Rosie Revere, Engineer: Engineering & Discovery with Author Andrea Beaty

I wrote Rosie Revere because when I saw the art from a g-pack architect there's scene with classroom of kids and as in every group of kids I thought this is a bunch of kids with interesting stories and I was pretty intrigued by the little girl the little blonde girl in the class because you never see both of her eyes and I thought what's her story I bet she's very shy but I bet she's full of ideas as always paying attention so I wanted to write a story about an engineer and sort of involved in it – Rosie Revere engineering so Iggy made a wonderful sphinx out in the back in his yard and so in Rosie Revere engineer you can see that across the Parkway so we learned from that that their neighbors in fact and really observing kids will pick up those kind of details and it's one of the beautiful things about these books and about the art by David Roberts is his level of detail and the amount of research puts into his his art nothing in that book is accidental who sleep the she's far away I studied computer science and also biology in college and when I left college I when I graduated I worked for a software company for a number of years I did technical support and also technical writing and as part of that I really learned how to be a good editor because when you're trying to write things that are very complicated you want to make it very clear and very simple but interesting and that is exactly the same process of writing books for kids I love the cheese hat I love cheese hat with cheddar cheese spring I think that's fantastic and it works against pythons Florida could use this really big Python problem I love the cheese conquer them and I love that she worked with her great and on that one of the reasons rosie the riveter basically the character of the great aunt is rosie the riveter and she's in the story because I wanted to say thank you to all the women who worked during World War two my aunt was a Rosie the Riveter I loved that that they worked together and I loved I loved the role of mentorship because it's so incredibly important that when you get the chance and help other people along you help younger people or people who are new in a field because that's that you can learn a lot from them from people that you're teaching and also it's very rewarding I think that the process of discovery is the same for science or for art for me when I write a story it's like taking a problem for instance what's going to happen to the characters in my book and if I hold that up and I approach it from all the different angles so that I can but the same is true with science whenever you're trying to plot trying to make an invention of hook the process and engineer goes through is one of looking at a problem and taking it for all different angles and you try things over and over again and you fail constantly but it's through failing that sometimes you find what you really need to do and that's true for writing when I write a story I don't get to it in one pass it's very very rare that a story is done through the first draft so every failure I have and every success I have a little spur on new I is that I want to pursue and that's that is exactly the same process when you're doing science she went through notebook chosen to fear the smile that her aunt does it all became clear what might have its failures but this was not the only tool failure can commonly do quiz will there be other books I hope so I think there will be some scientists in that classroom and I think also a paleontologist which is a terrible word tool I'm going to say right there it's a terrible word to rhyme but in my mind I'd love to see a kid out there looking for dinosaurs is anything fun my best advice for kids is to follow the things that interest you if you're curious about something find out about it explore it discover and see where that takes you you never really know where you're going to end up I did not set out to be a writer I didn't know until I was 30 that I wanted to be a writer one day I realized that I had stories to tell and had I not followed the path that I had taken and I not studied biology had I not studied computer science that I not read the books that I had read I wouldn't have had the same same stories to tell so followed the follow what interests you and don't worry about where it's going to take you you work out and have fun have fun because when you're writing stories when you're making inventions there's no wrong answer just do it and enjoy it and don't worry when something doesn't go right learn from it laugh it off move on and see where it takes you it's a great adventure

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