well. I like watching videos of people getting a
massage. It makes me feel like I’m getting massage. I do like back rubs. I pay to get massages sometimes. Money that… It doesn’t make me laugh in the bathtub necessarily. It just rhymed but my money, it’s shallow
but makes me so happy. Like that’s really one of my accomplishments
for myself is how much money I have. I never thought God would do this, even though
I don’t have that much money compared to what other people have. It’s a lot for me. Bitch it’s Rubi, I don’t have a red truck. I’m definitely going to get, probably like
eventually. I don’t even like G Wagons but I’m probably
going to get a red G Wagon later. If it’s too flashy, it’s a setup. No cap. Guys always think I’m setting them up when
they come to my house but I’m not. After I dropped big mouth, my life changed. My email was flooded, like every A and R,
literally every A and R from every label was trying to fly me out. Fuck with me and then I met with LA Reid at
Hitco and it just made so much sense. I got this deal, got a lot of money for a
single deal and then I just recently signed an artist deal with them and it just has changed
my life completely. What is a Forgiato? So Forgiatos are like rims and they’re costly. The rims that I’m about to get on my Tesla,
they’re Vlone Forgiatos and they’re custom and they’re fye.

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  1. Wow she trynna be ratchet way too much and she flexes wayyy too much,it’s like ights Yh flex in the song that’s okay,no probs but after that stooooop

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  5. Rubi: Stuff that used to excite me when I was poor doesn’t excite me anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️

    A couple thousand.. no no no

    Me: I’m still poor so I’ll take the couple thousand 🥴

  6. I don’t consider myself as someone who can read people but if you listen to the way she talks about the things that she talks about you can tell that’s she rapping out fantasies. Any girl that attractive and talented who has common sense would not want to be in any of the situations or scenarios that she is talking about. She will probably blow up tho. At the end of the day the streets/hood/the trap will only excite someone who has never been actually had those experiences.

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