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hello and welcome to book break now if you know me you know that I proverbial ants in my pants I can't sit still for one minute and that's kind of been the case for book break we've been to Frankfurt we've been to Cornwall we've been to Brighton but today I thought give you a rest let's stay at home I want to show you around my publishing house this is Pan Macmillan offices in London now allows you even ask me where books come from spoiler alert they do not come from storks they come from inside of here should we have a look around this is our reception area it's usually decorated in a bookish theme today it's Rainbow Rowell play deck as our Factory is where we gather to eat lunch on these long tables like Hogwarts houses there's also a library a meeting room and some weird-looking sofas that kind of make me feel like I'm working from the womb of an alien floor one contains the design department this is Johanna what's going on here I design covers and here you see the art and its natural habitat we mostly do covers but we also do the kind of inside colors we do bits and bobs sometimes for cons these guys ever take the view inside on floor two you'll find children's publishing and a familiar face reading submissions and well three is home this is a common floor which by the way does not mean common we're all special snowflakes up here this is the communications department the commerce teams task is basically telling the world about the books we track down people we think will love each book whether that's newspapers magazines TV channels bloggers radio festivals will shave their shoulders and we tell them how brony of the books are we also let some the sales team live here on floor three since they're so well-behaved the editors this is where the books are born oh it's an editor's job to sniff out the best writing and budding new authors and then whip their books into shape they're so important we keep quite a big collection of them there's also a meeting room up here and all wait for it Falcon a well that's our room tour what did you think don't forget to subscribe to book break did you see our last episodes and let us know in the comments below what you'd like to know next about the publishing industry

21 thoughts on “ROOM TOUR | See Inside a Publishing House!

  1. I just discovered you channel and I love it! You've just got yourself a new subscriber😁
    Can you please make a whole video dedicated to editors, like what a day in their life is like and how to become an editor at a publishing company🙏🏻

  2. Hi, loved this video. I am one of your authors and have visited the offices, but only got to see the lovely reception – it was themed for The Miniturist at the time, with a lovely doll's house, then a little wait in the canteen, before going to the editors office and a room off that where I was treated like a clebeb – bubbly and chat and everyone popping in and saying how wonderful I was…loved that. So, it is really good to see the rest of the offfice and imagine my books in each as they go through the process. Loved how the staff squirmed, haha… I was the same when chatting on the video made at the party to honour authors for women. (wonder where that landed – the bin, most probably! It's a wierd experience having a camera pointed at you. Keep up the good work, I love your video's. And as to your question, I would love to see how the books are printed and where. Much love to you and to all in the office, and to your followers Mary Wood x

  3. I'd love to know why UK covers and US covers are so different for the same books. And why the UK ones are always WAY better! (I'm a bit jealous if you can't tell) But mostly why would you (being the book making world) would choose to market the same product so vastly differently for not that different of folks.

  4. I'd like to see the process a book goes through from choosing a manuscript and editing it all the way down to promoting the finished product.Although maybe not feasible as it would probably be a long project to film? I dunno, just a suggestion 🙂

  5. If you go to a book fair in Germany again, to Frankfurt or Leipzig i hope I can meet you! Huge fan of your videos :*

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