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our world is profoundly shaped by science and technology the solutions to all the grand challenges we face require the participation of responsible scientists capable of developing effective responses but we also need responsible citizens able to engage in active debate and make more evidence-based choices at the same time we are facing an alarming decrease in the number of students who choose ste M careers all these issues highlight the need to build a new relationship between science and society and to articulate a new science education the responsible research innovation approach can help with this not only formal education at all levels from primary school to university but also lifelong and non-formal and informal learning contexts can profit from this new approach we need a new model where science is well understood by society than society can talk back to science in a two-way communication to achieve it we need citizens to be empowered confident and motivated to participate in decisions related to research and innovation and to what innovation should be like in the future you as a science educator can help to achieve this goal by integrating new pedagogical methods into science teaching such as inquiry and project-based approaches based on real-life challenges and collaborative and multidisciplinary learning you can also help by promoting activities that integrate the exponential knowledge of different stakeholders from outside the academic world making science education more open and inclusive can help to create synergies between science creativity entrepreneurship and innovation in this sense the rri toolkit provides resources and inspiring experiences that will help you innovate your teaching practices and promote empowerment for participation and critical thinking on issues such as ethics gender equality and governance of science counting on the collaboration of different stakeholders such as civil society organizations policymakers researchers and industries you can enhance your own teaching and learning practices the rright or kitc is an opportunity to come into contact with other experts and share your ideas with them only by working together can we share the task of helping students become active and responsible citizens and scientists a new generation of educated citizens for a better future you you

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