legends say that when the world was young the god of fertility sat on the earth and created lakes a ruler people thought that was gross so they changed this bidding part to a teardrop instead for all we know they could have been his best but whatever came out of the guy informed this magical lake it was so magical that the land became really rich doing what man does best they took the lake for themselves and made ridiculously huge homes castles and other stuff this is how the kingdom of say willya came to be say really as wealth didn't go unnoticed for too long soon trade came from the kingdom of Altis an exotic land of unchecked capitalism it said that these people were so good with money but they were bad at everything else even when it comes to protecting their own home and that brings us to the dead nurse war hungry barbarians he'll kill anyone that gets in their way long story short they're the bad guys everyone hates them and that's all you need to know anyway that's the world so far did you get all that well good for you yanari but all those things don't really matter wanna know why cuz you're here for the girls that's why and get them you've got to go through something that does matter my story well anomaly companions welcome to love Esquire I have no idea if YouTube will allow this video even this is a amazing art this is made by yang Yang mobile and this is an upcoming kickstarter so when this video is alive the kickstarter would also be live i actually found this game already about the upcoming kickstarter yes it looks amazing a few hours later the creator of the game yang Yang Mobile contacted me with no connection with me or anything just come to me say hey we love what you do you wanna check out our upcoming game upcoming kickstarter so it felt like fate brought us together really cuz i was already really curious about this game and was thinking about helping them when the kickstarter and they sent me the demo so we're gonna check it out and it looks so beautiful just the art looks beautiful some of you might actually know yang yang mobile they actually developed the horror visual novel game the letter before this I played that off-camera and I made a series out of it but that's a beautiful novel and super scary so for them to go from that – this which is like a romantic comedy harem yeah I don't want you to describe it like a harem anime RPG really looks beautiful and we not play the hero in this game we play the squire – the hero and we have a lot of different girls we're gonna try to fall in love with or make them fall in love with us this demo takes place during the six first days of the game out of 96 in total this is just alpha version so many things might change let's check it out oh okay the outside I saw there are two different traders for this by the way out now currently it looks them may see it looks so I mean I really love harem comedy romantic comedy animes cuz I'm a huge anime fan and this really feels like a really good harem anime it really it's just so much fun just watch the trailers with this I can't wait to check out the game then no wait wait guys okay I'm done and we're done visual novel frantic romantic comedy RM RPG thingy Amy I love the voice acting though and by the way their Kickstarter page which we don't go live very soon it's so beautiful so go check out the page they have a lot of information about the different prices and different goals and what the game will be about how it will look is it beautiful Kickstarter page really so go check it out and read more about it if you want to you can also get the demo from there it's a few more hours got Itoh morning I can I promise you I can talks with my sheets the cold starts creeping in I can fix that wait damn happy birthday okay that's cool there are different kinds of girls we can't try to flirt with romance really an aim is one of them they'd really describe the yang yang mobile really describes all the girls in detail on the Kickstarter page and I think this is the farm girl are like close friend you know the friend in anime really she looks beautiful it presses her chest against my arm oh boy now feel something that's sir without such uses oh yes yeah she's she's our stepsister if I remember when I read about it she's our stepsister that's not incest it's its wings Esther happy about for today I'm going to be Squire Hughes Squire the hero of this game it's such a cool idea you know that not be really the the hero of the story but in this case the squire instead and happy birthday sir Squire what did you get to me nothing you definitely like I won't read everything by the way your birthday when was it again guess when I wrote down on my calendar sure hey give me a sec you see it downstairs it really doesn't feel like a normal visual novel it's more way more interactive really it's it's beautiful name is birthday huh she check the calendar for I go downstairs look at that that's beautiful yes but the art in this game is beautiful by the way I bought it here somewhere pull it boss it's a few days away I think where's the Sunday by the way but okay let's see I celebrated my birthday okay here we go oh cool when I go back I need to go back in that's cool time to go name is waiting it smells good are those sausages bride hates fresh fruits – it's even apple pie for breakfast damn you like a king this is why amy was so eager maybe I should Sweden wraps oh she does this again next year Amy did do something did you do something with your hair you look absolutely stunning today you really think so we Chinese new hurtless chapter okay wait a minute I know what you wrapped it holy they scare me but yet pop I think that's her for her father stepsister can actually be our father as well but her mother is another okay yeah man your manual Hey but money pop I love the voice-acting you better world all those muscles I will cut your word pops a few months and I'll be ripped like you in no time it's an RPG as well so we have a lot of different training to do to do like caress my thing and I a physical physicality the physical training and such to upgrade our squire sure he can handle move on Sweden motion up rips off his shirt damn this is so anime I love it you think they can get these into a few months your muscles I have a long way to go lad look at them Shh damn some days up you just wait gift with Squire Dubuque fertility God's bootie fertility God's bootie I'm gonna start using that swear word love it just a set of armor Thanks thank you guys well I'm gonna romance the shit out of her Amy I promise you guys sure that's going to give you some more money for drinking yeah what kind of responsible father would I be if I let my son stay sober on his birthday Wow sweet the gone son sorry what work work I'll be more than happy to see with that bro does the name sing hey all whoa Savage you'll be fine she's lovely she's so lovely I wonder if we will be able to meet all the girls in this demo okay see them you know in action you still have to a game cool Oh Oh that's love you see it's not Justin be sure novel really I can yes did not go you can go around like this or maybe not can I click something mean this is an alpha version 0.1 so but still for being this early in development even before the Kickstarter is out it looks beautiful Wow I would love to see way more interactive you know II even if we don't really do anything when you click them if I mean yes if you like click this little thing here just to see it like a wiggle or something like that we were really cool oh I think this world wait this should be an invert so welcome back sorry about the cut there but I just remembered when I first started off the game there was like a prologue video and now when I started up the game again to record he wasn't there but I'll future cells I will edit that so you will see a prologue video in the very beginning like an introduction to this world here you have it Wow we got missing class or caste code let's go to the tavern the arrival time is cool really this game really must be so many different harem animes somebody comes down below your favorite romantic comedy / harem anime then we comes down below it would be really fun to see and if there are any ones that I haven't seen I've seen a lot of them trust me and you say shaggy villager excuse me there were a few chairs again but a troublemaker might be something out how to deal with as a squire she looks so lovely mattress Thanks the tyrant it's been a while but it still smells like Pearson hello there I'll do this part who is that Hugh the hero it is you see he has two colored hair he's the main protagonist this is so anime I love it hey well you get me follow their kid I don't need to get your ass anything but I get at least a big deep you or something damn this is so desperate for a gift how about a treat – gasps – the house special pouring steel we respected civilian delish delicacy okay Prevage shit and in the battlefield that's all due to being oh it's a war coming oh yeah you attached Europe are you shitting me sadena was going even better the gang even began nur yagna barbarians I think they were introduced in the prologue video but he just saw w organized twice our size remember mask why back then good old Podrick what happened to him is he him he's dead he's dead no to have dodged that arrow to the knee I love this in that Skyrim reference right there you die you get a medal hmm our cozy without pussy I thought if I don't pronounce all the names correctly those traders from the east because we're next on a horse list of articles for the if Arcos fall but four months okay so this is pretty much what the game builds up to during these four months you have to pretty much you know get strong gets bigger get better what will tell iterate 80% Wow what about my family that's not only beer integer what about my cat oh it's gonna take care of Bessie or poor Bessie hmm about love and yarn sake I know the field bro I'm gonna win – girl I want to know what love is okay you want damn it No Mennonites dream of finding them a fair maiden you know having a girl worth fighting for hmm it's not a thing to do I'll allow your time for personal endeavors oh that's thank him who Thank You Hugh in a monk birthday of all days I wonder if there will be multiple endings to this game I'm pretty sure due to the fact we can try to romance each of the girls do those ladies over there go talk to them we will see all of them I'm a trainee yes charisma training here we go this would be fun to watch this guy's got Sarah Peele high-five ladies I think it I think our people I think that's knows I can't wait to see you fail oh here we go sorry kiddo I need to finish your Squire papers I say see ya about those the beers feel good after hearing all that Oh are we not talking with the girls what did they mean what a day maybe that's weren't yes maybe those who aren't the other girls maybe did no that would make that would make sense really because I think one of the girls is actually like a princess one is like yeah not a thief really but like a farmer I think one is like yeah yeah it'd be come from many different backgrounds one is a nurse I think it wouldn't make sense for them to sit together here really dad Thanks what or sundown leave me here besides you got that curious mature wait for it but we've been sitting here for a few hours now in in game I'm not gonna fail wanna bet on it it's your birthday so I'll let you off the book I love the voice-acting hi damn she's fast maybe I will get outta me small training medium training this is so-called a 15 gold chunky boots my sex appeal how do I do that m'lady it gained a few experience there's a little more grinding before you it's beautiful no luck so far yeah Museum here too like a four hours what was this we would easy I don't recognize you hey yes listen lady I'm not here to flirt I've been failing all that for the whole night let's want to know your name it's for a bet please who's asking I'm sales are I'm a squire that's interesting a lot of men who knows how to fight soon right is this really happening I caught her interest this is Sir Hugh that Hugh yeah leave that Sir Hugh that's thing though mmm that's a bad burn no mind you know what I left my name is Oh I'm a particular pole ready oh wow I guess Hugh doesn't really have a good reputation sighs I can stay I can't stay up for too long I don't want to wake up at noon tomorrow to this demo takes place as I said there in six first days of the game of 96 in total this is beautiful though I wonder if you can go freely back and forth between all these places to later in the game you could outskirts you know Wow [Applause] that inside fruits my labor Victoria looked like that besides the hair we kind of look it really likes the main protagonist not much but we'll get there because then all this is alpha footage alpha version so lot will change and go to bed person say yes we're gonna sleep to noon no 6 a.m. cool oh maybe the first six days maybe each day we will meet one of the girls like an introduction well see we'll see a nice lazy morning it's Tuesday now okay cool yuuma – all bombing around shouldn't hurt I could use your help I'm allowed to go to who to go to I remember the girl I told you about before we won with a discount discounts alil is she cute could you just go oh dude is shopping for once you miss Amy who's here hey kiddo I was last night awesome yes and what do you mean your trainings house are you have the names I have more than just oh wow really I'm just making them up you have faith in your own Squire is written all over your face kiddo you made that stupid grain when you lie shut up in the breaks man it was my birthday and this was your fault actually you reputation screwed me Oh screwed me up oh oh I guess I met one of them but moving up got some more great news for you and now train at the barracks you can also get to this archive passage Lippert has to be God's boss god damn it I'm going to use that word so that expression so much yeah what work site at my that might be for like intellect maybe it's because I look like this it doesn't mean I'm actually done okay so really is the name of the world waiting to use that one for a long time then Jim with it notebook journal okay thanks mrs. but equally handsome lucky fellow okay oh I'll be shaking up on you at the end of every month sure ah easton if you feast in a few days we're gonna meet the princess yeah Cole see princess a aquasafe in Australia how to pronounce that she's here to form an alliance I think I remember who that is the girls Wow I'm sure you itching to do your own thing after all in that time I'll see you soon see ya I really hope this game can be successful on Kickstarter and especially also reach its its stretch goals because they have so many cool cool things they will add to the game if they will get enough funding and talk with you girl Oh topics this gift the implement is an alpha version hey says you're not from what stuff do you do my advice sighs was farming you know they do drops down to the plus and Salem I dropped an entire basket on the way that was furious right times were tough without mom one of the best merchants around born around born and raised eyebrows to meet up with that I'll see you later bro okay cool that's cool you see this is like a one way to increase our relationship but each of the girls cool I guess can we go back here check our journal or look at this here we have them here oh we have them I guess this will increase over time these different hearts they looks so beautiful and I love that they are so different it's really it's really like a classic classic harem anime you have this you have they're like the sister stepsister or friend have a very quiet very nice nurse or very caring you have their like a bit of a bitch royal character you have another more mature character they have a little yeah I say it flat younger girl all these different kind of types when you see in anime usually here we have this this art though damn I will for sure support this Kickstarter for sure have links down in the description down below if you wanna check it out yourselves hey girl catch you later bro okay the West should be head now all we can go BOCES archives over her ex there are ties first let's see Squire Woodford dumbest keep you in your Knights night alive nice dealing with dragons we reported on you the situation calls for it sacra sacrifice yourself instead you there just talking to me you suit one of the girls talking take it you're talking about my past oh god womp but as my servant Hey is it the princess oh but I believe I am who the hell does she think she is you and what army yes we have er and not this is not the Archos a the artists a princess this is the cerulean princess episodes of I think she was yeah this is Beatrice looks beautiful princess you've got dry I'm not sure I have a kingdom to run but you decide to shrink there's the shirt your obligations your heads in yeah I'm sorry princess what do you want I'm surrounded by idiots as I specifically remember is struggling everyone to assistive and our archivist with cleaning of this archive as a dream the Bell but it looks so listen better away with you the our site is so beautiful Wow I mean guests yeah from from from our house let's close it cleaning up being smarter would have to wait it has stay stupid for now well you can't get everything I think creased it didn't really feel like it increased you know oh here we go what can I do burning John's in select pick at least let's do it I can't when I can't do it now because of because of the cleaning maybe I can't do it because of it's an alpha version we just yet wait start whatever go i missclicked sorry about testing Coco and let's go away to barracks next I think who the barracks yes such a cool introduction to all the girls pigma what if I get to pick my own weapon it's real nice to thrust something with a spear the waving around spiky balls it sounds fun – and here's the flatty what are we going boy this myth hey shrimp shrimp what Ben come down with ya I don't do anything that was a shift wait and there she goes what an oddball picking a fight and running away like that today it was kind of cute you know hey there kiddo here we go that phone's been training yes I am you bet now it's a spirit 20 laps around a calligrapher what go you heard me it's why run oh my god I'm not in heavy armor 20 laps oh here we go I've gonna do that training as well Belle wait we heard that name in the in the in the tavern right the fat girl you know the little small girl what did it say about her in them to heaven and yeah yeah we have Amy the farmers and stepsister girl who have small flat Bell and how the princess which cerulean Beatrice and diesel training here yes look at that beautiful let's do this [Applause] let's do it one more time so we can get to level one the strength Jenny Nate okay so we can't do it okay that's cool you go to the Plaza that's for fun you know check it out I see really click now but it's an alpha version that's cool let's go to the tavern you think should we let's do it milady let's do it [Laughter] level one let's go home then we're not home we're home at 6 a.m. we need to sleep hey girl let's not talk to you now we need to sleep mrs. Weston say even if it's morning how long was sleep for then what oh damn you step step through the holiday or don't I really hope I didn't miss something in the demo no welcome back guys I will cut this part into the video itself cuz I do this right after finished up the demo because I think I messed up on day 4 when I / when I was way too far into the evening you know so I overslept or slept whole day 4 I think it's just a bug for the demo but now we have a 4 again and I can go to the outskirts yes we can see the comet the city is turn-based combat in this game hello they're fine here whoa let's do this what yeah we want you to be fighting we will do his like supporting yes support huh Shh here we go we get the gold you know we can use for like training and such right what we going in too deep it might be hard for you okay hey there kiddo I'm ready yeah it's like different wave so now you can go like deeper and deeper for bigger and bigger rewards live here we go let's do this exactly how to show what I can do don't pour there kid we're getting killed by a slime yeah a slime is to kill weakness in these kind of games oh damn rip nice save some for me we're waiting for pick him up boots damn beefiest thousand gold what okay hmm let's drink the potion first okay we have only to agree we have to health way to go I guess [Applause] we need to heal sweet hmm we could kill them in one blow cheer now that's motivation that's motivation yes it is the back you hear that damn it bro we're gonna die we're gonna die I'm sorry kiddo damn it not today what is this she again time for my ultimate technique world-ending hyper jump space slash Bing you weak shit yeah we're gone what happened what was supposed to die like that CUDA could could we have one man about you best drink I think that was me this was supposed to happen nurse oh it's the nurse hello maybe keep quiet right right me oh my god that's true wait was my cut ah I thought we wouldn't get all these 50,000 overcorrected 30 gold needs as well hmm deduct some gold for your taxes damn it welfare system laughs around here rounded ears medieval fertility gods boss I love star still untapped that's an order okay okay okay that's cool now you have it yes that's kind of the thing one is to inflate the demo or I will actually have to said cut it into the demo so it would kind of fit today for at least I hope you enjoy tell me comes down below who is your favorite of the girls we have finished the video so I've seen you're seeing them all when it comes down low who is your favorite of these girls never ever it gets the awesome let's continue the video breakfast right now his last it's nice breakfast get it this person I need huh hey there kiddo yeah okay ready outskirts okay let's do it hmm that's the thing see you there I really don't I'll see you soon stop the days you know yeah let's go for it refer me let's go to be infirmary first cuz I think I'm pretty sure we're gonna meet one of the girls you know last time when was when you fell on me we've got a cute nurse the staff even here is anyone here so adorable damn and get a checkup Hey hi wait sure thank yous no shake damn sorry Darwin maggots but milk maggots whoa okay sorry my Walton smells funny a sec here goes oh she's nervous it's relax yes I'm fine and a procedure asked me I'm a nurse rough day huh the word bomb yes I appreciate all your help nurse asking for your name Giselle we had a me by the Beatrice have Belle who have a Giselle we have one more left that I think we will meet the last type this media name is Elsa by the way scribe has tried yeah you're good wire yeah Pavin empire and you thank her well thanks I've shown my best you know he's talking about our health I was embarrassing yeah it was ah priest you sell them man that felt awkward thanks okay okay looks it over let's talk with her again if you can look pattern have any favorite places you know this is where you hang out in for a that's where you work doesn't it get tiring sure about that no no crowds I see I see quiet most of time they'll notice I've taken on ha ha lovely she's lovely that's cool we need do things with the girls we will get more relationship points if you say so if I head today Alex goes okay head to the cast saw I'm not sure which order I should do this there's going to Castle if we head to the outskirts can't get through the princess won't be able to enter lock the gates gotta be in our Squire you look like a peasant you are we need you right now Tiamat there we go this is where you are you seedy-looking boy sorry let's go so wow this is beautiful I thought we were going to the feast we are relativity have to wait mrs. Kamala the last girl to enter the throne room in some artisan women the charming damn Kamala Kapur heart damned without the same I'm sorry for me mispronouncing that are cozy or aqua see I am the art I'm pretty big gems gems yep hmm but is awesome and bountiful adore hats hmm so now what you ready to mingle I think I am charisma training we're too much okay I wanna see the bearing system as well Wow well I would totally see this is an anime magic ground in a song wave huh allow you greetings our honored guests business Kamala would like to meet the Knights and officers of our economy but kindly presented yourselves to princess and entertain her questions that will be splendid we'll go far as princes very well hmm let's go hello dishearten summer missin this is of the subcommittee it's an honor Jim Lafosse yes a young mr. diem honored as before in thing pushes on mine strength afraid yes it is indeed it's my hope that the princes doesn't save foreigner for – for long did I count on your help they are flirting a creation yes manservant Suzanne saw Esquire your highness what is this title Knightly training okay cool and that's one become the squire less sales a huge life so he rewarded me with a title okay sorry when I costs or Hughes keeping on some wolf and princess my wolves I surrounded this one time when asked where here help you fight back isn't that right [Laughter] most a noble gesture like you okay what were you before receiving the title I was nothing have a father out in the fields Prince's always been a farmer farmer I see it's nothing you have my gratitude he's fine look forward to being your care would people have next add your service okay there may be Academy thought I told you to never mention that story oh we're going to do the outside training okay that my stay here will forge a bond a friendship between our Junaid the kingdoms look forward to learning of your pathogen and months ahead we'll go do my best knock the head outside the outskirts you know I would time to do that I want to talk with these girls again um while we're enjoying its Aurelia it gets real to be in a new country [Applause] castles marvellous architecture is so vast and went back from that dinner was looking for a bathroom and I ended up in Atlantis Gardens yes Kalina Bishop's [Applause] know so try that next time I'll do that sure love it wait the time spoke with her as well when Twitter to talk with her a few times but by the way while we are here let's do it let's talk work Austin job like really says our princess medium at my work the way of life Wow how are we gonna soft on this girl up you know it's all your highness what are you doing here around delivering a message I'm not different because I'm you're simply fooling around Wow Wow on my way how are we increasing relationship doesn't feel like we do that weird Beatriz at least you see if you can still had outskirts and do the hunting with you it'll be midnight understood maybe we can't maybe I missed it I mean it's an alpha version so I'm a bit afraid I will miss things you know let's hurry home sleep there we go we slept if a 12 p.m. overslept no one's here a girl I don't want to talk to you we're headed out skirts and hopefully Hugh is there now no where am I supposed to go though the plaza well hello girls let's talk let's talk with more about the little girl there town and it calls spots like the gun don't hey go wherever I please we call her shrimp still like that no that's gay guy pity will be interest and see you try I don't want to hit outside you know gonna miss that oh man hell no let's talk let's talk with her twice and library here buddies s think they messed up the background acquaint I started break your vice up really just asking I'm interested in you trust me yes me intently numerous meetings I see we are tracing our advisors the discussions can get complicated poco what about you though I guess we gotta head home again sorry on this last day now okay we kept over sleeping without me messing up the game I mean I like if you can do that actually it's not it's very flexible you know Saracen now though now she said right evening now again what the hell is here though they are I actually think we can actually mess up maybe it's cool let's go to sleep now see what happens if you do that now [Applause] now super that mice over know why hi oh did we miss the outskirts part I should have shown you that maybe but that's okay that's okay you can check out the demo yourself and maybe maybe that's not implemented I'm not sure or you can check it out yourselves there will be a trailer somewhere as well you can check it out how it looks yeah but it's really like a turn-based RPG with level levels and skill levels and different kinda you know in the endurance you have the career smart and such also this whole romance part and such a good combination you know for a game like know more about my story don't go to the Kickstarter imagine all the girls as only features yes we need to read really need to get those stretch goals if you see any nasty bugs in this game I'll have to kill them for you I hope the developers yangyang nope I hope you should have this videos you can see how it's played in Rome the elementary season is not even a beta it's an alpha demo so it's I'm totally fine with the small bugs and such bye bye damn look at that as a survey in the booth they found in the link below we're gonna do that we're gonna do that but I hope you enjoyed leave a like Liam favorite check out the Kickstarter for this game because when this video is up the Kickstarter has started so support them if you can if you don't count it's totally fine but at least share the Kickstarter who that's not as many as possible some more people that might like this might actually see it is because there are so many really Kickstarter's that never get funded because they are so so many Kickstarter projects so I guess it's one of thousands you know but I really hope this can get funded so I want to fund this I'm gonna help with this Kickstarter and I hope you will too bye share it by sharing or funding check it out links down maybe looking down below but never ever forget stay awesome you usually play as the hero you could be this guy killing this guy but not this time your this guy they'll the pain of being a squire trying to keep this dumbass night alive you're also a nobody so it's time to good get laid disclaimer results my favorite job site know at your place that's finally unleash your potential you're no hero but one day this could be you you

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